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ColonBroom Reviews (2021) – Is ColonBroom Supplement Legit?



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ColonBroom is a new plant-based product by Max Nutrition LL and advertised as an effective and 100% safe way to eliminate constipation, cleanse the body, and lose weight. This supplement's price is revealed on the ColonBroom official website after potential customers take a quiz about their bowel health.

Why ColonBroom?

As per the ColonBroom website, more than 100 Americans struggle with constipation, and 100,000 have been helped by using Colon Broom. Here are the symptoms this formula claims to relieve:

  • Constipation
  • Heaviness in the gut
  • Imbalances in the gut microbiota
  • Unable to lose weight
  • Having decreased energy levels
  • Being bloated all the time

ColonBroom Benefits

Here the benefits said to be provided by ColonBroom:

  • Lightness in the gut
  • Protected digestive system
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better mood
  • Healthy intestines

ColonBroom claims to have been developed thanks to the latest breakthroughs in gastrointestinal science and a solution for those who need to boost their immune system and renew their body. Furthermore, it is also said to support metabolism.

Ingredients Used in the ColonBroom Formula:

Consumers will get in one serving;

  • Dietary Fiber – 3g
  • Soluble Fiber – 2g
  • Psyllium Husk – 3.6g
  • Calcium – 1mg
  • Sodium – 60mg
  • Potassium – 1mg

Other ingredients included;

Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Crystallized Lemon (citric acid, lemon oil, lemon juice), Fruit & Vegetable Juice (color), Sea Salt, Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose.

How Does ColonBroom Work?

Here is how strawberry flavored ColonBroom works for the most benefits, as per the product’s official website:


ColonBroom is made with essential and all-natural ingredients that improve the body's detox processes by cleaning the gut and getting rid of all the accumulated toxins.

Improve General Health

It’s also slated when coupled with a healthy diet, ColonBroom supports the body to function properly, mostly by increasing energy levels and reducing bloating.

Weight Loss

Because it’s a cleanse product, it improves the gut microbiota and supports the digestive system. ColonBroom speeds up the process of fat burning, which obviously leads to quick and noticeable weight loss.

Providing the Amount of Fiber Needed

Containing Psyllium Husk, ColonBroom is said to provide the body all the amount of fiber it needs. This special ingredient is known to absorb water and become viscous and work to relieve diarrhea, bloating, normalize blood pressure levels, and help users achieve weight loss.

ColonBroom is a NonGMO formula; it's also Vegan friendly and gluten-free.

What Do the ColonBroom Numbers Reveal?

As mentioned on the ColonBroom official website, this supplement has provided these benefits:

  • 95% of its consumers had regular bowel movements
  • 80% of its consumers had their appetite decreased and lost weight
  • 90% of consumers started to feel much lighter within 12 hours of taking Colon Broom

ColonBroom FAQ's

Is dietary fiber that important?

Dietary fiber is important for digestive health and regular bowel movements. Fiber makes you feel fuller longer and helps prevent some diseases such as bowel cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Can ColonBroom cause bloating?

Dietary fiber in ColonBroom is generally well-tolerated and safe. If you’re new to using ColonBroom, you might feel a little bloating when first using it, but the body needs time to adjust to the increased fiber intake.

Can I use ColonBroom while on the Keto diet?

Yes, dietary fiber has no macronutrients. Instead, it passes relatively intact through the stomach, small intestine, and colon. You don’t need to worry about additional carbohydrates; your body won’t absorb them and break them down into sugars.

When will I feel the effects of ColonBroom?

Depending on the individual metabolic response, users will feel the bowel movements' changes after 2 to 72 hours.

Can ColonBroom be used while Intermittent Fasting?

ColonBroom and Intermittent fasting will not break your fast. With macronutrients such as proteins, fats, and carbs, the body breaks down and then absorbs — The body does not digest this essential fiber complex. Like tea or coffee, ColonBroom is recommended to use during fasting windows.

Purchase and Use ColonBroom

ColonBroom’s price isn’t revealed to potential customers until they have taken a quiz of a few concise questions about their digestive health. This is because each individual has different needs, and the ColonBroom team wants to provide personalized solutions. After the supplement has been ordered and delivered, a scoop of the powdered formula needs to be mixed with a full glass of water, and the makers recommend taking up to two times daily and one hour before or 30 minutes after your meal. After using ColonBroom, users will find their blood pressure levels improved, the gut will become healthier, and metabolism will boost its activity. Taking the ColonBroom quiz doesn’t guarantee a good offer, but the Diet Guide is absolutely free. The Diet Guide is personalized for each customer's needs and learns what healthy eating means according to their own body’s needs.

ColonBroom Return Policy

ColonBroom can be returned to the manufacturer for a refund, but only in its original, unopened package. Refunds aren’t issued for products that don’t meet these conditions. Before sending the ColonBroom product back, unsatisfied customers must first contact the supplement’s customer support through the following email address:

[email protected]

Customers will be provided with a return form to fill out and send back together with the product(s) to the manufacturer within 30 days after making the purchase. The shipping fee will not be refunded.

  • Purchase:
  • Phone: +1 315-215-0872,
  • Customer Service: [email protected]
  • Returns Address: UAB MAX NUTRITION / ShipMonk 6010 N. Cajon Blvd San Bernardino, CA 92407 USA

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