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New Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Turmeric 95™ Releases as the Most Bioavailable Curcuminoids

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turmeric 95

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has launched Turmeric 95™. The new product has an enhanced curcumin form that’s clinically approved to significantly enhance overall absorption of curcuminoids over typical curcumin. The Turmeric’s curcumin is shown to be significantly more bioavailable than most forms in the market.

Curcuminoids are potent phytonutrients that give turmeric its yellow, and offer a myriad of medicinal benefits. Curcumin supports a normal, healthy inflammatory response, enhances heart and joint health, and offers excellent antioxidant protection.

Hi-Tech Turmeric 95™ is produced using a proprietary Cyclosome™ delivery system, which is a unique delivery method that dramatically enhances the bioactivity of compounds that are hard to be absorbed into the body, such as curcumin. Every serving of Hi-Tech Turmeric 95™ gives the user 475mg of curcuminoids.

Over the past few years, customers have been increasingly buying turmeric supplements due to the many reported benefits. Today, numerous turmeric supplements products have over 95% of curcumin. Abundant science reports back up these benefits and highlight life-changing benefits for persons in need of healthy joints and mobility support.

Hi-Tech discovered that to function well orally, curcumin or turmeric needs to be absorbed effectively by the digestive tract. The R&D team of Hi-Tech ultimately bought and tried up dozens of turmeric supplement brands. Although a few gave positive results at the recommended doses, none of them delivered benefits that the R&D staff anticipated. The reason, as discovered by R&D staff, rested with poor bioavailability.

Curcumin is hydrophobic, and when taken orally, it is resistant to absorption into the bloodstream. This means that all curcumin in turmeric powder (95-98%) passes ineffectively through the user’s body. To solve this, Hi-Tech’s R&D team had to find a better way of achieving absorption.

When poured in a glass of water, a typical capsule or powder will float. Hi-Tech made its first order of business micronizing Turmeric 95% curcuminoids, which instantly dissolved in water.

From micronizing, Hi-Tech decided to face adulteration head-on. The company values trust and transparency and thus took steps towards ensuring high-quality turmeric in the market. These include developing a multi-step approach incorporating both AOAC and ASP validated methods for precise compound identification. Also, Hi-Tech conducts isotope testing to see to it that synthetic substances are not introduced in the raw material.

Based on the latest report by Transparency Market Research, the average revenue generated from curcumin is estimated US$ 282.2 Million in 2018, which is expected to increase at a CAGR of 6.5% to US$ 465.8 Million during the 2018-2026 forecast period.

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BioVi Probiotics: Antioxidants to Support Digestion and Immunity

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biovi probiotics review

BioVi is a revolutionary probiotic that enables you to be balanced, stay well, and feel good. Created from years of research and development, this revolutionary and unique probiotic formula is designed to balance your digestive system and support your immunity. BioVi comes in easy-to-take and tasty supplements for the whole family.

The product is a proprietary blend of strong probiotics and powerful antioxidants from the fertile berry fields of Eastern Europe where Aronia berries are harvested, and minimally processed in state-of-the-art facilities.

BioVi Probiotics

BioVi probiotics are blended using a unique strain of probiotic and powerful antioxidants from the Aronia berry. The berry, harvested in Eastern Europe, has the highest concentration of antioxidants present in any fruit. This blend is ideal for promoting a healthy you by balancing the beneficial intestinal bacteria and reducing free radicals.

Special Blending

Most probiotics are bacterial-based and fail to endure the harsh environment of the intestinal tract. BioVi uses a unique blend of lactic yeast that has a natural cell coating (Chitin), which allows it to survive the harsh environment of the small intestine where it gives the most benefit to your body.

Antioxidant Rich

Aronia berries contain the highest concentration of antioxidants present in any fruit. Antioxidants play a vital role in maintaining good health and protecting the body’s cells from the damaging effect of oxidation. Since Aronia is rich in antioxidants, it provides a very high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). A higher ORAC means a higher antioxidant activity. Besides, scientific research reveals that antioxidants increase the body’s resistance to disease and supports the immune system. In addition, emerging studies reveal that Candida overgrowth exists and can be responsible for a number of health concerns.

