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Tru Niagen: Vitamin B3 NAD (Nicotinamide Riboside) Supplement to Age Better?

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As the body ages, a number of unpleasant changes mark the transition into the later years of life. Unfortunately, one of the effects of this natural aging process is that humans begin to lose much of their energy. By the time we reach the age of sixty, our ability to do the most basic physical activities begin to degrade significantly. Preventing this loss of energy is seen by many scientists as one way that humans can reclaim old age, becoming excited for these “golden years—” rather than fearful of what age might bring.

According to some nutritionists, a chemical called ‘NAD’ is essential to energy production within the body. Coincidentally, this compound begins to leave the body rapidly as we age. Some estimates hold that the average person will lose around 50% of the NAD in their body when they enter the age range of 40 to 60. This discovery might help nutritionists to pinpoint the types of supplements which older consumers should take in order to maintain their youthful energy, and these supplements could be a major tool in the fight against the ravages of the aging process.

Tru Niagen is a new supplement being marketed by Healthspan Research, LLC, a supplement organization with a proven track record of excellence in both research and development. The organization stresses on the official website for Tru Niagen that their product is most helpful to older users who want to activate the trillions of cells in their bodies, reclaiming the energy that they had in their younger days. This review will primarily focus on the claims, research, and history of both Healthspan Research, LLC and their exciting product.

NAD—A Targeted Resource

According to the official website for Tru Niagen, one major effect of taking their supplement is that it contributes to the production of NAD. In fact, the company is able to cite several legitimate studies backing the claim that their product can significant increase this production—40% increase over the course of eight weeks. The big claim here is that Tru Niagen helps older consumers to regain some of the NAD which is lost as they age—leading to more energy and excitement in daily life.

One major source of confidence in this particular product is that they are able to draw a quote from a medical professional, Charles Brenner, Ph.D, who is both outside of their company and excited about the prospect of their product. According to Dr. Brenner, the supplement made by Healthspan Research, LLC has “a remarkable ability” to increase NAD within user tissues.

Certifications and Facts

Tru Niagen has secured three safety notifications from the Food and Drug Administration, or the FDA. This is especially big in the supplement industry, as the FDA is particularly slow to provide safety notifications to supplements and dietary aides. Additionally, the company has researched, conducted, and published four unique trials on humans—another major feat in the budding supplement industry. Finally, the company justifies their extensive history with 20 licensed patents and over 140 unique research collaborations all over the world.

From a certification standpoint, the successes and quotes from the Tru Niagen website are excessively impressive. The company offers FDA safety notification for its products, as well as an extensive history in the research and development industry as a successful organization. Though there are obviously a few more components necessary before we can conclude that their product itself is legitimate, these factors are certainly a boon for the company when it comes to earning the trust of reviewers and consumers in the industry.

Pricing Considerations

The Tru Niagen supplement seems to be offered through a monthly subscription system. Though there is nothing wrong with this particular method of charging and pricing, users need to research a few things before joining any monthly subscription. Most importantly, consumers should be sure that they know exactly how to cancel their subscription. Being slow to cancel a subscription can have monetary consequences, as most companies will ship the next month’s shipment and subsequently charge the subscriber if they do not cancel within a designated time period.

As of the time of writing, it appears that a monthly subscription to Tru Niagen costs around $30 per month.

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