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Freeze2Trim Fat-Freezing System: At-Home Cryolipolysis Weight Loss?

Deborah Killion



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The struggle to lose weight has stood the test of time. Consumers have tried to regulate their weight for hundreds of years, and a multitude of strategies have been developed to aid in the weight loss efforts of users. While modern medicine primarily focuses on the reduction of caloric intake as the primary impetus of weight loss, alternative technologies continue to be developed and released to help users lose weight and feel their best.

But not all weight loss solutions are created equal. With any weight loss technology, consumers should combine their usage with both proper exercise and diet in order to maximize their progress.

Freeze2Trim is a system that consumers can use in the privacy of their own home to freeze away stubborn fat and slim down without having to take a supplement, visit a doctor, or even add an exercise or workout regime to their daily routine. However, we advise that consumers nevertheless add exercise and diet to their routine to maximize their results.

What is Freeze2Trim?

Slimming down and losing the weight is no easy task, and long-term results ordinarily require a long-term commitment. There are many diets and workout regimens advertised today, bringing with them a certain requirements of self deprivation. Unfortunately, these methods of weight loss are often doomed to fail, because they rely on continued perseverance. A supplement or even a workout plan may come with certain commitments. But Freeze2Trim gives the users results in just a few weeks of unique use.

All Freeze2Trim products are made from high quality neoprene and suede wraps and include Dual Targeting Layered Gel Packs made with medical-grade materials. The product  is comfy and easily shape to areas of the user's body, as well.

According to the official product website:

“Compression wraps give you the optimal temperatures needed to start the journey with confidence. The FREEZE2TRIM System gives you gel cold packs that are specially formulated to reach a certain and ideal temperature that is ideal for appearing slimmer.”

Freeze2Trim pushes the body to lose weight, reducing the fat cells with an exclusive freezing process that can be done in the comfort of the user’s home. While the body loses weight, and fat this process also helps the body to burn more energy, inherently causing the metabolism to burn even more fat from areas that aren’t necessarily the main target in the treatment. Per the official website the basic steps to using the Freeze2trim seem relatively simple and easy.

How It Works

The key to getting results with Freeze2Trim is cryolipolysis, which is a non-surgical method of slimming the body. There’s no incision or liposuction required, and the users get everything they need in a simple kit. The official website lays out the following steps to their patented cyrolipolysis process:

  • “Step 1- Even though we are all guilty of not reading guides and instructions, be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before using the Freeze2Trim.
  • Step 2- Place your Freeze2Trim on parts of the body that you want to target to obtain the best results. Use the frequency and timing on the guidelines that come with the products instructions.
  • Step 3- Gently rub and massage the targeted area that you are placing the Freeze2Trim on beforehand for two to three minutes.
  • Step 4- Apply the Freeze2Trim in the area you massaged and relax as you begin the fat loss process.”

With multiple cold packs, users target specific areas where they want to lose weight, causing the fat cells to slowly crystallize. Once crystallized, the permanent damage to the fat has already been done, and the body automatically flushes out the damaged fat. Over time, this process reduces fat cells and causes weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions About Freeze2Trim

Just like with all new technologies meant for weight loss, Freeze2Trim raises many questions. Consumers should do their own research before purchasing this product, but this section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Freeze2Trim.

Q: What does Freeze2Trim do?

A: Freeze2Trim freezes fat cells to reduce weight and slim down the waistline, along with the arms and legs. The precise science behind Freeze2Trim is relatively contested by consumers and researchers, but the basic premise is simple. The device freezes and destroys fat cells, leading to more effective weight loss.

Q: How does Freeze2Trim cause weight loss?

A: Cold compacts are placed on targeted areas of the body for 60 minutes per session, slowly breaking down fat with Cryolipolysis. For maximum results, we advise that consumers work to improve their lifestyle, optimizing diet and exercise along with their use of this product.

Q: How often should Freeze2Trim be used?

A: The system should be used 8 to 10 times over the course of a few weeks to see results. As always you should schedule an appointment with your own physician before using or beginning a new weight loss regimen. Additionally, consumers should use the technology continuously in order to maximize their results.

Q: How do you use Freeze2Trim?

A: Refer to the included instructions with the kit to ensure that you use the product correctly. Because the original product website is scarce on usage information and instructions, it's difficult to provide instructions without access to the product directly.

Q: Where can you purchase Freeze2Trim?

A: Right now, the only way to purchase the Freeze2Trim is through the official website. No third parties are presently authorized to sell this product, although we anticipate that major retailers like Amazon and eBay will eventually begin to list Freeze2Trim on their own websites.

Q: Should you still diet and exercise while using Freeze2Trim?

A: Consumers may see faster results if used with regular exercise and a sensible diet. According to the product website, consumers don't need to use diet and exercise while they take advantage of the Freeze2Trim technology. However, users can always maximize results by combining the product with proper lifestyle choices.

Q: How effective are Cryolipolysis products?

A: They are successful at removing stubborn areas of fat from the body, and but have fewer side effects than surgical procedures, such as liposuction. Cryolipolysis products and procedures will not work for everyone, so be sure to consult your physician to ensure that the process will be right for you.

Q: Are at home Cryolipolysis products safe to use?

A:  The risks are very few and almost rare. There's no damage to the user's liver and the side effects are said to be modest and disappear after a brief amount of time. If you have any concerns, consult directly with your physician to make sure no underlying health problem is manifesting.

Any other questions can be directed to the customer service team.

Purchasing Freeze2Trim

For customers that want to see what Freeze2Trim offers, there are three packages to choose from. All of the packages include the torso band, measuring tape, and timer, but they vary in the arm/leg bands and gel cold packs.

Choose from the 3 separate packages Silver, Gold and the VIP:

  • Silver Package ($149.99). Includes three gel cold packs but no arm/leg bands.
  • Gold Package ($189.99). Includes Three gel cold packs and one arm/leg band.
  • VIP Platinum Package ($249.99). Includes Six gel cold packs and Two arm/leg bands.

For additional protection, the customer can purchase a one-year warranty for an additional $29.99. Plus, adding a warranty instantly qualifies the customer for expedited shipping at no additional cost.

Contacting Customer Service

Even though the website offers a lot of information about this product, consumers may be left with other questions that they want to address with their purchase. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling 1-877-895-1477. For consumers who are not satisfied with their purchase, and would like to return the Freeze2Trim for a refund, will be asked to return the product in the original packaging and must pay for the return shipping costs. Freeze2Trim offers a 100% guarantee, or your money back, but needs to be within 30 days of purchase.

Final Thoughts

Freeze2Trim is meant for anyone that wants to lose fat and weight from specific areas of the body in a simple and easy way. The process takes about an hour to use each time, and the kit makes it possible for consumers to target certain areas of their body, instead of trying to lose weight through lifestyle changes. Consumers that may find this to be appealing include women who have recently had a child, or adults who may have certain stubborn fat, or individuals that want to simply get in shape and increase their self-confidence.

We always advise consumers to consult their physician before using any new weight loss technology, and to immediately cease use if they experience any serious side effects as a result of these technologies.

To learn more, watch the company’s promotional video on this process:

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