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TacShaver: Electric-Like Razor Shaver for Smooth Skin, Slower Hair Growth



TacShaver: Electric-Like Razor Shaver for Smooth Skin, Slower Hair Growth
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About the Bell & Howell TacShaver

A military-grade razor built with innovative technology and that can be used just like a traditional razor, TacShaver is also compact and lightweight, meaning you can take it anywhere, from traveling to going on outdoor adventures. It’s also waterproof, so it can withstand the roughest living conditions. This shaving device has built-in rotary heads and can also be used as a trimmer.

TacShaver Features

There are plenty of reasons why TacShaver makes for an interesting, high-quality product. Here are just some of its special features:

Built-In Trimmer:

Many men have a problem shaving their sideburns and neck, but TacShaver has a built-in trimmer that can do all this without having to switch any of its parts.


Created with the most unique and innovative technology, TacShaver is waterproof and can even be succumbed into the water without getting damaged.


Smaller than a credit card, TacShaver can be carried anywhere, in the luggage, and even the pocket. Besides, it’s also lightweight, meaning it doesn’t cause the hand to become tired when using it for a long time.


This shaving instrument is very precise because it features rotary heads that get close to the most difficult-to-reach areas and eliminate the hair present there without any problem.


TacShaver can be used for plenty of self-care reasons, from shaving to trimming and getting harder to reach areas.

Extremely Easy to Use:

The TacShaver comes with instructions on how it should be used, not to mention it’s very simple to operate, especially since it perfectly fits in the palm if a man’s hand.

How to Use TacShaver?

There are 3 simple steps that need to be followed when using TacShaver, and those steps are presented below.

Prepare the Skin to Be Shaved:

Before starting to use TacShaver, it’s best to prepare the skin that’s about to be shaved by properly washing and cleansing it.

Choose a Shaving Setting:

Depending on what the men using this shaving device need, they can set it to function either as a trimmer or as a shaver.

Do the Shaving:

After the face has been cleaned and the TacShaver’s proper setting chosen, the shaving or trimming process can begin. As soon as this is done, the skin area that TacShaver has been used one has to be rinsed with water.

How Much Does TacShaver Cost?

TacShaver is not only one of the best self-care appliances men need to own, but it’s also available at Amazon for $29.99 with FREE shipping for Prime members.

What’s Important to Know About Using and Maintaining the TacShaver

There are a few things to know about how to use and maintain TacShaver. For example, shaving with this device should be done in the direction that the hair grows for a smooth finish, and going over an area twice to not be necessary. When it comes to maintaining the TacShaver, this shaving instrument has to be cleaned after every use, for its blades to continue to function properly. Besides, regular cleaning also prevents germs or bacteria from developing too.

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