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SnoreMeds: Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece for Both Men and Women



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What is SnoreMeds?

Snoring is a scary and disturbing habit. In the middle of the night or even during the day, it causes disturbance for those sleeping quietly. In other instances, even the snorer is disturbed. SnoreMeds introduce to the world a mouthpiece to help eliminate the snoring habit.

How SnoreMeds works

SnoreMeds mouthpiece is designed with every consideration in mind—most importantly, the comfort of snorer’s jawbones. This is achieved by lower jaw repositioning by about 0.1 inches. This is done to ensure there is enough space to allow airflow that is not obstructed while sleeping.

Why snore?

One might wonder as to the reasons behind their snoring. This is why: the sound is from obstructed air as its tries to squeeze it way in and out of the lungs through the mouth. The air rushes vibrate the soft airway tissues causing the snoring sound. When sleeping, jaw muscles tend to relax and therefore narrowing the airway. This does not happen when one is awake as the body is conscious and able to keep the jaw in place hence successfully allowing enough air to pass through.

SnoreMeds Benefits

The mouthpiece is safe and guaranteed to work for a period of at least one year. However, experts recommend switching to a new one every three to four months. It fits easily and is very simple to wear. It’s made with both men and women in mind and can be personalized to fit the clients as per the measurements provided. Last and most importantly is that it is affordable therefore giving anyone wishing to stop snoring the leeway to do just that.

SnoreMeds Snoring Tests

First, take in a deep breath while listening to the rush of air at the back of the throat in a snoring manner. Then slowly relax and breathe out. Secondly, shift the lower jaw towards the front while at the same time breathing in deeply. The SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece will end the snoring if the vibration noted has decreased. Free passage of air has been achieved and snoring stopped effectively.

SnoreMeds Mouthpiece Facts

  • Made from high quality thermoplastic
  • Anti-allergic
  • Approved for medical use
  • Free of latex and BPA
  • Comes in 2 sizes, Original (L) and Small

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