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Heater Pro X Reviews (2021) – Legit Mini Portable Heater?



Heater Pro X Reviews (2021) - Legit Mini Portable Heater?
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Warming up a room doesn’t always require turning on the entire house’s heating system. There are other ways to do it, and these ways are more cost-effective and more efficient. For example, Heater Pro X could be used, provided the device can indeed deliver what it promises, which it’s very likely to, seeing many people have used it and are satisfied with the way it works. According to the Heater Pro X website, this is the heating device that does just the trick in warming up a room at low costs, either at home or in a hotel, the office, and the gym.

What Makes Heater Pro X Special?

The Heater Pro X’s fan heater is compact, delivering what other heaters out there do. Besides, it’s effortless to use; it just needs to be plugged into the power outlet to start functioning. Furthermore, its temperature can be set at any time. With a LED screen for easy reading, remote control, and a timer to activate the portable heater, users can quickly warm up any room. As soon as it has done that, it will switch itself off, and after on-again, if the temperature in the surroundings has fallen below the set temperature. Here are the features that make the Heater Pro X special:

  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Led Display screen
  • Built-in Timer
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Reliable when it comes to heating surroundings
  • Compact design
  • Portability

As a matter of fact, since it’s very compact, Heater Pro X can be taken anywhere. For example, if someone uses it at home or feels cold while at the office or the gym, they can take this heater to warm up space in these locations. And what’s also great about it is that it can be set to heat only the immediate surrounding area, but not an entire room, if others in the area prefer a lower temperature. Another amazing thing about its compact size is that it can be taken on vacations to warm up hotel rooms in which the temperature can’t be adjusted.

Heater Pro X Tech Specs

When it comes to the tech specs for the Heater Pro X, not much can be said, as the device’s manufacturing company hasn’t given too much information yet. However, here are few things specified on the Heater Pro X official website, as follows:

  • LED screen that displays the temperature
  • It can be hung on a wall
  • Guaranteed power
  • Auto-on and off
  • 12-hour programmable timer
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Remote control
  • Heats up to 250 square feet (equivalent to about 23 square meters)
  • No wires, easy connection to a power outlet, space-saving design
  • The heating works quietly and is barely audible, contrary to the large and loud radiators.
  • Heater Pro X is about the size of a smartphone.

Why Do People Need Heater Pro X?

Heater Pro X is exactly what its name says, a heater for those who prefer added heat during the winter yet don’t want to go broke due to keeping the central heating system on all the time. It’s effortless to use, making it the ideal heating choice for seniors and people who aren’t savvy with technology. Meanwhile, the auto-on and off feature is handy for those working from home and are too busy to remember when they need to turn it on or off. Moreover, Heater Pro X is perfect for not looking to heat the entire house or traveling and not wanting to freeze because there’s no way of adjusting the temperature where accommodation was booked.

Purchasing Heater Pro X

Consumers can buy Heater Pro X from the product’s official website, where it’s currently being offered at the following prices:

  • 1 Heater Pro X for $x
  • 2 x Heater Pro X for $x per unit
  • 3 x Heater Pro X units at $x for each unit
  • 5 x Heater Pro X at the price of $x per unit, so a total of $x

The Heater Pro X warranty can be extended to 1 or 2 years, for $9.95 and $5.95, respectively. Unsatisfied customers can return their Heater Pro X unit(s) for a full refund within 14 days from the date of purchase. However, products returned need to be undamaged and in their original, unopened package, which means they have to be sent back unused to qualify for a refund. Heater Pro X customer service can be contacted by phone, hours of operation are not provided, from Monday to Friday, at the following phone numbers or email:

  • Email:
  • English: +34 936 06 10 53
  • Spanish:+34 936 06 10 53
  • French: +34 936 06 10 53

To learn more about the Heater Pro X, visit the official website, here.

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