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HairFortin: 10-Second Hair Regrowth Monk Ritual a Real Hair Loss Solution?



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HairFortin is a hair regrowth supplement that is formulated to reduce the effects of aging on hair loss. Created with over two dozen ingredients, the formula primarily relies on the effects of Fo-Ti to make it effective against age-related alopecia.

What is HairFortin?

Hair loss is an uncomfortable and embarrassing topic to talk about, but it's even worse to have to deal with. Millions of men and women deal with alopecia in some way, as their hair becomes thin and bald spots arise. Though there can be many causes, most people just want to get straight to solving their problem, which could be possible with HairFortin.

James Green, the person behind this solution, explains from the start that he isn’t a scientist or doctor, but he is a pharmacist, which gives him certain knowledge about the right dosages for different drugs. As a pharmacist needs to know about the way that a treatment works, Green showcases why he is a trustworthy source of information on hair loss as well, adding that the majority of shampoos and supplements don’t actually do their job.

After some experimentation on himself, Green collaborated with his team to develop HairFortin to promote hair growth. With 28 plant extracts and vitamins, the formula is centered primarily around the use of Fo-Ti.

What is Fo-Ti?

Fo-Ti, the main ingredient in HairFortin, is a plant that naturally grows in the wild, but commercial harvesting of this plant leaves it riddled with pesticides. The creators of HairFortin allow their plant source to grow for 8 years in a natural setting to make sure that consumers get the best nutrients available.

Also known as Chinese Cornbind or Climbing Knotweed, this herb is often used to help with conditions that are directly connected to aging, like cancer, heart disease, and memory retention. According to WebMD, the formula has also been used topically as a way to heal the skin, though the evidence is limited to this use. Though hair loss can be an age-related issue, there’s no specific information on Fo-Ti that connects the plant’s use to hair growth.

How to Buy HairFortin

Even though this remedy was developed by pharmacists, consumers won’t have to pay pharmacy prices or even pick it up at the drugstore. Instead, HairFortin is available on the official website with a few package options available, including:

  • One bottle for $69
  • Three bottles for $147
  • Six bottles for $234

By purchasing the HairFortin formula today, there is a limited offer that will give consumers a special bonus – HairFortin AgePop.

What is HairFortin AgePop?

HairFortin AgePop is meant to be used in conjunction with the main HairFortin formula. The purchase of three bottles of HairFortin qualifies the customer for a 30-day supply of the remedy, which uses Andrographis paniculata as the main ingredient. The purchase of six bottles of HairFortin will give the user two months of HairFortin AgePop.

WebMD states that this plant is also referred to as simply “Andrographis,” and it is used to make medicine that can treat a plethora of conditions. Soothing the common cold and the pain of osteoarthritis are just a few of its benefits, as it can also heal other conditions. Essentially, the purpose of this ingredient is to support the immune system, suggesting that it can provide the body with the nutrients that it may need to keep the body healthier as it ages.

To Learn More Information About HairFortin

Since the website for HairFortin is still a little thin on information, consumers may want to know more details directly from the source. The customer service department is reachable by sending an email to [email protected].


HairFortin could potentially be a helpful solution for individuals that are facing one of the most embarrassing experiences of their life, but the lack of information online leaves a lot of questions in the air. Though one ingredient is mentioned that ingredient doesn’t inherently help with hair loss, so it would be more helpful to know what the other 28 ingredients are to make a decision. Most of this product’s reliability is based on the act that it was developed by a pharmacist and his team, so consumers are likely to have some inquiries for customer service.

If the user finds that their hair loss isn’t fixed with their supply of HairFortin, they can return the products and get a refund within 60 days. You can learn more about HairFortin here.

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