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GlucoNeuro+: Aquil Labs Blood Sugar Balance and Neuropathy Support?



GlucoNeuro+: Aquil Labs Blood Sugar Balance and Neuropathy Support?
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GlucoNeuro+ is a double-action neuropathy and blood sugar support supplement that might be able to help consumers with weight loss, improve circulation in their lower body, and provide relief for nerves that have been damaged. The multifaceted solution surely seems to offer quite a bit to the average consumer.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that: “180 Million people worldwide have diabetes and many more are in a pre-diabetic state.” And with diabetes affecting over 30 million US citizens, the potent natural nutrients included in GlucoNeuro+ might help a huge swathe of consumers avoid future symptoms that come with having Diabetes.

But does this solution really work? Can any supplement truly help solve the symptoms associated with diabetes? This comprehensive review of GlucoNeuro+ will teach you everything we know about the new supplement.


What is GlucoNeuro+?

Millions of people suffer with issues related to Diabetes. Symptoms like high blood pressure are commonplace, and these issues arise from a number of contributing health issues. High salt intake, cholesterol intake, and fat intake are all culprits, and most consumers have to make major dietary changes after seeing a doctor in order to see results.

While lifestyle and diet change are the most obvious and universally true ways to address the symptoms of diabetes, there are multiple supplements on the market to help with the adjustment, like GlucoNeuro+.

GlucoNeuro+ is marketed as a way to help with “erratic blood sugar” and “poor lower leg health,” though the majority of the remedy is simply to help with neuropathy. The creators list many benefits to taking this supplement, including relief for the joints and muscles, as well as soothing of damaged nerves.

Pre-diabetics might be especially poised to benefit from this unique supplement. If you think you're pre-diabetic, consult your doctor before using any new form of supplementation.

In fact, the creators behind GlucoNeuro+ heavily recommend their supplement for use by consumers who are pre-diabetic. Pre-diabetic symptoms may be caused by irregular blood sugar levels. The exclusive blend of powerful natural nutrients in GlucoNeuro+ is proven to be effective at stabilizing your blood sugar.

Taking steps now can help sufferers avoid even more of the potential nerve damage, kidney damage or even organ failure, stokes, heart disease, eye failure, and gum disease that strikes so many diabetics. By using GlucoNeuro+, one capsule a day is enough to help regulate the body. Though medical consultation is still in the best interest of the user, the use of a supplement can help.

Why is GlucoNeuro+ Effective?

The creators of AQUIL LABS GlucoNeuro+ focus on the “powerful natural nutrients” that the supplement offers, which they say is enough to stabilize blood sugar levels. The formula focuses on a couple main benefits, starting with improving the blood flow and oxygenation of cells in the legs. By improving these two factors, the formula can help glucose to be absorbed properly, which means that the user can actually get the energy they are meant to have from the foods that they eat.

The five main ingredients that make these effects possible are:

  • L-arginine, to promote oxygen levels in blood cells
  • Cinnamon extract, to improve the insulin receptors for better absorption of glucose
  • Chromium polynicotinate, which enhances insulin’s effects
  • Gymnema sylvestre, which reduces how much sugar that the intestines are able to absorb
  • Ginkgo biloba, to dilate the veins with greater ease

These five powerful ingredients combined in the GluoNeuro+ are made In an FDA-Approved Facility and are GMP Certified in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions About GlucoNeuro+

Diabetes supplements are exploding in popularity, but their scientific backing remains largely murky. This section will clarify key points by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about GlucoNeuro+.

Q: What does GlucoNeuro+ do?

A: According to the creators of this supplement, GlucoNeuro+ includes powerful natural nutrients that provide support for “erratic blood sugar” and “poor lower leg health.” Truthfully, the majority of the remedy is simply meant to help with neuropathy in the lower extremities of the legs.

Q: Should you consult your doctor before using GlucoNeuro+?

A: While the official website doesn't recommend consulting your own healthcare doctor, it is always a good idea to speak to your physician before starting the use of any new supplement. It's never a bad idea to consult your medical healthcare provider to ensure that your supplementation doesn't interfere with an existing treatment plan.

Q: Does GlucoNeuro+ offer refunds?

A: Yes! The company behind GlucoNeuro+ offers a full refund within thirty days of the initial purchase. Customers must contact customer service to request a refund. Users must pay for the return shipping for any refunded products.

Q: What does GlucoNeoro+ do?

A: The ingredients included work to regulate the absorption and metabolism of dietary carbohydrates and lipids and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The supplement might also help to support metabolic function with a balanced insulin response. Maintaining proper blood sugar levels can also help consumers achieve their weight loss goals.

Purchasing GlucoNeuro+

Since every person is different, there are a few different packages that offer different quantities. Just like with most supplements and wellness products, you can save money by buying in bulk.

Choose from:

  • Five bottles: $199.95
  • Three bottles: $149.95
  • One bottle: $59.95

While all of these options come with free shipping, customers can upgrade their order to express shipping for $8.00 more. If the customer is unsatisfied and wants to return the ordered products, shipping and handling costs are non-refundable and must be returned within 30 days of the purchased date. Returns from customers can be sent to this address:

Aquil Labs Returns
11551 E 45th Avenue, Unit C
Denver, Co 80239

If the user still wants to learn more about this product or request a return, the customer service team has both an email address ([email protected]) and a phone number (1-844-204-9958) where they can be reached.

GlucoNeuro+ Final Thoughts

GlucoNeuro+ is meant for consumers that may already be pre-diabetic and want to regulate their blood sugar before insulin shots become necessary. The product doesn’t ask that consumers change their diet, though it is more helpful in the regulation of blood sugar and high blood pressure to do so. There’s no prescription required, but consumers that are noticing any of the changes in their body indicating pre-diabetes should consult their healthcare provider.

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