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AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel Offers Germ Protection and Moisturizing Benefits



AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel Offers Germ Protection and Moisturizing Benefits
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AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel is a topical solution for eliminating germs from the skin, killing them with the use of ethyl alcohol. By using the hand sanitizer and following other standard protocols for hygiene, consumers can significantly reduce their risk of becoming ill or spreading disease, according to data by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

What Does AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel Bring to the Table?

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, all it took was a couple of cases in the news to lead many consumers to flood the stores and stock up on hand sanitizer. It was the first of many different products to be stockpiled, followed by home essentials like toilet paper, antibacterial wipes, and hand soap. While some retailers and manufacturers have been working to replenish the complete lack of stock, AIRZAI has stocked up on their own Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel, available now in limited quantities.

The 92% natural hand sanitizer brings consumers both cleanliness and hydration to consumers with their formula, keeping consumers protected from the spread of disease. As part of the company’s efforts to contribute to the lack of stock across the country, AIRZAI has committed to a donation of 10,000 bottles of their hand sanitizer to communities that have been the most impacted by COVID-19 and the shortages. Furthermore, a percentage of the sales that they accrue will be donated to support the needs of frontline workers during the pandemic.

Buying AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel

While there are many hand sanitizers on the market today, consumers can only find the AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel on the official AIRZAI Care website for $12.99. Purchasing additional bottles will give consumers huge savings on their purchase, like:

  • A three-pack for $36.99 (5% discount)
  • A six-pack for $69.99 (10% discount)
  • A 12-pack for $132.99 (15% discount)
  • A 24-pack for $249.99 (20% discount)

Each bottle contains 10 fluid ounces of the hand sanitizer, and it is the perfect size to keep at a desk, in the kitchen, or even at the front door as soon as the user walks in from work. It is not and will not be available in stores, which means consumers in need have this single opportunity to get it while they can.

Frequently Asked Questions About AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel

A: The market is filled with solutions for the hand sanitizer shortage, ranging from jacked up prices by private companies to ways that the average consumer can make their own. When there are products like AIRZAI’s formula on the market, there’s no need to go somewhere else. Still, let’s discuss a few of the ways that this formula can help.

Q: Will the AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel dry out the user’s hands?

Though there are many hand sanitizers on the market today that are drying or uncomfortably sticky, that’s not the case with AIRZAI. Their gelA: includes the required ethyl alcohol that has been recommended by the CDC, but it also includes soothing aloe leaf extract and limonene as a way to keep the skin soft.

Q: Why is soft skin a necessary benefit in any good hand sanitizer?

A: The primary purpose of any hand sanitizer is to kill the bacteria that is on the skin to protect against cross-contamination and disease. However, when the hands are overly dry, there’s a major risk of cracking, which means that consumers can become infected from open wounds. By hydrating the hands with the same formula that cleans them, consumers can reduce their risk of dryness and, therefore, further reduce the risk of infection.

Q: How is the AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel meant to be used?

A: With the dispenser top, consumers can use the pump to apply the gel directly to their hands. Like similar formulas, consumers simply rub the hand sanitizer over their palms and fingers until it completely dries. It can be used as often as needed all day long.

Q: Can the AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel be used by kids?

A: Yes. In fact, the remedy is both kid-friendly and pet-friendly. While consumers shouldn’t use hand sanitizer on their pets, they can safely pet their furry friends after using it.

Q: What if consumers buy too much or don’t like the hand sanitizer gel?

A: If this product isn’t right for the user, they can return the product for a store credit or for another product within 15 days of purchase.

Q: Where can consumers learn more about AIRZAI and their formulas?

A: The customer service team can be reached at [email protected]

AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel Summary

The AIRZAI Hand Sanitizer Clear Gel offers a solution for consumers that didn’t get their own supply of hand sanitizer when stockpiling shoppers hit the stores. While shipping times might be a little longer than usual, having this product available could be the difference between becoming ill and staying healthy, even after the pandemic.

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