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kApex: BiOptimizers Digestive Aid and Fat Burner for Keto Diet User’s Energy



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kApex is a supplement that consumers can take with a ketogenic diet to reduce the side effects that come with ketosis, like tiredness and digestive upset. The product is sold on the company’s official website, where it is available in a 1-pack, 3-pack, or 6-pack.

What is kApex?

A ketogenic diet is a regimen that consumers can use to help with weight loss, and it has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The user is required to consume little to no carbohydrates, creating a process in the body called ketosis. While the body can naturally reach this state on its own, there are many people that use supplements to help. kApex is a little different.

The focus of kApex appears to be on fixing the issues in the metabolism that the creators claim cannot be changed or fixed by engaging in this type of diet. By taking kApex, the user could experience:

  • Improved digestion
  • More energy
  • Better results in the gym
  • Increased weight loss

The remedy appears to work by dealing with the issues in the digestive system, much in the same way that a probiotic might. The formula includes several ingredients that can correct digestive issues, like dandelion root to improve bile flow for digestion in high fat diets.

The remedy also includes a proprietary blend of lipases that helps to break down dietary fats, considering that keto diets are often centered around eating considerable amounts of fat. Users will find HCL included, to support this fat breakdown and to prevent the issues that stomach acid can cause, like acid reflux and heartburn.

To promote energy, the company included an ingredient called InnoSlim, using the dietary fat and burning it rapidly as a substitute for the carbohydrates that consumers cannot have.

Using kApex

Consumers will need to take kApex on a daily basis to counteract the digestive issues that a ketogenic diet can create. The formula is contained within veggie caps, though full usage instructions are not provided on the website.

The website warns that, since the formula can help with energy, it is best to avoid taking any of the remedy after 4pm. However, 1-2 capsules should be taken with each meal, so a dinnertime meal may need to be moved up to accommodate the routine.

For anyone just starting a ketogenic diet, it may be helpful to speak with a doctor first to make sure that their body is in the right state for this kind of regimen.

Purchasing kApex

The total cost of kApex will be determined by how many bottles of the supplement that the user purchases. While a single bottle of kApex costs $69 right now, consumers can also choose a three-pack for $155 or a six-pack for $277.

If the user is unhappy with the results of kApex, they have up to a year to request a refund and return the product.

kApex Summary

The kApex formula could be used by anyone that is engaging in a ketogenic diet, due to the way that it handles high fat content and the digestive system. However, it does not appear to be helpful to other diets that are not centered around these rules, so it is important to follow the keto diet with the supplement to lose weight.

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