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101 Superfoods That Stop Your Joint Pain and Inflammation eBook

TimesofHealth Team



101 Superfoods That Stop Your Joint Pain and Inflammation eBook

101 Superfoods is a digital guide that teaches consumers how to change their lifestyle to reduce their joint pain and to eliminate inflammation that prevents them from moving freely. The program can be purchased from the official website, promising to help the user in “as little as 14 days.”

What is 101 Superfoods?

As the body ages, the collagen that provides a cushion between the joints will dwindle, leaving the bones sore and tender. From this decreasing supply of collagen, individuals often experience pain as inflammation arises. While there are many medications that eliminate the pain, the creator of 101 Superfoods believe that they can eradicate the cause of that pain.

101 Superfoods describes the way that consumers can use different foods to eliminate the inflammation in the body. In this advertisement for this guide, the company mentions green tea, pistachios, and kiwi as potential solutions to the inflammation, though there are many other foods that can help. The guide mentions 98 other superfoods that will ultimately begin the “automatic” healing process.

Purchasing Access to 101 Superfoods

While the 101 Superfoods guide is typically priced at $47, the current cost is $9. Consumers will receive the product immediately after payment, as well as a copy of 101 Natural Remedies for Pain Relief for free.

Contacting the Creators of 101 Superfoods

Even with the information online about the 101 Superfoods regimen, consumers may find themselves with other questions. The customer service team doesn’t have a direct phone number or email, but consumers can send a message through the online fill-in form at

101 Superfoods Summary

101 Superfoods provides information to the user in a simple guide for reducing inflammation, rather than having to search across the internet for the same information dispersed across multiple websites. With the digital content, consumers can access the information from wherever they are, creating a healthier environment in their body with every meal at home or while traveling.

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Pain Relief

Pain Care VR: Scientific Pain Suffering Relief in Virtual Reality?




Pain Care VR

When it comes to chronic pain, consumers have been suggested that the only viable solutions rest in the ingestion of pills and the use of topic solutions. However, the tension associated with such discomfort is never revealed and this is something that the Pain Care VR has been founded on.

In bringing together experts within the field, tension is said to be relieved. Interestingly, this entails primarily on the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), with an added twist of course called Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

What is Pain Care VR?

Pain Care VR has been described as a digital wellness program that promotes everyday relaxation. Consumers experiencing chronic pain are likely to feel distress and this sentiment is what Pain Care VR focuses on. In order to ensure that consumers are bettered, a set of evidence-backed tools using virtual reality will be provided.

What can be said about the programs offered by Pain Care VR?

Pain Care VR carries three products to choose from, which include Essential, Premium and Complete. Here’s an overview depicting the clear difference among the three.

Essential ($199)

The Pain Care VR Software is made available for those carrying the Oculus Go headset. Each purchase comes with an amplifier, a how to install guide and a getting started guide. With this experience, consumers will be able to visualize their breathing with over 40 specially designed VR experiences. One customer shared, “it reminds me that I am in control of my body. I am stronger than the pain.”

Complete ($399)

Compared to the Essential, the Complete differs in terms of what’s offered but not so much the overall goal. That is, each purchase also comes with controller, eyeglass spacer, micro USB charging cable, Oculus Go Safety and Warranty Manual, and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Premium ($459)

The Premium includes everything found in the Complete with the addition of a carrying case, “Less Pain, Fewer Pills” by Beth Darnall and a coated facial interface.

Why an experience with CBT and ACT?

CBT appears to have been chosen because it allows consumers to change their patterns of thinking or behavior. In doing so, many can overcome difficulties they otherwise thought can never be resolved. Interestingly, it is a short-term therapy that is expected to last a lifetime.

Then there’s ACT, which aids consumers in helping to open up about unpleasant feelings and acquiring the necessary tools to neither avoid nor overreact to them. Like the former, this is a therapeutic way of seeing things in a more positive light.

Pain Care VR Final Thoughts

Overall, the approach taken by Pain Care VR is definitely unique compared to most chronic pain solutions. Instead of temporary relief, typically known to fluctuate in one’s emotions, the combination of CBT, ACT and VR technology ensures that consumers acknowledge the pain, overcome it using provided tools and fully understanding what’s troubling them. The ability to voice any unpleasant feeling is important, as it is the starting point of the healing process. To find out more about Pain Care VR, click here.

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Pain Relief

BioWaveGO: Smart Drug-Free Chronic Pain Blockchain Relief Technology





BioWaveGO in a non-opioid, FDA cleared chronic pain relief technology. It is the modern and proven way to relieve and block chronic pain without the use of drugs. With 15 years of prescription experience, it is now available in a non-prescription, wearable form. BioWave is used by the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and more than 160 NCAA programs. Just one 30-minute treatment could significantly reduce pain for up to 24 hours. There is also a cumulative benefit from multiple treatments.

