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ActivatedYou Morning Complete: Daily Wellness Drink with Probiotics and Green Superfoods



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As the supplement industry continues to grow and expand, comprehensive nutritional plans have become an expectation for many consumers. Modern alternative medicine experts have begun to understand that treating the body without informing the mind is an ineffective way to improve upon the human form. Instead, companies gaining exposure in the modern era must provide users with not only a product, but a sense of understanding and community.

At least, this concept seems to sit at the core of the ActivatedYou philosophy. The company claims to approach health issues “right from the source,” responding to issues of “mind, body, and spirit” in order to help their customers live their “healthiest, happiest life.” The company generates their own formulas, providing a number of different supplement used to help achieve multiple dietary, nutritional, and fitness ends for their users. This review has been created to provide readers with a baseline of knowledge into the ActivatedYou company, the products they offer, and the most important aspects of their offerings.

However, users are ultimately responsible for their own health. The statements made both on the ActivatedYou website and on this review have not been backed by the Food and Drug Administration, and information can change and shift with time. Readers should conduct their own research before purchasing any nutritional or supplemental product.

About the Company

Just like it was explained in the previous section, ActivatedYou seems most interested in establishing an operating philosophy to govern every aspect of their operation—from creation to distribution and marketing. They offer sustainability in their packaging and manufacturing process, which should be a big selling point for consumers who are concerned about the environment when making their purchases. The company even uses sustainable, low-energy lightbulbs in their offices, marking a clear commitment to protecting the environment.

Additionally, ActivatedYou offers a customer satisfaction promise which extends to ninety days. If a consumer purchases a product from ActivatedYou and is not satisfied, they are able to return the product for their money back within ninety days. This exceeds industry standards, where some companies don’t even accept returns of these consumable products. The satisfaction promise is an exciting and positive point, but it does not cover shipping and handling charges, which are incurred by the buyer.

ActivatedYou Products

The main product being sold by this company as of writing is the “Morning Complete Daily Wellness Drink.” The product is formulated to “fortify your body” with essential nutrients. These nutrients included in the patented ActivatedYou formula include probiotics, superfoods, and prebiotics. Flavored to taste like Apple Cinnamon, the product has won generally favorable reviews from its customers. The formula comes in a powder, which can be dissolved easily into the user’s favorite early morning drink.

A number of potential benefits are cited on the website for the Morning Wellness drink. Namely, the formula can help users to boost digestive health, increase energy, and boost overall bodily functionality. As of writing, the formula is being sold on the ActivatedYou website for $79/jar, with discounts for users purchasing multiple jars of the product.

Morning Wellness Drink Ingredients

The ingredients included in this product are important to the functionality of the drink. This particular supplemental drink includes eight unique support blends: green superfood blends, metabolic blends, cellular and liver function blends, prebiotic blends, adaptogen blends, antioxidant blends, and probiotic blends. However, there are a few additional ingredients included within the blend, which are detailed in-full on the website for Morning Complete.

Nutritional Considerations

As always, users need to understand that the Morning Wellness blends have not been vetted fully by the Food and Drug Administration. As a result, it is always necessary for readers to research and read about the product’s chemical makeup before making a purchase—and certainly before introducing the product to their nutritional regimen.

However, it appears from our research that the Morning Wellness drink is a functional blend created by a company with a history of experience in the supplement industry. While the effectiveness of each individual ingredient in the blend is a complicated issue that users need to dive into for themselves, readers can be assured that the company manufacturing the product sets off very few red flags that would cause us to mistrust them or their product. The money-back guarantee, the ready availability of contact information and ingredient lists, and the general amount of effort put into the website lend a sense of legitimacy to this product.

Consumers should approach the product cautiously, but many users might want to give it a shot to experience the potential benefits of Morning Wellness.

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Disclaimer: Please understand that any news, guides or reviews found here are not a worthy substitute for medical advice. It is extremely wise to consult with a licensed healthcare professional or physician before adding any new health product or program to your routine. No supplements or services here are intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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