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Zenith Labs MCT Oil Powder Boost: Lose Weight, Stop Sugar Cravings?



Zenith Labs MCT Oil Powder Boost: Lose Weight, Stop Sugar Cravings?
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MCT Oil Powder Boost is a weight loss supplement that focuses on leptin resistance and correcting the cravings that consumers often have while dieting. The formula includes several other ingredients as well, which are helpful with keeping energy levels high for better metabolism and less fatigue.

What is Zenith Labs MCT Oil Powder Boost?

During any diet, one of the hardest habits to break is that of eating unhealthy foods. Sugar cravings tend to be high with anyone who is dieting, and most people blame the desire to eat this junk food on the changes that they have to make. However, the cravings themselves are not the fault of the individual or even their diet.

The creators behind MCT Oil Powder Boost states that the reason that consumers end up eating more and more has to do with a “hunger hormone” in the body called leptin. Leptin is a hormone that signals to the brain that the body is hungry, leading consumers to eat more and more. When it works correctly, the brain gets the signal to stop eating after they’ve eaten enough to support their energy levels. However, leptin resistance creates a problem.

When the individual has resistance to leptin in their body, their brain doesn’t get the signal that they are full. Most people are unaware of this imbalance, believing that their body is signaling to continue eating because they do not feel full or even satiated. Using the MCT Oil Powder Boost formula can help.

This doctor-formulated remedy is available in a chocolate flavor, and the creators state that the use of medium-chain triglycerides will make the user feel the fullness they need to stop eating so much or so often. By eating less and craving less, the user will automatically consume fewer calories, which means that their body will either have to use stored fat or other nutrients they eat. Most doctors state that the key to losing weight is to create a calorie deficit, and reducing hunger is an excellent start to that process.

Zenith Labs MCT Oil Powder Boost Ingredients

Every single dose of MCT Oil Powder Boost provides users with MCT oil. MCT oil is made up of fats that are commonly found in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and dairy products, though their most common use is in weight loss. This powder works to boost metabolism and improve energy levels, giving the user even more support that can help them work out more effectively.

To gain these benefits, consumers will also get the following ingredients in each of their servings:

  • Niacinamide, which keeps energy levels balanced and high to reduce fatigue
  • Pyridoxine, which helps the body store energy from carbohydrates and protein for longer-lasting performance
  • Folate, which balances the mood and reduces stress
  • Cobalamin, which enhances the effects of folate
  • Taurine, an amino acid that helps to moderate weight loss with better energy balance

It dissolves quickly in liquid, allowing users to make their pre-workout drink while on the way to their local gym. The tub includes a scoop for exact measurements every time, which should be blended into between 6 and 8 ounces of water.

Buying Zenith Labs MCT Oil Powder Boost

The total cost of MCT Oil Powder Boost is $49 for one tub. However, the website is currently giving away two extra containers at no additional charge for anyone that puts in a single-tub order right now. With the already discounted product, customers are saving $188 by purchasing the Boost mix while the sale is going on.

Frequently Asked Questions About MCT Oil Powder Boost

Q: How will consumers feel with the use of MCT Oil Powder Boost?

A: Users should expect to feel less hungry and more energetic. They will also increase their metabolism.

Q: How long will users need to take MCT Oil Powder Boost to get the effects?

A: Most people immediately feel fuller for longer within moments of consuming MCT Oil Powder Boost. However, the company recommends including a healthy diet and a moderate exercise routine to get the best results.

Q: How is MCT Oil Powder Boost meant to be taken?

A: Users can add a scoop of MCT Oil Powder Boost to up to 8 ounces of water to create the chocolate drink. While many people prefer to consume this supplement in the morning, it can be taken at any time of day.

Zenith Labs MCT Oil Powder Boost Summary

MCT Oil Powder Boost is meant for anyone that wants to lose weight and speed up their metabolism. This formula discusses their focus on leptin resistance, targeting a common issue with obesity and food cravings that need to be solved to reduce the weight. This formula is easy to blend, convenient to take along anywhere, and only requires a once-daily serving to get support for the metabolism.

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