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LUMINAS Pain Relief Patch: Real Quantum Physics Benefits for Pain Relief?





LUMINAS is a patch that provides a soothing feeling to sore muscles, reducing inflammation to take away pain. The patches are available in a multi-pack and are sold through the official website.

What is LUMINAS?

With any kind of muscle pain, the majority of the discomfort is a result of inflammation, which is why many consumers will turn to pain medication or even remedies like Icy Hot. However, pain medication should only be used in moderation, and can take a while to full be absorbed in the body enough to provide relief. Even Icy Hot can be incredibly oily, but patches like LUMINAS offers something different.

According to the website, the LUMINAS pain relief patch:

  • Reduces pain and inflammation in the muscles within a few minutes
  • Contains no drugs or chemicals
  • Nourishes the body with natural remedies

There are plenty of heating patches that help with inflammation, but LUMINAS stances apart with one major quality – the inclusion of natural remedies like Turmeric and Ginger.

How it Works

The pain relief patches from LUMINAS use a process which, the company claims, is “based on Quantum Physics,” which includes “the power of more than 200 natural remedies.” Some of the natural remedies that the website references include:

  • Arnica
  • B-Complex
  • Magnesium
  • Turmeric
  • Bioperine
  • Ginger
  • Vitamin D

With proprietary technology, the company explains that the power of these substances is captured in unique electric field signatures, which are all often used for inflammation. The creators explain, “These unique signatures are then modulated onto a resonant carrier wave allowing us to transfer these unique signatures onto the patch.”

After the user puts the patch on, the patches are easily activated on the skin to begin providing the soothing sensation. Users are able to keep the patch on for up to 24 hours of relief, which is much easier than taking another Advil or Tylenol capsule every four hours.

Unlike supplements and other therapeutic products, this product is registered with the FDA, and it is considered a Class I Medical Device.


When the user applies the LUMINAS pain relief patch, they can use it to soothe the muscles on any part of the body. However, the instructions for using it will vary by the body part. Users can view the directions for the following body parts’ applications on the official website:

  • Ankle & Foot
  • Calf & Achilles
  • Knee & Shin
  • Sciatica
  • Lower Back & Hip
  • Upper & Middle Back
  • Wrist & Hand

The directions on the website show where the patch should be placed for the best results.

Purchasing LUMINAS

Consumers can purchase the product directly from the official website, though their total cost will depend on how many boxes of the patches that consumers want at a time. A single box, which contains 24 patches, costs $34.99, but the cost is reduced per box as the user increases the quantity they are ordering.

Choose from the following packages:

  • Two boxes: $59.99
  • Three boxes: $82.99
  • Four boxes: $99.99

Customers will have the choice of Standard, Priority, or Express shipping, which will incur additional fees.

If the user is unhappy with the results of using these pain relief patches, they have up to 30 days to request a refund, though the shipping charges will not be included.

Contacting the Creators of LUMINAS

Since the LUMINAS is a relatively new product, there may be other questions that consumers have before they make a purchase. The customer service team can be reached by calling 844-244-1400.

To communicate electronically instead, consumers can send an email to

Luminas Summary

The LUMINAS patch provides plenty of details to show users the best way to relieve their pain without the need for oral pain relief patches. The formula is made with a proprietary technology and blend of natural remedies, with an approval from the FDA to back it up.

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Flawless Dermaplane Glo: Finishing Touch’s Professional Skin Exfoliator

TimesofHealth Team



flawless dermaplane glo

Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glo is a system that provides consumers with the ability to exfoliate their skin at a level that is much like what the professionals use. The product can be purchased from the official website exclusively, and the customer is provided with six additional heads for the device.

What is Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glo?

Derma-planing is used by dermatologists as a way to clear the dead skin off the surface to reveal healthy and soft skin. In the process, the doctor often removes hair as well, leaving the patient with a youthful complexion. The creators of Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glo decided to bring this solution to the homes of consumers with their new kit.

Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glo offers a similar device to consumers at home to remove dry skin, peach fuzz, and dead skin cells, using a professional-grade stainless steel blade. The blade is specifically designed to prevent the user from accidentally causing nicks and cuts on the skin, illuminating the area with a built-in LED light. It is safe to use on the forehead, cheeks, neckline, chin, and other areas of the face.

Purchasing Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glo

The total cost of Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glo is $19.99, and it comes with six replacement heads and free shipping. In the event that the user doesn’t like the results of the product, they have up to 60 days to get a full refund.

For any additional information on this product or on a recent order, the customer service team can be reached by calling 877-884-2948 or by sending an email to

Flawless Dermaplane Glo Review Summary

Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glo makes it possible to get the skin that a dermatologist could provide, but at home and at a fraction of the cost. The product is easy to use and includes a design that is less likely to result in the damage that could be sustained during regular shaving. With a simple return policy, consumers don’t risk much in the use of this treatment.

