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Needed Omega-3 Liposomal Powder: Vegan Nutrition with Trusted Education

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Needed Omega-3 Liposomal Powder
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Needed is a company that not only focuses on nutrition, but on providing trusted education as well as building a community of wellness. They maintain that eating a healthy diet isn’t enough and taking supplements is necessary due to factors such as soil quality, agricultural processes, food transportation, and environmental toxins. There are gaps in our diet and supplements can help to rebuild those. With that said, there are a variety of issues with supplements when it comes to quality, dosage, and absorption. With so much to consider, consumers often choose to not take them at all.

There is also a lot of miscommunication surrounding nutrition as it is often trend-focused or incomplete. Everyone’s nutritional needs are different, and those needs are constantly changing. Our diet needs to adapt to those changes in order for us to stay in good health. Needed believes that ongoing education is key and rather than just being another supplement product, they seek to meet the needs of the whole consumer and to grow along with them. The company is also dedicated to tailoring their products to their customers’ needs. Their website offers a quiz to help determine what specific product is required and at what dosage.

Their main product offered is an Omega-3 supplement. It is “vegan, sustainably sourced, and clinically proven to be up to 5x better absorbed than standard fish oil pills”. The powder doesn’t have a strong taste and is easy to add to a variety of food and beverages including smoothies, lattes, etc. Omega-3 is known to be a critical nutrient from young to old, but it sometimes difficult to find in foods or a hassle to take. Needed has developed a liposomal delivery, in powder form, that help to protect the nutrient and aid with absorption. There are three dosages available designed to meet the needs of different stages of life.

The dosages offered are 150mg (DHA+EPA), 250 (DHA+EPA), and 500mg (DHA+EPA). They are packaged into individual doses and can be purchased 30 packets at a time on a monthly basis. The subscription cost ranges from $50 to $75 per month, the shipping is included, and it can be cancelled at any time. The company offers a subscription format as research shows that it can take up to 4-6 months to replenish Omega-3 stores in the body. A one-time purchase would not be beneficial to the customer, but rather a longer-term commitment to overall health and wellness. Because life changes and so do we, the subscription can be paused or altered at your convenience.

For further information on the ingredients or sources of the product, please visit their website at If Omega-3 is already something that you incorporate into your diet, but you are looking for more consistent quality or convenience, then Needed is worth a try. If you are looking to introduce Omega-3 into your life, then Needed would be the place to start.

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