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Aaptiv: Audio-Based Fitness Workout App with Training Exercise Programs

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Aaptiv: Audio-Based Fitness Workout App with Training Exercise Programs
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Aaptiv is an app available through the App Store that guides consumers through a workout that takes place through the course of 30 days. Users can either visit the app store on their smartphone, or go to the official website on their computer, to sign up through their email account or Facebook.

What is Aaptiv?

Every person has different workout goals and deciding where to start to reach a certain level of fitness can be difficult. A personal trainer can be costly, as much support as they offer. However, when it comes to staying motivated throughout the workout, music has shown to have a significant impact on the pace and the routine. The creators of Aaptiv came up with an idea to help.

Through the App Store, consumers are able to work out with a program called Aaptiv. Aaptiv provides access to thousands of different workouts to keep every moment of gym time fresh. However, staring at a screen the entire time can be distracting, so the creators keep the user on task with different music styles, but not the stock music that many exercise videos have.

The Aaptiv app shows over 30 new classes on a weekly basis, so there is no need to ever even repeat a routine, unless the user had a particular fondness for that one. However, the user is able to choose between different types of workouts, like routines that prepare them to run a 5K, help them shed weight, and provide training for the entire body.

Using Aaptiv

Before getting started, the user is asked several questions to help Aaptiv determine the best workouts for that individual’s fitness goals. The online survey asks about the main goal that the user has – losing weight, running greater distances, or increasing strength – before going through personal information.

The survey also asks about:

  • The user’s current fitness level
  • The length of the user’s average workout
  • How the user typically likes to work out
  • What music helps the user get into their workout

With those questions, the user registers with their email address, creating a password for their login. The user can also choose to sign in with Facebook, linking their social media account.

Purchasing Aaptiv

When consumers initially get involved with Aaptiv, they are provided with a free trial for 7 days. After the 7 days are over, the user will be charged a yearly membership fee of $99.99, plus tax. The subscription can be cancelled at any time, but the user will need to quit the program while still in the trial to avoid any charges, if this program is not what they had hoped for.

Contacting the Creators of Aaptiv

Rather than providing the consumer with a phone number or email address, consumers can only communicate with the customer service team through the official website. At the bottom of the page, the user can click an icon that says “Help,” where they are provided with a fill-in form to submit their questions.

Aaptiv Summary

Aaptiv is meant for any consumer that wants to improve their weight loss with exciting, fresh, and tailored workouts. The best way to get the full experience and see all that Aaptiv has to offer is to download the app, where consumers can filter through the routines by their category, or they can look through the recommended training programs for themselves. The 7-day trial makes it easy to get involved at any skill level, but without having to fully invest in the annual cost just yet.

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