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QGrips Ear Cleaner: Safely Eliminate Earwax Effortlessly and Easily?

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QGrips are a set of earwax cleaners that can pull out wax buildup from deep in the ears to eliminate irritation. The device uses no cotton, pulling it out instead with a spiral silicone tip and circular movement that safely draws earwax away and out from the eardrum.

What are Q-Grips?


Cleaning the ears out can be dangerous for consumers that don't do it correctly, but most consumers don't know how beneficial that earwax is. The ear naturally produces wax as a way of cleaning itself and protecting the ears from bacteria and other debris that adds up in the deep ear canal over time. Without the protection that it offers, dust and other particles can build up. However, as the ear becomes exposed to more irritants, ear wax production can go into overdrive and cause discomfort.

The most common way to clean out the ears is with the use of cotton swabs, but these tools are not exactly perfect for the job. While the texture can help to wipe off any earwax in its path, users can push the Q-tip too far into the ears canal. The use of Q-Twists offers something different.

Featuring a spiral silicone tip, the Q-Twist eliminates ear wax without pain, without the risk of damage, and without any traces of cotton left behind. The creator's state using the Q-Twist method has been approved by doctors, and it's recommended by professionals. It is lightweight and relatively easy to use, though one of the most significant advantages is that it can be washed and used over and over. Without the need to buy a new set whenever it is time to clean the ears, consumers save tons of money on replacements.


To clean out the ears, insert the silicone head into the ear and start to twist. The earwax gently comes out without going too deep, preventing any pain as cotton swab does.

To learn more, watch this video that shows precisely how the ears are meant to be cleaned:

Buying QGrips

Though there are many designs like Q-Twists out there, this website is offering a 50% discount off the purchase. Shipping is free, and consumers are given a tracking number to keep an eye on their orders. When ordering the Q-Twist, the company accepts payment from these Credit Cards, PayPal, iDeal, and Bancontact.

Choose from:

  • One QGrip for $33
  • Two QGrips for $58
  • Three QGrips for $82

For all other questions, consumers can contact the customer service team through one of the links on

Frequently Asked Questions About Q-Grips

What do Q-Grips do?

Q-Twists remove earwax with a spiral tip, pulling the earwax away from the eardrum and out of the canal.

Can the QGrips be Used on Children?

Yes, it is safe and small enough to use for children's ears. However, it is far too wide to use on babies and toddlers.

How Frequently Should Consumers Clean out Their Ears With Q-Twists?

Most of the time, earwax should be cleaned out as needed. However, the website recommends using it approximately every six days to make sure the ears don't become too clogged.

What are the Q-Twists Made From?

The tips of the Q-Twist tool are made of an “ultra-flexible silicone,” making it far gentler on ears than dry cotton typically is.

Are These Earwax Removal Tools Safe?

Yes. With the shape of the Q-Twists, there's no risk of reaching too deeply into the ear, and the material isn't abrasive. Plus, since the earwax is pulled out through the circular motion, it won't get pushed back further and create more pain.


QGrips allows consumers to clean the wax from their ears effectively without pushing it further into the canal. The tool can work with any ear size, and it is even safe to use for children. The flexible tip leaves consumers with a softer texture that is easier on the skin and tissue of the ear, and the whole set is substantially easier to clean off or switch out the head. The company offers a 45-day money-back guarantee with most items covered by their one-year replacement and repair policy.

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