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Vitality Now Youthful Brain: Dr. Sam’s Clear Mind Nootropic Formula

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vitality now youthful brain

The brain plays a significant role in our actions and reactions, our ability to express our opinions and contributes to our ability to learn and recall information while creating memories that fuel life in us. Unfortunately, with time, its full form deteriorates, leaving consumers with anything between mild memory loss to dementia.

Vitality Now is supposedly on a mission to provide consumers with all-natural formulas that support the overall body; whether this is physically or deep-rooted such as cells and organs. Formulated by Dr. Sam Walters, Vitality Now introduces Youthful Brain.

According to the claims made, “Youthful Brain does for your brain what silver polish does for an old dirty piece of silver!” What does this mean and how can consumers take advantage of it? Here’s a review on Youthful Brain:

What is Youthful Brain?

Youthful Brain is described as a nootropic, dietary supplement that rids one of the concerns such as poor concentration and focus levels, and inability to learn and recall information caused by aging and oxidation.

What is deemed effective about Youthful Brain?

The fact that Youthful Brain carries scientifically proven and delivered ingredients is what gives the dietary supplement its competitive edge. The supplement has been designed to house Vitamin B12 (1000mcg) followed by the Clear Mind Formula (280mg).

Vitamin B12 is important for brain health as it contributes to its overall functioning and development. Some of its crucial duties include maximizing nerve cells, producing protective components (i.e. myelin sheaths), ensuring blood cells are healthy, and possibly stimulating one’s mood.

As for the Clear Mind formula, it includes

  • Bacopa Monnieri may boost brain function, while ridding ADHD symptoms with its rich antioxidants profile
  • Ginkgo Biloba stimulates blood circulation for improved cognitive function and serves as a protector against neuron damage
  • Huperzine A improves neurotransmitter levels in the brain, while potentially improving memory and protecting nerve cells

How should Youthful Brain be incorporated?

For optimal use, consumers have been advised to take two tablets a day. That said, it is ideal to consult a health profession prior to its uses, especially for pregnant and nursing individuals as well as those who are taking medications at the moment.

Vitality Now Youthful Brain Final thoughts

Addressing brain health earlier on is important, as it will allow consumers to understand what they are dealing with and whether a viable solution exists. Since the brain highly relies on oxygen and lipids, it is vulnerable to oxidative stress, which can negatively affect the central nervous system.

That said, the analysis above shows Youthful Brain’s ability to potentially replenish one’s brain, as the chosen ingredients do not simply work by touching up the effects, but rather work in repairing the causes. Its antioxidants rich profile is what seems to make a different in terms of the internal parts of the brain and their functioning.

Most importantly, Dr Sam Walters’ naturopath experience, over 48 years of practice and involvement with NASA gives this supplement some reliability, which may increase consumers’ confidence. For more information about Vitality Now check out their webpage @

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Kin Euphorics: Non-Alcoholic Ready to Drink Nootropic Beverage

TimesofHealth Team



kin euphorics

Euphorics are created from a stack of balancing adaptogens (herbs that help manage stress), replenishing nootropics (compounds that support cognition,) and nourishing botanics. The only ingredient missing from euphorics is you—which has just as much influence on the effects of euphorics as what is inside the bottle.

Kin seeks to help you enjoy a night where social isn’t sinful and self-care doesn’t stop at sunset. Euphorics are an adult beverage made from nourishing nootropics, balancing adaptogens, and replenishing botanics that opens the mind, calms the body, and connects the spirit.

Kin Euphorics Effects on the Body

The ingredients in Euphorics work together to give our body what it needs to replenish its dopamine, serotonin, and GABA supplies—neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for helping us feel relaxed, open, curious, and connected. The following are two main brands of Kin Euphorics:

Kin Spiritz

This ready-to-drink soft drink offers all bliss, no booze in a sparkling euphoric pre-mixed with fresh fruits such as citrus, hibiscus, and ginger. It’s easy—just grab and flow. Take it where you find yourself in summer. Price starts at $27 for a four-pack.

High Rhode

This brand is flexible, allowing you to create your way by adding mixers to taste. Simply shake, mix, and serve. High Rhode gives you all bliss and no booze in an herbaceous euphoric that is designed for mixing. For best effects, sip socially. Price starts at $39 for a bottle.

Code of KIN

KIN aims to change the way humankind connect after dark. Since they can’t do all alone, KIN invites all creators to rise into the night and take back the morning afters. Anyone with a brain is a creator and the future of revelry lies with KIN.

Rise into the night—wisely

The word ‘Euphoria’ is derived from the Greek word ‘euphoros,’ which literally means ‘bearing well.’ The word was used in the 1700s to describe a state of well-being when illness was the norm. KIN honors its origins with euphorics that brings today’s stressed out world back into balance.

