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SuperFood Detox Code: Sixpack Shortcuts Thomas DeLauer’s Detoxification Book Guide



superfood detox code
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The Superfood Detox Code is a book that teaches consumers about the 13 superfoods and how to use them for detoxification. The book is available for free from the official website, though the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping.

What is the Superfood Detox Code?

Getting on a healthy path with eating is an overwhelming task, especially when there is so much of the media that misleads consumers in what they actually should consume. There is a lot of hype around the concept of superfoods and detoxing, but where should someone begin?

Millions of dollars have been made with books and courses to teach consumers how to eat in a healthy way, but the creators of the Superfood Detox Code book have created a unique opportunity to get this type of information without spending a ton.

According to the website, going through this book will teach consumers:

  • How to easily include the 13 superfoods in their daily routine.
  • How to reduce the toxins in their body.
  • How to make a superfood smoothie to improve their body.

By introducing these foods, consumers can make their body feel younger from within, giving them more energy and motivation to go about their daily routine than they typically would. Furthermore, since there are less toxins in the body, consumers will see their excess belly fat melt away, and will not experience the possible fatigue and digestive difficulties that their typical eating habits would incur.

Why Choose This Book?

Realistically, there are already many Facebook posts and free blogs that consumers can read to learn about these superfoods. However, the advertisement for the book says that the creator – Thomas DeLauer – wanted to explain their experience with superfoods to show why this book is difference.

Unlike other eating plans, this program does not require the participant to eat every three hours or even to reduce their calories so much that they are constantly hungry. Instead, the user explained that the methods used in this book show what he applied to his own life to reduce toxins and help with his weight.

The author continues, explaining that creating a healthy internal environment is the key to creating a balanced body on the outside. With these detox strategies, users will be able to learn about the superfoods that they need to include in their routine to burn through fat much better.

The specifics of the program are incredibly limited, but the one concrete statement that the creator states is, “My system includes a once-a-day smoothie habit – that’s it.” The smoothie helps with the detoxification process, but the rest of the regimen is not expanded upon.

According to the advertisement, there are five steps that the possible user needs to take to get the desired benefits.

  1. Get a copy of the book.
  2. Review the included two-week detox plan.
  3. Download the digital copy of his Top 10 Detox Tips to Burn Belly Fat.
  4. Upon receiving the book, start making the included smoothie recipes.
  5. Prepare to “experience the optimal body and glowing health of your dreams.”

Collectively, the user gets a copy of the detox book, a 14-day plan for detoxification, and recipes for smoothies.

Purchasing the Superfood Detox Code

If the potential benefits of the book are not enough to sell someone on this book, then the lack of payment needed might help. For now, consumers just have to sign up with their contact information to get a free copy of Superfood Detox Code, which typically is sold on Amazon for $24.95, according to the advertisement.

The website says that the book only has a limited supply right now, and that consumers still have to cover the cost of shipping.

Contacting the Creators of The Superfood Detox Code

All of the content in the book should be enough to explain what consumers have to do to get their results. However, to reach out to the customer service team, users will need to use the contact details with, which include a phone number and email address.

The team is available from 9:00am to 7:00pm CST on weekdays, and from 10:00am to 4:00pm CST on weekends.

Superfood Detox Code Summary

The Superfood Detox Code offers nutritional information that can be catered to anyone’s lifestyle. Since this is not actually a restrictive diet, consumers of all needs should be able to apply it to their routine. No supplements are mentioned, but the consumption of superfood smoothies should flush out the toxins, accompanied by a 14-day regimen. Results may vary, based on how drastic these changes are to the user’s typical routine.

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