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OmegaQuant: Omega-3 and DHA Tests to Analyze Healthy Fatty Acids



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OmegaQuant is a company that offers index testing for Omega-3, eventually adding DHA testing products as well. The products are available on the official website.

What is OmegaQuant?

Taking care of the body is a process of learning about what it needs and delivering that support adequately. OmegaQuant was developed with these kinds of priorities in mind, helping consumers to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. Presently, the company offers index testing for omega-3s, though they’ve also begun to offer DHA testing for mothers.

About the Omega-3 Index Test

The Omega-3 Index Test allow consumers to get a better idea of their Omega-3. Apart from the foods that consumers eat to get this nutrient, other parts of the body can play a role, like genetics and weight. The test takes a small blood sample with a finger poke, which can be performed at home.

The basic option is available for $49.95, though consumers can also choose Plus ($74.95) or Complete ($99.95).

About the Mom and Baby DHA Test

The Milk DHA Test allows consumers to see how much DHA is in the mother’s breast milk, which is a necessary fatty acid for babies. The user doesn’t have a blood test, and just uses a small sample of breast milk to evaluate the content, though consumers can change the DHA level with small adjustments to the user’s diet.

Consumers can get the Prenatal DHA Test as well, which allows the user to see how much DHA that their body is giving their growing child from within. Consumers can purchase the Mother’s Milk and Prenatal DHA tests separately for $49.95, or they can be purchased in a bundle together for $79.95.

Contacting OmegaQuant

Considering the information about these different products on the website, consumers may want to learn more details about the brand and their formulas. The customer service team can be reached by calling either 1-605-271-6917 or 1-800-949-0632.

OmegaQuant Summary

The tests available through OmegaQuant are not meant to be end-all data that will never change. These tests provide an opportunity for consumers to change the way that they eat and the way that they treat their body, ultimately changing the results over time. These tests can provide helpful details that can shape the user’s future health, and even the health of their offspring, at an affordable price.

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