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BrainGear: Nootropic Brain Nutrition Drink for Focus, Clarity and Memory?

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BrainGear is a supplement that helps consumers with their memory retention and focus, using 13 nutrients that are classically used for brain wellness. The product can be purchased directly from the official website as a one-time transaction or a subscription.

What is BrainGear?

Just like any other part of the body, the brain needs to be nourished. Nootropic formulas are starting to become more popular, but BrainGear chose to include necessary nutrients that have been proven to improve the health of the brain, instead of just increasing energy.

With the use of BrainGear, consumers can expect to:

  • Improve neurotransmitter development for increased sharpness
  • Balance the mood for a more positive stress response
  • Maintain healthy neurons for better memory retention
  • Increase production of serotonin and melatonin for better sleep

The full expect can be expected after about four weeks, but the benefits will continue for as long as the consumer keeps drinking the formula.

Purchasing BrainGear

The total cost of BrainGear will largely depend on how much of the product that the user wants at once. The one-time purchase of three units, which is the lowest amount that can be ordered at once, is $10.99, though consumers can place an order of 12 ($39.48), 24 ($78.96), or 48 units ($148.32) as well.

Consumers that want to make a purchase with a subscription can purchase 18 ($58.50), 24 ($77.00), or 30 units ($93.00) at a time. Consumers that don’t get the desired effects can get a full refund within 30 days of the ship date.

Contacting the Creators of BrainGear

Consumers that want to learn more can speak to the customer service team via email, sending their messages to [email protected]

BrainGear Review Summary

BrainGear can be used by any consumer that wants to nourish their brain but want the power that nootropics offer. With vitamins and minerals, consumers can simply drink the formula daily to get the desired effects. The liquid format makes it easier to absorb in the body than a pill, and the individual units mean no measuring is necessary.

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