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BrainGear: Nootropic Brain Nutrition Drink for Focus, Clarity and Memory?

TimesofHealth Team




BrainGear is a supplement that helps consumers with their memory retention and focus, using 13 nutrients that are classically used for brain wellness. The product can be purchased directly from the official website as a one-time transaction or a subscription.

What is BrainGear?

Just like any other part of the body, the brain needs to be nourished. Nootropic formulas are starting to become more popular, but BrainGear chose to include necessary nutrients that have been proven to improve the health of the brain, instead of just increasing energy.

With the use of BrainGear, consumers can expect to:

  • Improve neurotransmitter development for increased sharpness
  • Balance the mood for a more positive stress response
  • Maintain healthy neurons for better memory retention
  • Increase production of serotonin and melatonin for better sleep

The full expect can be expected after about four weeks, but the benefits will continue for as long as the consumer keeps drinking the formula.

Purchasing BrainGear

The total cost of BrainGear will largely depend on how much of the product that the user wants at once. The one-time purchase of three units, which is the lowest amount that can be ordered at once, is $10.99, though consumers can place an order of 12 ($39.48), 24 ($78.96), or 48 units ($148.32) as well.

Consumers that want to make a purchase with a subscription can purchase 18 ($58.50), 24 ($77.00), or 30 units ($93.00) at a time. Consumers that don’t get the desired effects can get a full refund within 30 days of the ship date.

Contacting the Creators of BrainGear

Consumers that want to learn more can speak to the customer service team via email, sending their messages to

BrainGear Review Summary

BrainGear can be used by any consumer that wants to nourish their brain but want the power that nootropics offer. With vitamins and minerals, consumers can simply drink the formula daily to get the desired effects. The liquid format makes it easier to absorb in the body than a pill, and the individual units mean no measuring is necessary.

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Neurohacker Eternus: Anti-Aging Cellular Energy Health Benefits




neurohacker collectives eternus

When it comes to attaining optimal health, many fail to realize that it all depends on one’s cell health. Cells are the basic structures of every living organisms, including animals, plants, and bacteria among other. It’s cells that carry out the necessary tasks that enhance the different organs in the body.

In order to defeat health concerns, one must think cellular health, and this is where Neurohacker Collective comes into play. Founded in 2015, the firm’s aim has always been to provide products that are based on scientific findings and provide support to the body’s self-regulating and healing mechanisms.

The following review will analyze how Neurohacker Collective’s goals have been replicated in their essential called Eternus. Factors including its purpose, and overall functioning will be detailed.

What is Neurohacker Collective’s Eternus?

Eternus is a dietary supplement that aims to support the body’s cell’s energy. Given the crucial role cells play, it has been argued that targeting cell health and stimulating it to produce energy is an evident step. In doing so, it can better one’s sleep and training capacities, reduce stress and increase one’s energy levels. Most importantly, it has been formulated to prolong the effects of aging.

How Does Eternus Work?

So, how can consumers contribute to their cell function and ensure that they continuously work in producing energy?

Eternus supposedly carries 38 different ingredients that support cellular energy. It ensures that one’s tissues work at an optimal rate, which in turn is the deciding factor in relation to one’s bodily performance.

The aforementioned starts with focusing on ways to better ATP and NAD+ and many others. The Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecule is the primary energy carrier for cells. Energy metabolized from the foods consumed are stored in the form of ATP, and when cells seek energy, ATP gets broken down and supplied.

NAD+, also referred to as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a type of coenzyme found in every cell. It plays a similar role to that of ATP. More specifically, it works in taking energy from food and delivering it to the different cell functions.

In addition to the previous two aspects of cells, the body’s sensitivity level to insulin (hormone that regulates blood sugar) is also targeted. By improving this sensitivity, the body is less likely to experience diseases of any sort.

Some of the extracts that make this a possibility come from ingredients like fruits, vegetables and herbs that have been highly appreciated in ancient and herbal medicines.

Neurohacker Eternus Review Summary

Overall, Neurohacker Collective’s approach to better aging is what gives them a competitive edge. As opposed to providing a temporary solution that is applied topically, every serving of the Eternus works to fix the lack of energy transfer within cells, which is deemed the number one cause of health concerns.

With amplified emphasis on scientific research, 38 different whole foods that have been around in the times of our ancestors have been selected, which goes to show their reliance on what nature has to offer. Finally, what makes this supplement of surreal value is its ability to support different areas of health. This is rarely the case as most competitors create a single solution for one problem.

To learn more about cellular functioning and Neurohacker Collective’s retrospect, visit them at

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