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Ultimate Survival Guide Pack: Frank Marshall’s Essential Family and Personal Protection

Deborah Killion



Ultimate Survival Guide Pack: Frank Marshall's Essential Family and Personal Protection
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The Essential Survival Guide is a digital book written by Frank Marshall that shows consumers the best techniques for surviving nearly every situation, and a peace of mind and confidence that you are ready for anything that life may throw at you such as pandemic medical emergencies, food shortages, economical disasters and home defense.

What is the Ultimate Survival Guide Pack?

As the world copes with the ongoing spread of Covid-19, there are many people feeling scared, confused, frustrated, and even overwhelmed by the circumstances. However, understanding the actions that consumers need to take now to be safe can provide a little solace in these uncertain times. In a new guide call the Ultimate Survival Guide, consumers may be able to get exactly the information they need to survive through this situation.

The Ultimate Survival Guide shows consumers what they need to do to make sure they have enough food, water, medicine, and other supplies to protect their family. It isn’t a bottle of hand sanitizer or a face mask, and consumers won’t have to spend the next month excavating their yard to build an underground bunker. Created by Frank Marshall, who spent 27 years as a member of the US Army Humanitarian Relief Forces and was in Wuhan China when the Covid-19 pandemic began, developed the The Ultimate Survival Guide, out of his own need to adequately protect his family in an emergency. These techniques will teach and show consumers survival tips crucial to saving their loved ones, and users will get all of the information in his digital guide bundle.

There were many people unprepared for the current pandemic, and there are many people who have become sick in the process. Though consumers often hope that they will have what they need from their local resources, there are often times when that is not true. In the event that consumers are left to survive without this outside help, they need to know what to do, and Marshall shows users what they need to know in this guide and in the bonus content.

“You will have plenty of food, water, medicine, a warm shelter and everything else you need to bulletproof yourself and your loved ones from thirst, starvation, infections and any other unforeseeable threat…”

About the Bonus Materials

With the purchase of the Ultimate Survival Guide, consumers are provided with additional materials that can help them navigate survival situations with a bit more ease. The additional content includes:

  • Short Term Survival
  • Home Lockdown Survival
  • Commerce Survival
  • Medical Survival
  • Water Crisis Survival
  • Ultimate Food Survival
  • Ultimate Personal Defense Secrets
  • Ultimate Firearms Survival

Short Term Survival shows consumers what they need to do to prepare a survival kit that could last them three days. It also shows some essential first aid skills and the ways to prepare for the unknown if a crisis worsens.

Home Lockdown Survival helps consumers to protect themselves when they may be stuck at home during a crisis, whether it be a natural disaster or a break=in. This guide teaches users how to secure their home, how to better enforce potential entries (doors and window), and how to prevent any invaders from getting in.

Commerce Survival takes a different turn during a crisis, showing consumers how to protect their finances when the market tanks and the financial system suffers. Marshall states that the people that will flourish will be people who have items to trade, rather than money, and he describes the items that consumers may want to stockpile to use as a type of money.

Medical Survival teaches consumers what they will need to be healthy during a crisis, but health is more than just preventing illness. The guide also educates consumers on common emergencies that they may encounter and how to treat the body when access to medical services may not be in high supply.

Water Crisis Survival describes the situations that could occur to leave consumers without water for three days or more, as well as what they can do to get access to it. The guide describes why it is important to conserve water and how much water consumers may need, among other details.

Ultimate Food Survival shows what kind of food that consumers should stock up on, as well as exactly how much they need to keep afloat. It includes tips for stockpiling, even for the more restricted budget, and they will learn how to prolong the shelf life of the foods they purchase.

Ultimate Personal Defense Secrets teaches users how to defense themselves with next to anything in their home. In survival situations, there’s a significant risk of looting, and consumers will learn what they need to do to take down an attacker in seconds, as well as what they should never do.

Ultimate Firearms Survival explains the necessity for “expert knowledge of firearms” in the event of a crisis. Even though the stance on firearms is still controversial, a survival situation may require users to know how to deal with operating a weapon, handling a shortage of ammunition, and what they need to do to hide their weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ultimate Survival Guide

Let’s discuss some of the common questions that consumers have about the Ultimate Survival Guide.

Q: What exactly is the Ultimate Survival Guide?

A: The guide teaches consumers what they need to do to make it through any survival situation involving sickness or any other crisis.

Q: The creator states that there’s a “rule of 3’s” with survival situations. What are they?

A: The basic rule of 3’s states that consumers can live without air for three minutes, without water for three days, and without food for three weeks.

Q. Why is disaster preparedness so important?

A. The goal of disaster preparedness is to lessen the impact of disasters on vulnerable populations, to ready an organization for an influx of activity, and to have a designated plan in place that reduces the waste of time and your resources.

Q. What is preparedness plan?

A. A level of preparedness that allows you to respond in a timely and effective way to a disaster should one occur, Disaster preparedness planning involves identifying, what to do and what not to do, organizational resources, determining roles and responsibilities, developing policies and procedures and planning activities.

Q. What happens when you don't eat for a week?

A. If you don't eat at this point, the break-down of your body will continue, and death can occur as little as three weeks after you stop eating – if you don't get sick from a lack of immune system-essential vitamins and minerals first.

Q: How will consumers get this content?

A: Every guide, including bonuses, will be delivered digitally.

Any other inquiries or concerns can be directed to the customer service team.

Purchasing the Ultimate Survival Guide Pack

When it comes to getting access to all of these materials, consumers have two package options. The Essential option includes the Ultimate Survival Guide with two free bonuses for $39. However, the Ultimate package includes these same materials with three additional reports – the Food Survival Guide, the Ultimate Personal Defense, and the Firearms Survival guide – for a total of $59.

If the user checks out these materials and finds that it does not serve their needs in the way that they expect, they have up to 60 days to get a refund on the materials.

Contacting Ultimate Survival Guide Pack Customer Service

Despite offering plenty of information online, consumers may want to learn more information about this digital guide before they are willing to invest. The customer service team can answer any remaining questions by email ([email protected]).

Ultimate Survival Guide Pack Summary

The Ultimate Survival Guide collection offers details from real professionals that could make the difference between life and death in a crisis. While there are many details that can help consumers with the current spread of disease, the information they will learn can provide helpful information for them in any future crisis as well. With details on nearly every aspect of survival, from food to water to even medical emergencies, the use of this guide will create a sense of control in circumstances that can’t be contained.

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