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Copper Wear Mask: Copper-Infused Face and Nose Protection Mask



Copper Wear Mask: Copper-Infused Face and Nose Protection Mask
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The coronavirus has had an unforgettable impact on today’s society. With the pandemic spreading like wildfires, it becomes crucial to protect oneself from unseen bacteria. Health experts are urging consumers to wear face masks, as it helps to limit the spread of the disease by those who have been diagnosed with it. Given that all masks are not of equal quality, this is where it is most fit to introduce the Copper Wear Mask.

What is the Copper Wear Mask?

As hinted in its name, the Copper Wear Mask is a copper-infused mask with breathable, double layer protection. Made to be worn every day, this mask is considered comfortable and aims to provide maximum coverage of the face, mouth and nose.

What is the Copper Wear Mask made of?

The fabric used in creating the Copper Wear Mask includes a special blend of nylon and elastic. In addition, fiber matrix copper technology was used to weave copper threads into the fabric. Copper is one facet that sets this respective mask apart from standard surgical face masks. Many studies have since found copper to act as a bacterium killing agent, with nearly millions of cells being destroyed in a matter of minutes.

Why choose the Copper Wear Mask?

Besides its properties of copper and maximum coverage, the Copper Wear Mask is an attractive purchase because it is trusted as being reusable, one-size-fits-all, and machine washable. Altogether, consumers will not only have maximum protection while abiding by the social distancing rules, but they will also be saving much more money. This is not the case with surgical masks, as they lack filters and therefore, cannot be used more than once (in most cases). Other added benefits include:

  • Its copper content within the mask can last more than 40 washes
  • It is very flexible and fits almost everyone
  • It helps to reduce facial touching
  • It creates a barrier from coughing and sneezing

What is the best to way to maintain the quality of Copper Wear Mask?

If consumers are planning to machine wash the Copper Wear Mask, it is recommended to air dry it or set the dryer at a low temperature. The creators behind Copper Wear Mask appear to be more in favor of washing by hand with soap and water then allowing it to air dry.

How much does the Copper Wear Mask cost?

With the purchase of one Copper Wear Mask, consumers will get hold of a second one free of charge. The total cost comes out to $29.99 plus shipping and handling fees. Should one have an any questions regarding their respective orders, it is best to email at [email protected] or call (973) 287-5168.

Bear in mind that the Copper Wear Mask is non-returnable and non-exchangeable. The only exception is if the mask was received in poor condition in which case consumers are advised to contact [email protected]

Copper Wear Mask Final Thoughts

The Copper Wear Mask has been designed to ensure that consumers are well protected against bacteria, shortage of masks, and remain healthy. Compared to standard surgical masks, this mask allows for full coverage, includes copper which is a bacteria-killing agent and can be reused as one pleases. These factors alone make its price of $29.99 quite inexpensive.

That said, consumers should bear in mind that the FDA has not approved the Copper Wear Mask, but it has been manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. Moreover, it is important to note that this respective mask is not made to replace those used in a medical setting. In fact, it is more appropriate for the general public trying to get around to places without having to fear of the consequences.

To learn more about the Copper Wear Mask, click here.

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