For more information visit

BioVi products can help control candida colonization by utilizing the free lactic yeast probiotic. BioVi prevents candida albicans from forming as evidenced in clinical trials.

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Kin Euphorics: Non-Alcoholic Ready to Drink Nootropic Beverage

TimesofHealth Team



kin euphorics

Euphorics are created from a stack of balancing adaptogens (herbs that help manage stress), replenishing nootropics (compounds that support cognition,) and nourishing botanics. The only ingredient missing from euphorics is you—which has just as much influence on the effects of euphorics as what is inside the bottle.

Kin seeks to help you enjoy a night where social isn’t sinful and self-care doesn’t stop at sunset. Euphorics are an adult beverage made from nourishing nootropics, balancing adaptogens, and replenishing botanics that opens the mind, calms the body, and connects the spirit.

Kin Euphorics Effects on the Body

The ingredients in Euphorics work together to give our body what it needs to replenish its dopamine, serotonin, and GABA supplies—neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for helping us feel relaxed, open, curious, and connected. The following are two main brands of Kin Euphorics:

Kin Spiritz

This ready-to-drink soft drink offers all bliss, no booze in a sparkling euphoric pre-mixed with fresh fruits such as citrus, hibiscus, and ginger. It’s easy—just grab and flow. Take it where you find yourself in summer. Price starts at $27 for a four-pack.

High Rhode

This brand is flexible, allowing you to create your way by adding mixers to taste. Simply shake, mix, and serve. High Rhode gives you all bliss and no booze in an herbaceous euphoric that is designed for mixing. For best effects, sip socially. Price starts at $39 for a bottle.

Code of KIN

KIN aims to change the way humankind connect after dark. Since they can’t do all alone, KIN invites all creators to rise into the night and take back the morning afters. Anyone with a brain is a creator and the future of revelry lies with KIN.

Rise into the night—wisely

The word ‘Euphoria’ is derived from the Greek word ‘euphoros,’ which literally means ‘bearing well.’ The word was used in the 1700s to describe a state of well-being when illness was the norm. KIN honors its origins with euphorics that brings today’s stressed out world back into balance.

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Florajen Probiotics: Effective and Affordable Probiotic Option

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Florajen Probiotics was founded by bacteriologists over 25 years ago and is considered an effective and affordable option to help avoid the side effects of antibiotics. Antibiotics work to eliminate both the good and bad bacteria. They kill the body’s natural intestinal microbial balance. Florajen Probiotics help to restore the good flora and maintain the natural microbial balance you need to stay healthy. It is important to have an effective probiotic with the right cell strains at the right cell count. While the human body contains trillions of microorganisms, a probiotic is required to help keep the natural and good bacteria.

In terms of stability, probiotics are live bacteria and when left unrefrigerated, they die off at a faster rate. Florajen, however, guarantees a cold chain commitment. This means that from the time the probiotics are manufactured, delivered to the pharmacy, and in the hands of the consumer, they are kept cold. Florajen Probiotics ensures that the cell count remains as potent and consistent as possible all the way through the expiration date. Consumers can also count on an experienced brand as they have been in the marketplace for over 25 years.

Florajen is proven safe and effective and is manufactured in the US in GMP-certified facilities. The formulations are allergen free, dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO, and kosher. In addition, it is stomach acid resistant and bile tolerant. Florajen comes in a variety of multiculture blends of probiotic strains that aid in healthy functioning. The blends available include Digestion, Women, Kids, and Acidophilus. When it comes to affordability, Florajen is cost effective with all four formulations retailing under $20 for a month’s supply. In comparison to the leading competitors, Florajen truly has the best value.

Florajen is available at most pharmacies and health food stores as well as on Amazon. Since they are refrigerated for freshness and potency, ask your pharmacist as it is held in the pharmacy refrigerator. It will be your secret weapon for good health and defense against the cold and flu season. Florajen will help to boost your immunity and allow you to rebound faster from illness more quickly. For more information, visit

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