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Structured Silver: Dr. Gordon Pedersen’s Alkaline Silver Base Liquid Solution, Gel, Soap and Lozenges

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Structured Silver: Dr. Gordon Pedersen's Alkaline Silver Base Liquid Solution, Gel, Soap and Lozenges
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Structured Silver is a substance that has used to create an entire line of products that are meant for healing and balance in the body. The products are sold through the company’s official website, where an advertisement allows consumers to select their preferred package.

What is Structured Silver?

The gut plays a substantial role in the health of any consumer, and even calls it the “second brain” of the body, completely ruled by the need to balance the microbiome of the body. The yeast and bacteria need to be kept healthy, which is often determined by the food that someone eats. In order to help with this balance, the aforementioned company has created a line of products with Structured Silver.

This company says that the use of structured silver will help to:

  • Maintained a healthy emotional balance
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Balance the digestive system
  • Aid in the healing from over 80 ailments and illnesses

While the company admits that it is easy to keep a healthy body with natural solutions, like keeping processed foods and gluten out of someone’s daily diet, and increasing probiotics, the structured silver products act as a safety net. In fact, the website states that it is possible to restore the microbiome with 10 times greater speed with the use of any of these products.

To give the customer the full spectrum of benefits that structured silver can provide, the company has developed multiple products for internal and external use.

Included Products

Each product of the Structured Silver line has a purpose and a unique use. Right now, there are three specific products that the company has developed, depending on what the user needs.

The first product, which the company believes is their most popular remedy, is the Alkaline Structured Silver Base Liquid Solution. The formula is meant to be consumed orally, with two teaspoons used for both the morning and evening dose. The treatment caters to the microbiome of the gut to help it increase to optimal performance.

The next product is the Structured Silver Gel, which can be used on any part of the body. The formula has an alkaline pH, which means that it is safe for application on open wounds, burns, and bug bites. In the gel format, it is gentle enough for issues as intimate as vaginal infections, or as obvious for acne, eczema, and common skin issues. This gel is integrated into a hand and body lotion, along with soaps, to keep the formula on the body for more time.

The last remedy that the company has created is the solver lozenges, which are available in different flavors, and can be taken at any time.

Purchasing a Structured Silver Package

With all of these products, consumers will have the choice of several packages to determine how much of the products that they get. The packages available include:

  • A Liquid Silver Solution, a Gel Silver Solution, and a FREE “Silver Miracle” Book ($59.95)
  • Three Liquid Silver Solutions, two Gel Silver Solutions, and a FREE “Silver Miracle” Book ($117.95)
  • Five Liquid Silver Solutions, four Gel Silver Solutions, and a FREE “Silver Miracle” Book ($177.77)

If the customer is unhappy with the results of the products, then they have 60 days to return the products for a full refund.

Contacting the Creators of the Structured Silver Products

Since there is a lot of information online about these products, consumers may feel a little overwhelmed, but the customer service team can help. The team is available via phone call or email with the contact information below:

The team is available on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST.

Structured Silver Summary

Using structured silver acts in much of the same way that a multivitamin supports the body, but in a faster way than just correcting the foods that a consumer eats instead. The remedy is safe to consume or apply to the body, depending on how the needs of the consumer. Each of the packages are affordable, and come with a simple return policy, ensuring that consumers get more value for their money.

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