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Sur AltRed: Betalain Supplement to Enhance Endurance and Recovery

Deborah Killion



Sur AltRed
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If you’re looking to enhance your endurance and recovery as an athlete, then AltRed is for you. This health supplement activates the performance of betalains—the performance-aiding phyto-nutrient found in beets.

What Is Sur AltRed?

AltRed utilizes a proprietary extraction method to remove nitrates and sugars and eventually creates a betalains concentrate with increased bioavailability. You cannot achieve this from whole beets, beet juice, or beet powders. The AltRed Betalains in the tiny capsules improve oxygen delivery, mitigate lactic acid, and reduce markers of muscle damage.

AltRed is Clinically Proven and Tested

AltRed delivers clinically proven and tested performance and recovery benefits for athletes. The benefits are backed by science, more than 8 years of field testing, and world champion athletes.

Besides, AltRred has been tested for substances prohibited in sport and is certified by both NSF Certified for Sport and Informed Choice Trusted by Sport. It’s safe and clean to use.

Active Ingredient

A single active ingredient—a phyto-nutrient known as Betalains, which come from beets, powers AltRed. Betalains provide their bright red color and have the ability to reduce inflammation induced by exercise. AltRed is produced through a patented process, which isolates and concentrates the betalains in beets, causing them to unleash their ability to improve athletic performance.

How AltRed Impacts Endurance and Recovery

  • More Watts: Cyclists that used AltRed produced an average of 7.63 more watts, which is a 3.5% increase during a 30-minute functional threshold power test.
  • More distance: Cyclists who used AltRed rode an average of 2.5% farther during a 30-minute biking trial.
  • Increased Efficiency: Cyclists achieved an average of a 5.4% increase in cycling efficiency when they used AltRed. In other words, it delivers more watts at the same metabolic rate or the same watts at a reduced metabolic rate—which means less physiological strain.
  • Reduced Markers of muscle damage: Tri-athletes experienced an average of 9% reduction in a key muscle damage indicator known as creatine kinase when they used AltRed. Less muscle damage means a quicker, stronger recovery.
  • Stronger Recovery: Runners experienced 14% lower blood lactate levels after a 5k time trial. Reducing lactic acid allows athletes to perform longer at a higher capacity and recover quicker.

AltRed Dosage

AltRed can take up to two hours before it peaks. It then takes nearly two hours before its effectiveness starts to decline. It’s advisable to take it 2 hours before activity. For activities that can last more than 2 hours, you should take an additional capsule after every two hours, starting at time zero.

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