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Werx: Mint Products’ High-Quality Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorants



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Werx is a company that has developed all-natural deodorants that are aluminum free, have no baking soda, and are made with solar energy. The deodorant is available through individual purchases and or the replenishment program.

What is Werx?

Deodorant is one of the biggest staples in hygiene products, but the recent movement behind natural remedies has led many consumers to choose deodorants that offer natural ingredients, rather than aluminum. Werx decided to focus on three different traits in their natural deodorant – quality, scent, and performance.

The deodorant manages to go on clear, which means consumers don’t have to worry about white deodorant marks on their clothing. It also dries quickly, and there are presently only two scent options – unscented and Silver Birch. Silver Birch has a combination of lemon oil, black pepper oil, patchouli, birchwood, silver musk, and several other aromas to give its scent profile.

The Werx Replenishment Program

There are plenty of subscription boxes online, but the use of the Werx replenishment program allows consumers to get the deodorant from Werx delivered to their door. By signing up for the program, users have to commit to three months of shipments, though they save 15% on the deodorants.

The total cost of the deodorant is $17.50, regardless of whether the user chooses the unscented or the Silver Birch scent. While Silver Berch is presently sold out, the unscented option is available.

Contacting the Creators of Werx

Since the website has limited information, consumers may need to reach out to the customer service team. The team can be reached by phone call (800-952-5210) or by email ([email protected]).

Werx Summary

Werx provides an innovative formula that is completely natural, while offering clear coverage that is easy to use. The replenishment program allows consumers to maintain a consistent stock of deodorant, ensuring that the user never lacks odor protection. The website doesn’t offer much information about this brand or the amount of time that the coverage lasts, but the customer service team may be able to fill in the gaps.

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