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Qunol Turmeric Drink Mix: Instant BioEnhanced Curcumin with Ginger Blend?



Qunol Turmeric Drink Mix
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Turmeric has become one of the most popular substances on the supplement market. Consumers all over the world enjoy turmeric in a variety of different ways. Users eat the substance directly, consumer it by mixing it with existing food, and even mix it into their drinks and coffees. As most companies do, this producer of Turmeric outlines a number of benefits to the ingestion of turmeric on their website.

To start, turmeric can serve as an anti-inflammatory body, fighting against the inflammation that occurs from “physical overexertion.” Additionally, turmeric can help make the joints more comfortable. The important caveat to this information, of course, is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not officially backed turmeric as a form of substantive treatment for inflammation—or any other medical issue, for that matter. The FDA is slow to approve of alternative treatments, so it should come as no surprise to any follower of the supplement industry that the administration has refused to O.K. the supplement as a form of treatment.

Qunol produces an “Instant Drink Mix” using the turmeric plant. The official website for the product lists a number of essential details about both the product and company, as well as the ingredients and manufacturing processes that make the operation unique. Their products are manufactured in a professional, industrial facility with pure forms of turmeric, and their unique manufacturing process makes it possible for users to easily mix turmeric ginger into their favorite food and drink.

About Turmeric

Turmetic is a ginger plant found in many parts of Central America and Asia. The plant was first noted by older cultures thousands of years ago when it was used to dye fabric and season food. But eventually, turmeric gained notoriety as a potential form of natural treatment for inflammation, a common symptom from a variety of problems. According to some scientists, turmeric and turmeric blends can be used to minimize inflammation in the body, bringing about a number of benefits as it does so.

Turmeric typically has its own flavor, as well. This flavor depends largely on the specific strain of the plant, and can vary significantly from strain to strain. However, the anti-inflammatory properties of the plant are attainable through any strain. Qunol researchers believe that curcuminoids are the key ingredient that makes turmeric efficient, exhibiting the anti-inflammatory benefits that users come to appreciate from the plant.

Key Features

The most important feature of the instant drink mix from Qunol is its absorbability. The product is exceedingly absorbent. This is mainly because of the “water dispersion technology” at the center of the mix. This dispersion tech helps to make the powder very absorbable, easily integrating itself into food and drink. According to the official website for Qunol turmeric, the original version of non-absorbable turmeric is not very soluble at all.

Additionally, Qunol offers a “bio-enhanced” formula, which consists of 500 milligrams of the bio-enhanced complex and 50 of pure Ginger. The combined product is packaged in the company’s manufacturing facility, which is noted as following the “Good Manufacturing Practices” mandates, making it among the most respectable manufacturing operations in the supplement industry.

For accessibilities, consumers will be excited to know that Qunol’s mixable turmeric formula is very easy to drink. Each drink only requires around one scoop of the product, with each package coming with many scoops. The turmeric can be mixed into water, juice, or even warmer drinks like coffee or tea. The turmeric come packaged with a “refreshing orange flavor.”

About the Company

The “About Us” page for Qunol primarily focuses on the company’s commitment to creating a highly-absorbable product. Their opening line stresses that, in the competitive supplement industry, consumers should be more concerned with what they absorb than what the supplement necessarily contains. As a consequence, the Qunol turmeric manufacturing process is most interested in making their product’s key ingredients absorbable to the body.

Their unique manufacturing process is marked by the use of the “Qunol Extra Strength Turmeric Curcumin Complex,” which helps to significantly increase the absorption of the turmeric into the body. This quick absorption does not negate the anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric ginger, but only makes it more efficient as the potency of the turmeric is maximized in the body.

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