Now you can use the same treatments as professional athletes and be on your way to living a pain-free life. BioWave uses a patented technology that is designed to block pain deep at the source unlike old-fashioned TENS. It can also be beneficial in blocking pain from arthritis or fibromyalgia. The BioWave kit includes the GO unit, 3 pairs of pain relief pads, and a charger. The pain relief pads can be used for up to 30 pain relief treatments. The shipping is free on all orders and there is a 30-day money back guarantee. BioWaveGO is also FSA/HSA eligible. A payment plan is even offered through Affirm.

There are countless life-changing testimonials from customers have used it on their back, neck, shoulder, elbow, or knee. You can use it on any area that you can apply the pain relief pads. The product seeks to remove pain at the source and continue to block pain deep at the nerve. Effective drug-free relief is finally available to everyone. BioWave is a great therapeutic tool for reducing pain as well as increasing range of motion and strength. With daily use, it allows customers and athletes to complete rehabilitation exercises to get back to health more quickly and with less pain.

For more information or to speak with their team of experts, visit

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Pain Relief

ArcticBlast: Is Arctic Blast a Trustworthy All-Natural Pain Relief Product?

TimesofHealth Team



arctic blast

Arctic Blast is a supplement that is supposed to natural relieve pain in a more effective and faster way than other remedies. The Arctic Blast formula is not sold in stores right now and can only be purchased from the official website.

What is Arctic Blast?

Pain is a difficult problem to deal with, though it is a natural response from the brain. The presence of pain tells the sufferer that something is wrong with their body, and there is a whole sector of the health industry that works to deal with it. Arctic Blast is a remedy that provides a natural remedy solution, rather than a pharmaceutical one.

The advertisement for this product starts off by focusing on the use of pain relief medicine, and how it should not be used. They claim that the discussion regarding this pain relief solution isn’t being had by any doctors because they are part of the efforts to conceal it.

With the use of Arctic Blast, the company claims that this solution “turns your body’s pain switch off” and only takes a few seconds to do so. The nutrient, it says, is DMSO, which was apparently featured on 60 Minutes before it took off. The company even adds that major athletes and Hollywood stars began using the inexpensive and natural remedy. The website throws around many names, including former Oakland Raiders quarterback Daryl Lamonica and actor James Coburn.

As the drug companies worked to become more lucrative, DMSO was pushed out, but the creators of Arctic Blast state that they have brought it back. In fact, the advertisement also claims that DMSO has approval from the FDA, and points to the dangers that other painkillers have. Stomach pain, dizziness, internal bleeding, tinnitus, and other side effects are possible, but this all-natural remedy claims to have none of these effects.

Using Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is available in a liquid dropper, and consumers can topically apply the remedy exactly where they are experiencing their pain. The user does not have to consume anything to get the relief that they seek.

The use of Arctic Blast does not require any prescription. However, if the consumer presently is taking pain relief medication that was prescribed by a doctor, it may be in their best interest to get approval before making a transition, avoiding any withdrawal symptoms.

Buying Arctic Blast

Typically, the total cost of the Arctic Blast is $89.95. However, the website has temporarily lowered the cost to $59.95 each. All of the purchases are processed through PayPal. Consumers can save on their purchase by ordering three bottles ($139.95) or six bottles ($199.95), reducing their cost per bottle.

Along with the purchase of Arctic Blast, consumers get a few bonuses. When consumers place their order, they will also receive:

  • An eBook called The Anti-Inflammation Diet
  • An eBook called Feed Your Joints Back to Life
  • An eBook called Longevity Secrets from The Healthiest 100-Year-Olds

The Anti-Inflammation Diet helps consumers to determine the right nutrients to reduce inflammation in the body, which can be the cause of pain frequently. By combining these techniques, consumers will have a better chance of overcoming their pain.

Feed Your Joints Back to Life focuses on helping consumers to heal their joints from the damage they have endured through the years. Collagen dwindles as the body ages and it goes through normal wear and tear. However, this book teaches consumers about the ways to rebuilt cartilage naturally through the diet.

Longevity Secrets from The Healthiest 100-Year-Olds shows consumers how to create habits that can improve the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other conditions. All of the tips include environment, exercise, diet, and even relationships, organized in a simple way to get the greatest benefit.

If the user finds that they do not get the pain relief advertised from this product, the company offers a money-back guarantee for up to 365 days.

Contacting the Creators of Arctic Blast

Even with the information available, consumers may still have other questions that they want to address, like the ingredients involved. The customer service team can be reached through a form at

Arctic Blast Summary

Arctic Blast claims to offer an all-natural solution to pain but does not describe much about the actual product. Consumers are provided with a list of advantages over using typical pain relief medications, but none of them tell the user how the natural nutrient works. Still, with such an extensive return policy, consumers are easily covered if they choose a more pharmaceutical approach.

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