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Nugenix Total-T: Is It Really the Most-Advanced Testosterone Booster?

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Nugenix Total-T
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Feeling exhausted, beat up and incapable of doing a lot of the things you used to do? If this is the case, you aren’t alone. Men’s overall wellness relies on a male sex hormone called testosterone. Not only does it contribute to the development of male features, but it also contributes to sperm production, sexual drive and their ability build muscle to name a few.

Unfortunately, with age, the number of total testosterones available decreases. This is where it is best fit to present the Nugenix Total-T. The Total-T is described as a viable solution that promotes more energy, muscle, and drive.

The following review will look closely at how Nugenix has approached testosterone-deficiency. The eager in this respective brand stems from the fact that Nugenix is known for being a number one seller and seven-time award winner in GNC, not to mention their bragging rights as the “2017 Product of the Year”.

What is the Nugenix Total-T?

The Nugenix Total-T is a male health supplement that aims to uplift testosterone presence in consumers over 40 years of age. The formula has allegedly been designed to increase both the presence of “free” and “total” testosterone, which are deemed significant in increasing muscle mass and inducing performance.

As for the chosen ingredients, each were picked based on their ability to help the body produce ATP, a type of cellular fuel, while ensuring that one’s essential nutrients intake has been met. To make complete sense of the potential Total-T has, let’s further investigate the key ingredients.

What Key Ingredients Define the Nugenix Total-T?

The key ingredients include Testofen, ElevATP, Boron and Eurycoma Iongifolia Extract. Each of these ingredients are said to be backed up by scientific research and experimentation. For instance, Testofen has supposedly been proven to increase free and total testosterone in the body given some form of strength training was done.

Next, there is ElevATP, which is the production of aforementioned cellular fuel, which promotes strength, power and performance. Followed by boron, which aids in increasing the presence and strength of free testosterones. Finally, we have Eurycoma Iongifolia Extract, a flowering plant popularly known for treating erectile dysfunction, lack of sex drive, and muscles health to name the least.

Other ingredients include Vitamin B6, Zinc, Vitamin B12 and L-Citrulline Malate.

Why do men need Free Testosterones?

Given the importance to free testosterones in the Nugenix Total-T, the following is what we’ve found regarding it.

Testosterones typically travel through blood in two different ways. Either it attaches itself to two types of proteins called albumin and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), or freely, where the latter implies that the test is not attached to proteins. The total testosterone present in the body is the combination of attached and freely floating tests.

According to the claims made, there are a number of ways to tell if one’s testosterone levels have fallen short. For instance, it is believed that the presence of free testosterone is indicative of how low the levels of attached testosterones are.

Another possible reason why men may witness low test levels is because its production is tied to a hormone called luteinizing hormone (LH). There is an inverse relationship between the two. In other words, as test levels increase, LH levels decrease. Unfortunately, the lower the LH level, the lower the actual production of test.

Why does the Nugenix Total-T formula work to increase free testosterone? The formula is said to work in a way that promotes natural testosterone production. Upon taking each serving of the Total-T, tests that are attached to proteins will then be released so that they can be used by cells that require it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Nugenix Total-T takes a different approach in relieving one from testosterone deficiencies. Instead of fueling the body with tests, this supplement appears to induce existing testosterone, which in turn stimulates production.

What makes this brand reliable is their reliance on scientific evidence and this has gone as far as making a difference in men’s health while also creating recognition for the brand. The latter is suggestive of the repeatability of results, which means that it has potential.

For a limited timeframe, the Nugenix Total-T is being offered as an exclusive sample; only available online within the next 24 to 48 hours. This is a great chance to put the formula to the test before making a complete purchase, as each individual’s level of testosterone varies. In particular, some may see results immediately compared to others, which means that needs require assessment as well. To learn more about the sample trial please visit

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