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Brain Fast Supplements Mind Power: Nootropic Coffee Amplifier

TimesofHealth Team



Looking to uplift your focus and energy levels, while having a sense of mental clarity? While fish is deemed a great brain food, with the rise in pollution, it may be best to retort to nootropics. This is where it is most fit to introduce Brain Fast Supplements.

Brain Fast Supplements is supposedly founded on extensive research and tests applied to ensure that consumers have an apt nootropic supplement that enhances their brain and cognitive health. Such beliefs and practicality have been enforced into its respective product, “Mind Power”.

Here’s a brief overview of what consumers can expect of Brain Fast Supplements’ Mind Power.

What is Mind Power?

The formula behind Mind Power, a nootropic supplement, is said to induce not only one’s focus and energy level, but also one’s ability to retain information, boost one’s performance, and increase reflexes.

What makes this supplement unique is the inclusion of vitamins and antioxidants. Existing studies have concluded that antioxidants and brain health are correlated. As the former increases, the latter improves as well. This is mostly due to its ability to eliminate free radical damage, which attacks brain cells and leads to unwanted symptoms, such as memory loss.

What ingredients went into making the Mind Power?

Some of the ingredients that carry a combination of antioxidants and vitamins include Organic Coconut Water (rapid hydration and increased electrolytes), Organic Cacao (increases blood flow), Sunflower Seed (vitamin B-rich for improved mood and mental processing), Ginseng (energy-boosting), Bacopa Leaf (mood and brain-boosting function) and Toothed Club Moss (improved memory, learning and mood).

Other ingredients include Phenylalanine, Vitamin B12, Ginkgo Biloba, Phosphatidylserine, Vitamin B9, Sodium Chloride, and Guar Gum.

Mind Power Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, Brain Fast Supplements appears to approach nootropics by focusing on ingredients proven to stimulate brain activity on a cellular level. With the addition of antioxidants, consumers can be reassured, as they protect brain cells from unwanted damage. Vitamins B also play a crucial role, as they focus on the overall function of brain cells.

To make the most out of Mind Power, consumers have been advised to mix it in coffee or one’s preferred beverage. This being said, each container has 30 servings and is currently priced at roughly $49.99. The price is fair considering the ingredients used, as all revolve around the need for antioxidants and vitamins B. To learn more visit

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Reviva Brain: Advanced Cognitive Enhancer with Clinical Proof?




Reviva Brain

Reviva Brain is a supplement that offers nootropic benefits, increasing the performance of the brain. The formula is only available from the official website and can be purchased with a trial offer before enrolling in a subscription.

What is Reviva Brain?

Aging impacts the body in a unique way, reducing hormones and causing wrinkles. However, the brain goes through changes as well, and it needs just as much nourishment to keep a sharp mind and good memory. One of the latest formulas to enter the market with the health of the brain as their focus is Reviva Brain.

According to the website, this formula:

  • Speeds up thinking processes
  • Improves the memory
  • Increases cognition
  • Enhances focus
  • Improves mental energy
  • Reduces fatigue

The company refers to Reviva Brain as the “genius pill,” adding that the user will be able to maintain a mental edge over others during job interviews, school, and work, while reducing their stress. With the included ingredients, the remedy should be able to increase blood flow and oxygenation to the brain, providing improved clarity.

At this time, there are no details on exactly what ingredients are included in Reviva Brain.

Pricing for Reviva Brain

Rather than requiring the customer to pay for their product in full upfront, the company offers a trial that costs nothing originally. However, after passing the trial period, which is 14 days long, the user will be charged the full cost of the product, which is $102.95.

The user will continue to be charged this price each month with the receipt of a new bottle. To cancel, the user will need to speak with customer service.

Contacting the Creators of Reviva Brain

Despite plentiful information being available online, consumers may find that they have other inquiries that they would like to address. The customer service team is available on weekdays from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST by calling 844-265-2200.

The customer service team can also be reached with an email to

Reviva Brain Summary

Reviva Brain could be potentially helpful for adults of all ages, enhancing their ability to focus and retain memories. The formula doesn’t create the crash that an energy drink would, but it also helps the user maintain balanced mental energy. With a trial offer to get started, this product makes many promises that will hopefully be fulfilled within the first month of use.

