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Save Me From: Hair Treatment and Scalp Therapy with Fenugen Technology

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save me from
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As consumers make their way out their door and into the open space, getting to where they need to in order to fulfill their daily activities, the entire body gets exposed to unwanted toxins. Whether they are found within the air we breathe, accumulated with touch, or a result of our own actions, you name it! Many associate said factors as having a negative impact on skin health, but one’s hair health is an equal victim.

When reaped deep into the hair cuticle, some of the common hair concerns that arise include breakage and split ends, dry, dull, thinning, and rough hair; not to mention a dehydrated and damaged scalp. This is where it is most fit to introduce SAVE ME FROM.

SAVE ME FROM claims to combine science and an Indian, traditional medicinal practice called Ayurveda, in order to promote enhanced hair health. The overall treating, maintaining and protecting of hair is believed to start from the root of all problems.

The following review will look closely at how SAVE ME FROM has approached hair health by looking closely at their purpose and products offered.


SAVE ME FROM claims to rid hair concerns with their science- and Ayurvedic based solutions. Instead of simply focusing on the hair cuticle, the outermost part of the hair shaft, alone, SAVE ME FROM believes that poor hair health is a result of not caring for the tip of the root, the cell membrane, and the cortex and the scalp as well.

In addition to the negative impact pollution in general can have on hair health, styling products, and chemical treatments are just as guilty. Given the different types of exposures present, SAVE ME FROM trusts it best to use fenugreek for healing and bettering of hair health.

Ultimately, SAVE ME FROM is founded on their respective patent-pending Fenugen technology combined with Ayurvedic-loved fenugreek, where the latter is deemed sourced organically in India. Other ingredients found within the line include their Bond Reboot and silk worm proteins, both of which actives caffeine, creatine, and panthenol and aids in hair and scalp improvement respectively.

Let’s take a closer look at how SAVE ME FROM’s goals have been represented via their product line(s).

What does SAVE ME FROM offer?

Hair essentials can be purchased based on the resulted damage, some of which include aging, bleaching, chlorine, hard water, heating tools, UV and sunlight, and pollution to name the slightest fraction. If consumers are uncertain of the damages caused, they can choose their products based on the benefits they are seeking. To explore the benefits associated with SAVE ME FROM, the following analysis will detail features associated with one of their products:

Pollution Assault

The Pollution Assault is believed to be suitable for those experiencing flat, dry, and brittle hair and a stressed scalp. These negative outcomes typically surface due to toxins (i.e. free radicals) released by a car exhaust, smoke or dust.

SAVE ME FROM supposedly conducted a variable versus control study on its uses and found that consumers’ hair health got 78.2% stronger, over 100% more hydrated and promoted an even nourished scalp (18%) to name the least.

The key ingredient responsible for said results, which also target the four aforementioned hair components, is fenugreek. Fenugreek is believed to possess high concentrations of medium and long chain fatty acids, terpenoids, polyphenols, phospholipids, and an array of vitamins. These components are what allows for improved hair health.

In addition to fenugreek, ingredients such as chia (protects hair and scalp from pollutants, while increasing strength and brightness), artichoke leaves (high in antioxidants, which are crucial for creating protective hair layer) and dual rice (resistance built based on amino-acids to create protective layer) were included.

Other products include the Thermal Obsession (Best Seller), Product Overload, Sun + Sweat, Chemical Conflict (Best Seller), and Age Acceleration (Best Seller).

Will consumers finally be SAVED from poor hair health?

Overall, SAVE ME FROM’s approach to hair health is both unique and appropriate. Unique because it is rare to see a hair-focused brand consider the different health aspects of hair and scalp.

Commonly, emphasis is placed on the hair cuticle, but there’s clearly more to the problem and SAVE ME FROM has garnered adequate knowledge prior to getting down and dirty.

As for why it’s appropriate, the latter explains it all. Instead of trying to come up with a temporary solution, targeting said regions could potentially promote a permanent, nutrients-dense solution. It is also quite impressive that studies have been conducted, which reflects SAVE ME FROM’s as a reliable brand.

Another facet that makes SAVE ME FROM attractive is their hair quiz. By answering a couple of questions based on one’s day-to-day activities, and the ways consumers have allowed for damage, SAVE ME FROM offers tips and solutions that may work on an individualistic basis. The latter is so important, as each and every consumer deals with hair concerns differently, with the concern itself being different as well.

Ultimately, consumers could possibly save their hair health with SAVE ME FROM! To learn more about this respective brand’s approach visit their homepage today!

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