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The Parkinson’s Disease Protocol by Jodi Knapp and Blue Heron Health News



The Parkinson's Disease Protocol by Jodi Knapp and Blue Heron Health News
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Steve Peterson’s case study and many others stand proof that Jodi Knapps’s Parkinson’s Protocol to reverse the illness works. Jodi is a health practitioner who uses only natural approaches to deal with a disease that appears by natural causes. She employs the philosophy that every disease has a cause, and wants her patients to understand this, also the reasons why their illness appeared. This way, she’s helping them come across ways in which they can reverse what’s wrong in their body. As a matter of fact, Jodi has been so successful at treating illnesses that seem untreatable just because she goes at the root of the problem, tackling the natural cause and this way, changing lives.

Why Does Jodi Knapp’s Parkinson’s Method Works?

People suffering from Parkinson’s or other untreatable diseases need to keep in mind that standard drugs can’t work forever because at some point, they cause a shortage of dopamine. Doctors simply don’t address what gets the dopamine to be in short supply to begin with. However, Jodi tackles the main reasons why substantia nigra cells are dying, addressing the low dopamine levels directly. After, she just attacks the illness, in this case Parkinson’s, by making its symptoms reverse. Jodi teaches her methods in face-to-face sessions, but she has also released the written version of Parkinson’s Protocol, which changed Steve Peterson’s life completely.

There Are 12 Steps Involved in the Parkinson’s Protocol

Luckily, Jodi’s Parkinson’s Disease Protocol isn’t at all about restrictions, counting calories or having to do anything strenuous. Instead, it teaches Parkinson’s sufferers what do in their day-to-day life. She talks about 12 habits that would seem unimportant to many, but that cause brain degeneration and Parkinson’s symptoms to reverse. No revolution should happen, just some simple changes being made, changes that can be easily implanted into the everyday life. The tiny habits that Jodi advices in the Parkinson’s Protocol are the ones that helped Steven Peterson and others get better. What Steven realized is that these habits not being followed is what caused him to get the disease in the first place.

No Need to Give Up on Current Lifestyle

Talking about his experience with the Parkinson’s Protocol, Steven Peterson also says he didn’t give up his old lifestyle, he just adjusted it here and there. He didn’t feel like he was doing anything new, yet he did indeed start doing things in a different manner. His loved ones didn’t even notice he made any changes whatsoever. Besides, as per the Parkinson’s Protocol says, he introduced the new habits one at a time, at the rate he felt the most comfortable with, every few days. These habits are now a part of his life, not to mention they directly acted upon all aspects of his illness, from causes to symptoms. Instead of getting worse, his brain is now improving in a progressive manner, so he feels much better. What’s even more incredible is that some of the other issues he had in the past, aside from the ones related to Parkinson’s, have started to show improvement too. This means he didn’t only address his Parkinson’s, he also helped his entire body get better, which indicates The Parkinson’s Disease Protocol by Blue Heron Health News could help any person who doesn’t necessarily suffer from any untreatable disease live a healthier life.

It Feels Like Magic but It Isn’t Magic

Steven adds that the turnaround he experienced with the Parkinson’s Protocol feels like magic. And he isn’t the only one who thinks so. When such a cruel disease like Parkinson’s is being reversed, who doesn’t start to believe in miracles? But there’s not magic or miracle involved with Jodi’s Parkinson’s Protocol. Everything is backed by scientific research from across the US, Europe and other parts of the world. Scientists never had anything wrong to say about Jodi’s program because they know it works. 12 simple new habits can change the lives of Parkinson’s sufferers and turn them from real nightmares into a normal existence. Of course, it takes a little bit of effort to go with these 12 habits, but no good thing comes without a little bit of hard work. Parkinson’s symptoms are getting worse with age, but Jodi Knapp’s Parkinson’s Protocol directly addresses them to go in reverse mode, no matter how old the patients may be.

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