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Eat to Beat Disease: William W. Li, MD Body Healing Science Book and Diet Food Shopping Guide

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We live in a world where prescription drugs have been prioritized as solutions to one’s health concerns. At least this is now gradually becoming something of the past, as said interest is slowly dying. Many consumers have come to the realization that invasive drugs are not needed for the body, but instead what we are feeding it.

A lot of emphasis has recently been placed on the notion of “eating healthy,” but what does this really mean? Does this simply mean ridding one’s food plan from junk foods? Are consumers suggested to consume increased vegetables and protein while limiting other macronutrients? With the existence of different diets and perspectives, healthy can mean just about anything.

Physician, and scientist, William W. L, MD has recently shared how he defines healthy in his New York Times Best Seller: “Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself.” His focus appears to be more so on protecting and further enhancing the body’s defense mechanisms.

The following review will look closely at Eat to Beat Disease and how Dr. William Li approaches wellness. Some of the different branches that will be analyzed include the purpose of the book, a little about the doctor himself and his viewpoint on wellness.

What is Eat to Beat Disease?

As the name hints out, Eat to Beat Disease offers consumers the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on fighting diseases. This does not require fancy ingredients or prescription drugs. Instead, consumers will be introduced to an array of foods that help enhance the body’s system.

The book is said to be created for those who either crave wellness-related proofs to support their friends and families, are currently experiencing specific health conditions that food can easily treat and/or are fearful of the effects their respective family history of illnesses have on themselves.

Who is Dr William Li?

Dr. William Li is proclaimed as a world-renowned physician, scientist and speaker. He is currently leading the Angiogenesis Foundation, a not-for-profit that invests heavily in studying angiogenesis (i.e. blood vessels health) from all angles. His work has supposedly made a positive difference in over 70 different diseases. Today, he has made it his goal to share his knowledge with the rest of world through Eat to Beat Disease.

What is Dr William Li’s Approach to Wellness?

According to Dr William Li, the choices consumers make in terms of food are essential in living longer and healthier lives. While there are many foods that are deemed healthy, said label does not suffice. The expert claims that the key difference rests in how the body responds to what it’s being fed, and he defines good health as, “the result of the body’s defense systems.”

He strongly believes that food can either uplift or deteriorate the body’s several defense systems, which include the angiogenesis (blood vessels responsible for oxygen and nutrients delivery to every cell in the body), stem cells (responsible for reparation of organs throughout our lives), microbiome (good bacteria in the gut), DNA (self-heals with damage), and the immune system.

Ultimately, Dr. William Li approaches good health by finding different scientifically-proven foods (which he claims exceeds 200 different types) that activate the body’s defense systems. By incorporating these types of foods, which is what the Eat to Beat Disease is founded on, consumers can expect to naturally treat conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, autoimmune conditions, dementia and cancer.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to define health. Some of the factors that influence how one perceives health include one’s personal experiences, knowledge and in some instances, research.

Dr. William Li clearly defines health based on his expertise within the medical field as well as scientific research and such knowledge has been put together under the Eat to Beat Disease.

His approach is more natural, something that the body is more likely to readily accept. It also promotes self-healing, and his book claims to provide the different types of food that strengthen the body’s ability to heal without creating any negative dependencies.

Eat to Beat Disease is currently available on select Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Indie Bound,, Waterstones and

To learn more about how to enhance what you already know about good health, while potentially protecting the body from diseases, click here.

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