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The Amazing You: Brain Performance Coach’s Success and Positivity Attraction Program



The Amazing You: Brain Performance Coach's Success and Positivity Attraction Program
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The Amazing You is a effective self-transformation guide that teaches consumers how to change and overcome mental blocks to gain confidence and happiness in their personal lives and achieve professional success.

What is The Amazing You?

Improving overall quality of life is often a matter of changing the way that someone is already doing things. Everyone wants to be more successful, have love in their life, and be happier. However, the path to achieving these hopes and dreams may feel a little scattered to some people, but a guide called The Amazing You may help.

The Amazing You takes consumers through many different paths to lead to the same goal – a good life. Based on the advertisement, this guide makes it possible to:

  • Quickly lose ten pounds
  • Bring love to their life
  • Eliminate pain
  • Handle problems with ease
  • Be happy with life
  • Eliminate debt

All of this success is attributed to a three-minute technique that the creator has developed, which she says “My Magic “Flying Unicorn Trick” Holds The Miracle You’ve Been Longing For!” as she has shown to many people through the years like Fortune 500 businessmen, first responders, and Olympians. However, it is meant to help the average consumer even more, and has helped over 10,000 men and women to bring “miracles” into their daily life starting in just 3 minutes. Researchers and psychologists have noticed this anomaly in the brain, and Harvard-educated Marion Neubronner, the creator, said that the trick has even helped to “manifest $75,000.00 in record time.”

Just like Bill Gates who “Had to “remap” his brain around the procrastination problem that short-circuited his college career” and Oprah who had been “fired as a morning anchor, she had to “remap” her brain for determination… training herself to never take no for an answer.” are how the top achievers, including Spanx's Sara Blakley overcame mental obstacles and went on to gain their fortunes.

Over time, the trick that Marion describes helps to change the way that the brain handles certain neural pathways, opening the mind easily with “sonic harmonizing.” Essentially, the program introduces a type of meditation method that helps to calm the brain, but this is only one part of the entire program. The full details are not included online, which is why consumers need to purchase The Amazing You program to learn more.

Additional Content

Along with the main guide, consumers will have access to other content to push along their success. The other content and tools include:

  • The Sonic Remapping Soundscape Series
  • My 21 Day “Remapping” Protocol
  • Minimal Effort, Maximum Gains
  • The Success Multiplier
  • Ultimate Restoration Secrets

The Sonic Remapping Soundscape Series offers different recordings that have been developed with the latest innovations in neuroscience, pushing to adjust the brain quickly. It can be listened to from any device, and the brain automatically responds by simply hearing the melodies.

My 21 Day “Remapping” Protocol is a “roadmap,” which brings the user through this entire plan to help them to connect with their most productive and optimal self. Some of the details include how to bring in more wealth, how to bring in more self-love, and how to improve the way that the user earns money.

Minimal Effort, Maximum Gains is hosted by Michael McNeil, showing consumers how to improve their life path in a way that has been used by the entertainment industry, CEOs, and even royalty. Within the interview, consumers will learn the keys that they need to integrate into their lives for success.

The Success Multiplier is a call recording with business coach Yanik Silver that teaches consumers about a business model called “evolved enterprises.” In this call, users will learn how to use their work to both make an impact on the world and bring in substantial profits.

Ultimate Restoration Secrets will teach consumers how to use their brain power to overcome the disease. The creator states that this method will allow the user to control their “genetic switch” for weight loss, immunity, and other health challenges.

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The Amazing You Most frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the “The SNAG Effect”?

A. Stimulating Neural Activity Growth or “Where Attention Goes, Neural Firing Flows and Neural Connection Grows.”

Q. What is Sonic Harmonizing?

A. They are soundscapes that are called Sonic Remapping Soundscapes, they are sonic frequencies all playing at the same time, and heals by creating deep, internal bliss and changes your brainwaves to vibrate in harmony, much like meditation does.

Q. What is The Amazing You?

A. A system-based program and an effective self-transformation program that helps to increase the users brain performance, enhance your physical health,  improve psychological well-being, and increase your overall efficiency by practicing the principles of success.

Q. What is the 12 Steps Towards Happiness?

A. 12 Steps Towards Happiness will teach you how you can find happiness before you become successful, by letting go of negative feelings that are important to transforming yourself. Retaining only bad memories can exhaust motivation. Disappointments, on the other hand, can undermine your drive to succeed.

Q. Is there any scientific evidence to back The Amazing You up?

A.  Rooted in scientific research and untarnished evidence, The Amazing You uses techniques backed by scientific evidence. This guarantees that a concrete basis for the program was used, not just theories because the program has proven scientific facts for each of the components. This means all of the steps and techniques used in the program have been tested and proven effective.

Q. What are the pros of purchasing The Amazing You program?

A. Yes! Most users state that the program helped them gain deeper perspective of themselves, especially their weaknesses and their own strengths. With many users reporting The Amazing You program helped them to perform multiple tasks and prioritize much better than ever before.

Q. How long will I need to use the The Amazing You program to feel the results?

A. Results would depend on how long you listen and implement Marion’s tips, and on average, users could expect to see at least some results within 30 days or less

Purchasing The Amazing You

Consumers can only purchase The Amazing You from the official website, which lists the entire bundle of content for $39. Since everything is digital, and is available both as a video and an MP3 recording. The buyer instantly gains access to all of the materials as soon as their payment goes through.

If the user finds that this content doesn’t give them the desired benefits and results, they have up to 60 days to request a refund and give up access to the materials.

The Amazing You Summary

The Amazing You centers its entire program around how to improve the lives of consumers with methods that simply attract goodness into it. With science backed evidence and the meditative audio and lifestyle tips that the professionals have used, consumers may find the keys to getting the love, money, and happiness that they’ve always wanted in their lives.

Learn more about The Amazing You Program here.

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