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Dermacell Fat Burner: Total Body Weight Loss with Ultrasound Thermotherapy



Dermacell Fat Burner:
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The Dermacell Fat Burner uses infrared and ultrasound technology to help people who are overweight shed excess weight while only using minimal effort. In other words, just by using this device, overweight individuals can easily become slimmer.

This is because infrared and ultrasound technology is very effective at melting fat from certain areas of the body. It’s trusted by scientists and has been used for many years to help people deal with their unwanted weight. The Dermacell Fat Burner brings this ultrasound and infrared technology to everyone. While only rich and famous people have had access to it until now, this device comes to help everyone look like those celebrities from the covers of magazines, in only three weeks.

How Does the Dermacell Fat Burner Work?

As mentioned earlier, the Dermacell Fat Burner claims to use infrared and ultrasound technology to burn fat from the areas of the body on which it is used. It should be applied for 30 minutes every day on the areas that need fat to be burned. It comes with all the necessary body and face gels that are required for it to do the job. Not to mention it’s being sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning those who aren’t happy with the way it works can return it for a complete refund in the first 30 days after they’ve made their purchase.

What Makes the Dermacell Fat Burner So Special?

The Dermacell Fat Burner is one of the most unique and special products of its kind because it does its job of slimming down the body very rapidly. Besides, it also claims it can be used to target and treat any chronic pain or ache. Infrared and heat therapies are known to make the skin tighter too.

Apart from this, they also improve blood circulation, which, in return, can lead to weight loss. The infrared technology is as well famous for powering up the body’s enzymes and having the metabolism working faster, two processes that promote and accelerate weight loss.

Dermacell Fat Burner Features

People appreciate the Dermacell Fat Burner for its features, such as:

  • Portable and ergonomic design that has it easy to carry around anywhere
  • Not causing any pain, even when used for prolonged periods
  • Being easy to use, as it only needs to have its ON/OFF button pressed depending on what it has to do
  • Having five levels of intensity that burn fat either slower or more rapidly
  • Combining both infrared and ultrasound technologies to offer a natural and healthy weight loss
  • Having a design that also ensures effectiveness
  • Being able to reduce cellulite and make the skin look healthier tremendously
  • Coming with electrode patches that are very efficient when having to get rid of any kind of pain
  • Having the skin looking smoother and being stronger
  • Being available with a charger and not having to be recharged too often

Dermacell Fat Burner Pros and Cons

Just like any other product, regardless of category and use, the Dermacell Fat Burner has its Pros and Cons.


  • Has multiple uses, so it can be used for weight loss, reducing cellulite, addressing acute pain and tightening the skin
  • A design that allows the targeting of all body’s areas
  • Results appearing as fast as two weeks after the first use


  • It can be confusing to choose the right product as many similar ones are available on the market
  • No videos on how it should be used, though it comes with instructions
  • Long-term results take a while to appear
  • The gels for it need to be bought separately
  • Contact information isn't readily available
  • Privacy Policy mentions a different product

What Do People Have to Say About the Dermacell Fat Burner?

Many people who have used the Dermacell Fat Burner have only good things to say about this device. In other words, the reviews for it are mostly positive, so there’s no need to doubt the efficacity of this fat burner. What’s also interesting about many reviews on it is that they say the device works well against wrinkles too. Some other customers appreciate the Dermacell Fat Burner for being of high-quality and delivering rapid weight loss results.

The Dermacell product is available as a 30-day trial, meaning you can try it and if it doesn't work for you, return it within the 30-day window. Taking a look at the policy page, you will find references to “Dental Whitening Kit” which could have been copied from another site. So be sure to contact them to make you are buying a legit product. The return address lists: Rue de la Grotte 6, c/o DYN SA – 1003 Lausanne which seems to be tied to a number of different online businesses.

If you have questions about an order or the products in general, you can contact them via their online form here:

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