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Fertility Factor 5 Review: An All-Natural Male Infertility Booster



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Are you worn out from years of trying for a baby? Your confidence taking a hit because you can’t give your wife the baby she’s always wanted? Maybe you’ve even started arguing with your wife because of this?

You’re not alone.

Male infertility is a delicate issue to discuss, but it isn’t a rare phenomenon — about one-third of fertility issues in couples can be traced back to men. It can be caused by a range of different reasons like erectile dysfunction, sperm abnormalities, and hormonal imbalances.

Sometimes it isn’t even your fault; you were just cursed with crappy genes. You don’t have to let that stop you though. There are lots of things you can do about this, especially if it concerns sperm abnormalities. You don’t feel ashamed about this anymore!

Fertility Factor 5 is a new male fertility pill that is specifically made to combat sperm abnormalities. The question is, does it live up to its promises?

A Glimpse into Fertility Factor 5

Fertility Factor 5 is geared towards men who have trouble conceiving from sperm abnormalities like low sperm count or sperm development issues.

A self-proclaimed all-natural sperm booster, Fertility Factor 5 boasts 5 main benefits: improved sperm count, shape, volume, motility, as well as enhanced libido. So, if you’re struggling with poorly-formed sperm, low sperm count, or low sexual desires, Fertility Factor 5 might just be your solution.

Ingredients Matter

Many people don’t trust male enhancement supplements because some companies are notorious for including dubious components into their formula.

We don’t blame you. After all, you want to improve your life after taking these products, not get an unexplained rash on your body.

We’re impressed by the refreshingly open and transparent attitude when it comes to their ingredients. All the ingredients are high-quality, backed-up clinical studies, extensively researched, and listed on their site.

As a show of confidence, Leading Edge Health even goes so far as to promise no side effects for their potent formula.

Tongkat Ali

A tree native to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, Tongkat Ali is one of the prime ingredients used in good male fertility products.

Tongkat Ali extract addresses multiple libido issues like erectile dysfunction and low libido by raising your testosterone levels and muscle strength. Besides that, it can also boost sperm motility and sperm volume for those of you who struggle with low semen count.

Other than that, Tongkat Ali can also help relieve stress and fatigue as well as improve your mood. Having this potent extract in your male fertility products not only make fertility easier, but it also spices up the bedroom with more sexual desire.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng, otherwise known as Korean Red Ginseng, a natural sperm booster that has been used to enhance male fertility for centuries.

It is touted as a “tonic” herb that can improve your overall wellness and health. More specifically, Panax Ginseng can increase your sperm count, motility, and quality — all important factors if you want a mini-me.

This powerful herb can also preserve your sperm quality after ejaculation. This would lengthen the survival of your semen after leaving your body, which increases your chances for conception.


You need a good amount of zinc in your body to maintain good sperm health, function, and fertilization. Without the right balance, you might unwittingly create a bad environment in your prostate for your zinc to thrive, which leads to sperm abnormalities.

Most notably, zinc balances out your male hormone levels in your body. This improves the quality of your sperm and increases your sperm count. If zinc deficiency is the cause of your infertility, you’ll get the zinc boost you need from Fertility Factor 5.


Selenium is imperative for sperm function. Not only does it help your sperm grow to a nice size and shape, but it also helps them swim faster — all factors that will help you get the baby you’ve always dreamed of.

Besides that, selenium also builds up your sperm’s resilience towards antioxidants. Sperm cells are just as susceptible to oxidative damage as other cells in your body. This resilience protects your sperm cells against this cellular damage which can lengthen your sperm’s life.


BioPerine, or black pepper extract, is great because it helps your body absorb all the active ingredients of the product. With BioPerine, you reap the maximum benefits of the product since the effects are amplified.

In a study involving white mice, black pepper extract is proven to significantly increase your testosterone level and sperm count. It makes your sperm healthier and more potent, which also make conception easier.


  • A natural blend of effective ingredients
  • Improves sperm quality and volume
  • Enhances libido
  • Backed up by research
  • No adverse side effects, even in the long term
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Relatively new product
  • Only available online

Our Verdict

Fertility Factor 5 exceeds our expectations on all fronts — not a surprise given how thoroughly it was researched before launch.

We place great importance on the ingredients since ingredients make or break the product, especially when it comes to male fertility supplements. Fertility Factor 5 definitely has a winning formula here because of the quality and the seamless synergy between these ingredients.

Besides that, we feel that Fertility Factor 5 stands out for its targeted approach. Unlike most male fertility products on the market that only seemed interested in marketing their products as miracle cures, this product is only interested in solving sperm-related issues.

Because of this, we think it does an excellent job with all the efforts poured into one area of problem instead of spreading itself too thin by trying to solve everything.

Now For The Big Question… Will It Work For Me?

Fertility Factor 5 will absolutely be able to help you get your family started if you’re diagnosed with low sperm motility, reduced sperm count, or poorly-formed sperm with its clinically-proven and effective formula.

As a cherry on top, Leading Edge Health offers a risk-free, money-back guarantee within 60 days if you’re not satisfied with the results.

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