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Noo Nectar: Natural Nootropic Ingredients for Daily Brain Nutrition?

TimesofHealth Team



Noo Nectar: Natural Nootropic Ingredients for Daily Brain Nutrition?

Noo Nectar is a health supplement that provides vital building blocks that the brain needs to help it operate optimally. The same way your body needs the right nutrition to function at its best, so does your brain. Therefore, you need to provide this essential organ with the right ingredients in order to enhance your daily performance and ultimately unleash your potential.

The following are the features of Noo Nectar:

  • More than 20 brain nourishing ingredients
  • Enhances brain power
  • Optimizes 4 key productivity neurotransmitters in the brain
  • It’s easy to use—just a daily drinkable shot
  • Functional intelligence
  • Delivers up to 12 hours of natural energy without jitters or crash

Noo Nectar Ingredients

The ingredients in Noo Nectar were thoughtfully selected according to optimal productivity and performance principles. The aim is to provide your brain with the building blocks to optimize its key productivity neurotransmitters. Besides, Noo Nectar is capable of reaching and being used by your brain quickly and efficiently. It’s approved by the latest and most up to date neuroscience and research. Importantly, it contains no caffeine, stimulants, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners.

Improves Brain’s 4 Productivity Neurotransmitters

The human brain has 4 main productivity neurotransmitters. The Noo Stack contains ingredients—also known as “pre-cursors” that function together to nourish your brain and support the production and optimization of brain’s 4 key Neurotransmitters.

  • Dopamine: responsible for mood, energy, and productivity
  • Acetylcholine: deals with focus, memory retrieval, and neural communication
  • Epinephrine: Deals with energy, power, and alertness
  • Norepinephrine: Deals with awareness, memory formation, and concentration

Importantly, the Noo Stack is easy to use, available in a daily drinkable shot. The product has no complicated instructions so you don’t have to set yourself a reminder or interrupt your morning or afternoon to take a second serving. The recommended dose is simply one shot daily when you wake up. One drinkable shot per day provides all the benefits of the right brain nourishing ingredients—all day long.

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Kin Euphorics: Non-Alcoholic Ready to Drink Nootropic Beverage

TimesofHealth Team



kin euphorics

Euphorics are created from a stack of balancing adaptogens (herbs that help manage stress), replenishing nootropics (compounds that support cognition,) and nourishing botanics. The only ingredient missing from euphorics is you—which has just as much influence on the effects of euphorics as what is inside the bottle.

Kin seeks to help you enjoy a night where social isn’t sinful and self-care doesn’t stop at sunset. Euphorics are an adult beverage made from nourishing nootropics, balancing adaptogens, and replenishing botanics that opens the mind, calms the body, and connects the spirit.

Kin Euphorics Effects on the Body

The ingredients in Euphorics work together to give our body what it needs to replenish its dopamine, serotonin, and GABA supplies—neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for helping us feel relaxed, open, curious, and connected. The following are two main brands of Kin Euphorics:

Kin Spiritz

This ready-to-drink soft drink offers all bliss, no booze in a sparkling euphoric pre-mixed with fresh fruits such as citrus, hibiscus, and ginger. It’s easy—just grab and flow. Take it where you find yourself in summer. Price starts at $27 for a four-pack.

High Rhode

This brand is flexible, allowing you to create your way by adding mixers to taste. Simply shake, mix, and serve. High Rhode gives you all bliss and no booze in an herbaceous euphoric that is designed for mixing. For best effects, sip socially. Price starts at $39 for a bottle.

Code of KIN

KIN aims to change the way humankind connect after dark. Since they can’t do all alone, KIN invites all creators to rise into the night and take back the morning afters. Anyone with a brain is a creator and the future of revelry lies with KIN.

Rise into the night—wisely

The word ‘Euphoria’ is derived from the Greek word ‘euphoros,’ which literally means ‘bearing well.’ The word was used in the 1700s to describe a state of well-being when illness was the norm. KIN honors its origins with euphorics that brings today’s stressed out world back into balance.

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