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Nutrisystem: Fresh Start Diet Analysis Plans and Weight Loss System



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Weight loss is a deeply debated topic, as it requires unveiling several layers. When consumers hear the term “weight loss”, they automatically associate it with dieting, restricting oneself or even starvation. Weight loss is a result that may or may not arise because of one’s lifestyle choices, which again depends on the goal one sets beforehand. Nutrisystem believes that weight loss is an enjoyable process that leaves consumers feeling rewarded.

Might you ask what their approach to weight loss is? As per the claims made, it involves foods consumers love under moderation, while ensuring that satisfaction is achieved. The following review will expound on Nutrisystem’s method by analyzing their goals as a nutritional aid provider, the different types of programs offered, overall affordability and others.

What is Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem has been founded on the mission to help consumers transform their lives both inside and out. With over millions of customers served over the course of 45 years, the team at Nutrisystem claims to offer safe, scientifically-backed and individualized plans to meet one’s weight management goals.

Focused heavily on weight loss, Nutrisystem not only comes with tailored meal plans, but also counselling options from weight loss coaches.

What types of programs does Nutrisystem currently offer?

In general, there are four different plans to choose from. To see how they differ from one another, here’s an overview of each type:

Basic (starting at $10.54/day)

The Basic plan contains a 4-week plan with pre-selected ready-to-go foods. Consumers can choose between picking the meals themselves or retorting to the advice of a chef. A typical day on the plan will require consumers to have breakfast at 7AM, a snack at 10AM, lunch at 12PM, a snack at 4PM, dinner at 7PM and a snack at 9PM.

Core (starting at $11.43/day)

This is the next step up from the Basic plan. What differs here is one’s ability to choose from over 100 different food options, followed by unlimited support from counselors, dietitians and progress-tracking tools.

Uniquely Yours (starting at $12.86/day)

Uniquely Yours offers more in terms of freedom. In addition to the Core plan, consumers will now have access to over 160 different foods to choose from, as well as unlimited frozen meals and snacks. This has since been deemed the top-rated of the four.

Uniquely Yours Plus (starting at $14.29/day)

Deemed the best plan of them all, Ultimately Yours Plus additionally includes four weeks of protein and probiotics-filled shakes.

What makes each plan interesting is that should consumers feel the need to go out and enjoy themselves, Flex meals can be purchased to accommodate one drink or meal. This allows one to more freedom than a typical diet plan, while ensuring that one does not experience a setback.

Other plans include those tailored for men, diabetic patients and vegetarians!

What are the possible outcomes that arise from following Nutrisystem’s plans?

For starters, consumers will be constantly eating! In particular, each meal plan is created to rid one of cravings, which are typically associated with being hungry after meals. This being said, each meal plan allows consumers to eat six times a day.

As previously mentioned, Flex Meals can be enjoyed twice a week, which allows one to indulge in their favorite foods or drinks. Most importantly, each meal is designed to burn fat, while increasing protein and fiber intake for fullness. Equally, all-time favorites like burgers and pasta are considered viable options as well.

What is typically recommended by Nutrisystem?

In general, consumers are expected to start with Nutrisystem’s FreshStart program, where the first week of meals and snacks are said to be tailored in a way that boosts the weight loss process. The weeks after require choosing meals and snacks that continue to help consumers lose weight in a more gradual pace. In between, consumers also have the option of adding flexibility, that is if one chooses to eat out.

Nutrisystem Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, one would have the impression that Nutrisystem approaches weight loss is the most practical and simple manner. Not only do consumers have the option of picking a meal plan that satisfies their individual goals, but they can pick meals they prefer accordingly. A facet that makes Nutrisystem advantageous is their Flex Meals.

Regardless of what meal plan consumers are on, they are bound to have cravings and ensuring that such adjustments can be made makes this respective system much more realistic.

As for the meals, they are typically frozen and delivered to one’s doorstep. Should consumers not be home at the time the food is being delivered, each meal will be packed with dry ice so that it can last 6 to 8 hours upon arrival. This is rarely seen in said type of services and serves as a benefit.

Finally, should none of the plans work, especially for those with specific allergies and needs, Nutrisystem is open to welcoming calls at 1-888-995-3438, to directly speak to a specialist who’ll work on special plans.

For more information on how you could potentially lose 1 to 2 pounds, as claimed by the Nutrisystem team, click here.

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