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Sensa Skin System: S3 Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream and Eye Treatment

TimesofHealth Team



sensa skin

The skin is the largest part of the body. Many undervalue its worth, but the role it plays is crucial and a determining factor of wellness. In particular, the skin serves as the protective layer that stands in between the body’s several functions and free radical damage and bacteria. Unfortunately, the fact that it is exposed implies that consumers need to take the essential measures in fortifying its defense mechanism. This is where the Sensa Skin System comes into play.

With the use of the Sensa Skin System, consumers can expect to see a reversal in aging skins, optimized moisture levels and the ability to overcome any unwanted attacks that comes one’s way. Here’s what you need to know about the Sensa Skin System:

What is the Sensa Skin System?

The Sensa Skin System (S3) is an anti-aging moisturizing cream that aims to protect the skin from factors including aging, free radical damage, sun’s UV rays, and pollutants among others. It claims to address areas including skin’s elasticity, loss of collagen (vital skin protein that ensures skin firmness), discoloration and texture and so on.

What can be said about its Formula?

As for its formula, most of the ingredients appear to be cosmetics-based. For instance, we have cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, cetearyl glucoside and palmitoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein to name a fraction. While these ingredients have been accepted as safe for cosmetic uses, consumers should use with caution and as directed, as failure to do so can negatively impact one’s skin health.

That said, when it comes to its uses, consumers have been advised to apply a dime size amount on the face and neck region. In addition, a 30-minute wait-time must be given prior to exposing the skin to the sun and any other pollutants non-existent to the naked eye.

Sensa Skin Final Thoughts

Overall, the Sensa Skin System’s goals appear to be right, as it has been found in many instances that external factors are surely to negatively impact one’s skin. Its use of cosmetic ingredients may not be preferred by consumers.

This is not to say that they aren’t effective, as each and every ingredient used has been accepted. However, when used inappropriately (i.e. in excess), consumers may experience unwanted side effects, hence use it as directed. Initially, it would be best to test a small amount on a patch of skin, prior to using it in full, as each individual consumer may react to it differently. To get the full ingredients list for the Sensa Skin System visit

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Bambu Earth Intense Hydration Cactus Concentrate: Balm to Oil Skincare




Bambu Earth Intense Hydration Cactus Concentrate

Skin hydration is a major area that is often underrated. Unfortunately, this could potentially lead to a collection of health concerns.

For starters, the skin is the largest part of the body, whose role is to ensure that one’s internal organs are fully protected. Applying a moisturizer seals in little holes found in the skin, creating a protective layer like no other. When this step is missed, the holes welcome in bacteria and all hell breaks loose from thereafter.

Hence, the importance of picking the moisturizer that works for one’s respective skin type. Bambu Earth believes in the healing powers of essential oils combined with a solution’s delivery system. This is where their Intense Hydration Cactus Concentrate steals the spotlight, as it is deemed to attain a desired plump, glow and may maximize one’s skin health.

Here is an overview of what the Intense Hydration Cactus Concentrate is and what factors contribute to its listed benefits.

What is Bambu Earth Intense Hydration Cactus Concentrate?

The Intense Hydration Cactus Concentrate is described as, “a waterless pressed serum and fast-absorbing moisturizer”. It supposedly carries an ocean-like scent, which is often experienced at a spa – ultimately aiding in uplifting one’s mood.

Bambu Earth Intense Hydration Cactus Concentrate Star Ingredient

The star ingredient that gives the moisturizer its texture and scent is called prickly pear. Prickly pear belongs to the cactus family and is widely known for its soft inner flesh. Normally ingested raw, boiled or grilled, its properties are now taken advantage of in the skincare industry.

The reason for choosing said ingredient rests in its nutrients profile, which includes vitamins, and minerals. In terms of its ability to improve skin health, its can allegedly smoothen one’s skin (vitamin E and K), hydrating properties (fatty acids), rid inflammation (betalains and phenolic compounds), brightens skin tone (linoleic acid) and even has the potential to reduce dark circles.

Other ingredients that work in conjunction with the prickly pear include Murumuru, Shea and Mango butters, Kukui Nut, Tamanu and Baobab oils, Blue Tansy, Helichrysum, Turmeric, and Frankincense essential oils, and rosemary extract.

Intense Hydration Cactus Concentrate Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, Bambu Earth’s Intense Hydration Cactus Concentrate is worth considering. Not only was the prickly pear selected based on its intense nutrients profile, but every other ingredient picked were based on their overall similarities. This is the expected approach to take, as it heightens every aspect of skin health.

Another factor that makes this respective moisturizer of increased potential is the use of oils extracted from whole fruits and herbs, as supposed to human-made ingredients. The latter is often used as an inexpensive alternative and makes one question the care a brand truly has in making a difference.

While the price is relatively high, i.e. $160 for 1.7 ounces, it makes sense given the exotic fruits used, along with the notion that small quantities per use go a long way. To find out more about the different ingredients used, click here.

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