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5 Minute Manifestation: How to Manifest Mind Control Over Health and Happiness

Deborah Killion



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The spiritual paths individuals make in their lives is not something to be taken lightly. There are some people who say that this path is their fate and that there is no move that isn't orchestrated by a force that is much greater than themselves. The ability to overcome these challenges that are laid ahead is a required skill, but all of these paths that came before could be now be a part of something greater. Every single move is connected to the rest of the universe, and 5 Minute Manifestation focuses all of that energy into cash flow, better health, and lifelong happiness.

What is the 5 Minute Manifestation?

5 Minute Manifestation is a digital program of spiritual and financial guidance, aiming to help people everywhere to attract more money into their lives. Even though many people feel like they have complete control over their lives, the creator behind 5 Minute Manifestation states that there are no paths that anyone can take that they haven’t been lead to.

The whole program is built upon the concept of hypnosis, which has been proven to be an effective therapy through scientific evidence. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars for sessions with someone that may not know what they are doing, the creator – Howard Price – invites the public now to join them and take part in the audio files that are only available online.

Hypnosis is still a puzzle to many psychiatrists, but it focuses on the way that the brain works, using the subconscious thoughts to take control of their conscious life. When someone enters this hypnotic trance, the mind is more open to the power of suggestion, allowing the individual to change their actions or their thought patterns. Price’s program takes advantage by filling the mind with the motivation it needs for positive changes in the health, happiness, and wealth of the user.

What’s Included With the Program?

With the ability to take just five minutes a day with little other effort, customers will be able to tap into the potential of their mind for a secure financial future. To give the user the highest chance of success, this program includes:

  • Module #1: Super Rich Money Maker
  • Module #2: Mining Giant Wealth
  • Module #3: Magnificent Cash Generator
  • BONUS: Instant Anxiety Release
  • BONUS: Easy Weight Loss
  • BONUS: Love Magnet

The titles of each of these modules are relatively self-explanatory, allowing users to take advantage by playing the audio and relaxing to the nurturing words of the speaker. Even though the only thing that users will be doing is hearing a relaxing audio file, those words absorb into the user's subconscious mind, paving the way the brain makes decisions and reacts to outside stimuli. Setting the right intentions is the key to any type of success, and the creator focuses primarily on the manifestation of change through thought.

Years of work when into making this online series compilation available, and each track only takes about five minutes to listen to. Users can listen to them anywhere, and the time commitment is small enough to fit into a lunch break, a drive to work, or while running errands.

To get access to the materials, consumers will need to purchase the 5-minute manifestation from Price through the official website.

Gaining Instant Access to the 5Minute Manifestation

Everything offered through this exclusive deal would ordinarily be $229, but Howard Price has significantly cut back on the pricing to bring it down to $9. All of the content is digital, so customers will have access to the materials as soon as they pay.

Even if this product doesn’t give the user what they want, they have up to 60 days to give up their access for a refund.

For inquiries on the 5 Minute Manifestation customers can contact the company:

For Product Support, please contact the vendor here: [email protected]

5 Minute Manifestation Summary

5 Minute Manifestation provides consumers with a chance to put their mindset towards future success with hypnosis. Howard Price, the creator behind the 5 Minute Manifestation, states that the only commitment from the user is to listen to the audio that’s been provided to them. From there, the positive changes in the mind is entirely thanks to their subconscious, changing their thought patterns to be more lucrative for the future. To learn more about the 5 Minute Manifestation, visit the official website here.

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