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Fitculator: Women and Men’s Personalized Fitness Exercise Plan for Health



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Fitculator is an online program that allows consumers to input their current lifestyle choices to generate a weight loss program that works with their needs. All of the content is available digitally with a low-cost trial before a full subscription is activated and can be found here.

What is Fitculator?

Getting in shape is a challenging task, especially for consumers that get extremely busy or that have a lot of weight to lose. The hardest part of losing weight is often the beginning, which is all about motivation. However, after the motivation comes in, what is next?

Everyone needs a plan, and there are so many trends on the market right now, making it hard to decide which one to choose. Rather than finding one that a customer has to adhere to, it could be easier to find one that works around the customer’s schedule and dietary preferences. Hiring a nutritionist or someone similar to do this can be expensive, but Fitculator provides an option that is a little more budget friendly.

There is not a lot of information known about Fitculator, because most of the content has to be paid for to access. However, their simple and easy website breaks down multiple factors that need to be considered when creating a plan. The website advertises that they offer a 60-day plan, which will include both exercise and diet.

The website does not describe much about the type of meal plan or even exercises that the user will need to follow. However, based on the details that the company asks the interested customers for, it is clear that the regimen is meant to work with work schedules, restrictions in what they are willing to eat, and more. Rather than telling the customer how much they should weight, their priority is to see what the user wants to lose, being realistic about what is achievable in the next 30 days to entice a purchase.

In order to know what consumers need, the website does a full breakdown of the user’s typical nutritional habits. Read on below to learn about what information that this program needs to give the best results possible.

How Fitculator Works

Upon entering the website, visitors are immediately entered into a digital questionnaire to allow them to find the right program for the user over the course of the next two months. After choosing a gender, the user is then taken to a section to discuss their amount of physical activity, ranging from typically having no physical activity to exercising nearly every day of the week.

Customers are also asked about:

  • Protein intake, and types of protein that they consume (chicken, beef, etc.)
  • Vegetables that the customer would like included in their meal plan (bell peppers, broccoli, etc.)
  • Fruits that the customer would like included in their meal plan (oranges, apples, etc.)
  • Dairy and plant-based protein to include (yogurt, eggs, etc.)
  • How they spend a typical day
  • Sleeping habits
  • Snacking habits
  • Body measurements, including current weight and goals

Once all of this information is filled in, the website creates a page that shows what is realistic for the next 30 days, along with images of other people that have recently used the program. However, to fully access the 60-day plan, they have to pay for the plan, which offers 7 days of free online access to content like recipes, exercise videos, and community support. It also includes shipments of Ketone.

Getting Access to Fitculator

To access the program promised by Fitculator, the user goes through the entire questionnaire process before they reach an ordering page. At the ordering page, the company shows that the total cost of the program is usually $39.99 but is temporarily lowered to $1.99 in some cases. Since all of the content is digital, the user gets access as soon as their payment is made.

The $1.99 fee is only for a brief 7-day trial. After those 7 days, if the user does not cancel their access to the content, they will be charged $23.95 at the end of the trial, which will recur every 30 days until cancellation.

In the small print of the website, found just beneath the order page, potential customers will also learn that their purchase gives automatic consent to a 75-day “free membership trial” to a website that can be found at The user will be charged monthly for the $9.81 subscription fee, but this subscription can be cancelled as well.

Contacting the Creators of Fitculator

If there are any questions about this program, or consumers want to cancel their subscription, they can speak with customer service by calling 1-866-856-4807. No other contact information is available.

Fitculator Summary

Fitculator caters the needs and goals of users, considering tons of personal and habitual information in the process. The trial and subscription are both relatively low priced, allowing consumers to just zone in on what they need to do. Even though there appears to be a few hidden fees, the majority of the program appears to be helpful. However, there is no way to know exactly what the program recommends without paying and becoming a subscriber.

If the user decides that they want to participate, it is in their best interest to speak with a medical professional if there are significant changes to the customer’s daily routine.

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