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Crystal Breathing Method: Ancient 7-Minute Secret Lowers Stress And Anxiety?



Crystal Breathing Method: Ancient 7-Minute Secret Lowers Stress And Anxiety?
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Crystal Breathing Method is a 206 BC practice from the Far East. The program teaches consumers breathing techniques to quash their stress and anxiety, with the guidance from Dr. Ho a traditional Chinese Medicine healer. His revelations and his training came from an ancient book called Huang Di Nei Jing, The Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor” leaving consumers with all the valuable information on “health, healing, and wholeness.” Available as digital content, customers can start alleviating the pressures of the world around them and in their minds.

What is Crystal Breathing Method?

Stress often starts as something small. When an individual can manage it early, this stress can become a single problem that is as gone as soon as it arrives. However, when the stressful moments compile and become more and more intense, finding that solution becomes less attainable by the minute. Without the right management, stress accumulates and causes more damage along the way.

Individuals who previously seemed on top of the world can end up sometimes in a downward spiral, reaching a low point in their lives that seems insurmountable. This is when problems like depression, addiction, and weight issues can happen. Brandon Bishop, the creator behind Crystal Breathing Method, reached that point with his drinking, then that all changed one day. Through his healing, he discovered a secret that is now possible for anyone to access, the Crystal Breathing Method.

Allegedly based on an Ancient Chinese solution that is over 2,000 years old, Brandon explains that the stress that consumers endure isn’t their fault, which part of what followers will unravel. He asks consumers to consider yoga and science, showing that the body takes on everything that the individual is born with and has gone through, including emotions. The stress and negative emotions build up in the body, collecting in a space that Brandon calls “the junk drawer of the soul.”

The key to releasing all of the built-up stress is by eliminating the burden from those “junk drawers” where users store it away. Though it may sound simple, the key to the success of this program is breathing. As the user goes through the program, they’ll notice incredible improvements in their stress levels, anxiety, and more.

Qi and Feng

Brandon states that there’s a definition of breath by Huang Di Nei Jing that makes a big difference in the program. There are two words used – qi and Feng. While qi describes a regular type of wind, Feng involves chaos and unruliness.

The program helps consumers to establish new breathing patterns to improve their levels of calmness. In doing so, the qi breathing is increased, and the Feng breathing is decreased. Though it may seem like a small change, the user’s breathing pattern makes a huge difference for stress, and the techniques that Brandon sheds light on will only take a few minutes a day.

Buying Crystal Breathing Method

The content that consumers will have access to Crystal Breathing Method is worth $77, and Brandon calls it his “life’s work.” However, users will only have to pay $37 to learn these methods.

In addition to the main guide, the following bonuses are included in the purchase:

  • Bed Blessing Workout, which helps with blood flow and general health without getting out of bed (value: $47)
  • Seven to Heaven, which balances the emotions and explains the numerology and symbolism of the number 7 (value: $77)
  • COMFORT EATING: 23 Essential “Sacred Wisdom” Recipes For Calming The Mind, Soothing The Soul And Overcoming Anxiety (value: $37)

If the user doesn’t get the calm relief that they hope for, they can give up their access to the materials and get a refund within 60 days. Just contact the company by email at

Frequently Asked Questions About Crystal Breathing Method

Q. What is Crystal Breathing Method?

A. Crystal Breathing Method is an e-guide that helps users calm themselves with breathing techniques that will help them focus and reduce the amount of stress in their life.

Q. What is required of users with the Crystal Breathing Method?

A. Users only need about seven minutes a day to help relieve stress. The techniques work instantly to calm the mind and can be repeated whenever stress becomes more difficult.

Q. What is the difference between Feng and qi breathing?

A. Feng is considered to be unruly and wild wind, while qi is calm and steady. The goal of this program is to help users relieve the stress that comes with Feng breathing by replacing it with qi breathing.

Q. Who is Crystal Breathing Method most helpful?

A. This program's meant for people who have stress in their lives, causing them to spread out their efforts and come to constant roadblocks. As creator Brandon describes the program, it helps customers to “find your bliss and your wellness.”

Q. Is this scientifically backed?

A. Technically, yes. Along with the basis of this ancient technique, Brandon states explains that Ohm’s Law backs this up. Essentially, the law states that energy cannot flow freely through a conductor with low resistance. Low energy remedies this, and that’s the change that Brandon hopes to make with his program. He aims to help users eliminate the resistance that makes them stuck where they are, using exercises that improve the flow of energy and of breathing.

Q. What can users expect from this Crystal Breathing Method program?

A. The results that users get will likely be similar to Brandon’s – less stress, weight loss, better management skills in different situations, and no depression. Long-term results take about 21 days to achieve.

Crystal Breathing Method Bottom Line

Crystal Breathing Method provides users with a way to manage their stress without having to take medications or somehow pretend it doesn’t exist. It helps users to fight the issues head-on, keeping their brain and body calm as they heal. The program doesn’t take much commitment out of each day, and the permanent changes could occur in as little as 21 days. You can learn more about the program on its official website, here.

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