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PrimoVar: PureLine Nutrition’s Pro-Anabolic Agent for Enhancement



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Fat loss, building muscle, recovering from workouts, immunity, and altering body composition doesn’t come easy. To make this easier, Aaron Garza applied soviet-based technology and ingredients to come up with PrimoVar.

PrimoVar is sold in a 100mg/ per serving capsule and comes with a 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin supplement which uses plant sterol saponin standardized at 90 percent. This implies that users get a high dose of quality Laxogenin (a muscle-building plant-derived supplement) in every capsule.

PrimoVar achieves its results by increasing protein absorption while keeping the levels of Cortisol low. As a result, users can shed more fat, build muscle, and have a lean, defined physique.

Unlike its pharmaceutical counterparts, PrimoVar is 100% natural and therefore does not lead to any side effects.

PrimoVar Benefits

  • Facilitating muscle fullness and tightness while training
  • Enabling fat loss around the waist without having to change the diet
  • Increasing and hardening muscular tissue
  • Increasing strength and offering recovery
  • Helping people gain a noticeable overall lean look
  • Tightening Glutes and hamstrings
  • Offering more muscle strength
  • Hardening and defining the lower body
  • Drastically increasing energy and wellness
  • Improving digestion and food absorption

PrimoVar is Purported Not To:

  • Suppress or decrease natural testosterone levels
  • Increase water retention or estrogen
  • Harm or interfere with any body organs
  • Interfere with other enhancing agents or supplements.
  • Require On or Off cycling to avoid side effects

Is PrimoVar Worth Buying?

If you are looking to reduce body fat, increase your muscle, accelerate recovery from a workout, and increase your energy or wellness, PrimoVar will most likely work for you. However, Garza says that if you are the kind of people who quickly drop body fat and can get defined, lean and shredded in a few weeks after a few diet tweaks, then PrimoVar is not meant for you. PrimoVar suits best people who need some more help in pushing thsrough their “sticking points.”

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