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SkinnyMint Review: Eliminate Bloating, Lose Weight With Natural Solutions



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SkinnyMint teatoxes are natural and nutritious dieting formulas that increase the success of weight loss. The SkinnyMint dieting teas, ingredients use an effect known as ‘food synergy,' and complement each other to get you well on the way to successful weight loss.

What is SkinnyMint?

Weight loss can be difficult and stressful at times, and not always the easiest to begin. There are many dieting supplements on the market today, and individuals wanting to start a diet regime are looking for products advertised as making the diet process ‘quick and easy,' and this is one reason why the diet supplement industry has thrived so much. However, SkinnyMint isn't about making the pounds fall off instantly.

Instead, this company offers an array of products that can help them throughout the day to detox, shed weight, and stop the bloating with a healthier dieting method.

Meant to be combined with healthy habits, the company divides its products into three main categories to show what they can do:

  • Detox and cleanse
  • Weight loss
  • Improved nutrition

Let's dive a little deeper into these formulas.

About Super Fat Burning Gummies


The Super Fat Burning Gummies are focused on weight loss while targeting the speed of the metabolism. They can reduce cravings and eliminate hunger. These gummies are available as either a Power Up supplement with a green coffee bean or the Hunger Buster with Garcinia Cambogia.

A single jar of 60 gummies starts at $29.90.

About Super Lean Shots

Super Lean Shots come in a 10-day set, helping the metabolism work and back to working be with three shots a day. The formula only contains about four calories and uses a dietary fiber called glucomannan to help with weight loss.

The total price for the Super Lean Shots start at $44.90, through the quantity can increase.

About 28 Day Fat Burning Coffee and Hot Chocolate

With a total of 8 ingredients, the 28 Day Fat Burning Coffee is meant to help consumers to increase their metabolism naturally. With a faster metabolism, consumers can burn through more calories quickly, which helps with weight loss. Plus, the use of this coffee works to reduce the appetite, so users won't feel the need to eat more often than the body would otherwise crave. This product is so effective that individuals that haven't eaten for several hours before drinking the SkinnyMint Fat Burning Coffee still didn't feel hungry.

The Hot Chocolate works about the same way, but with the use of hot chocolate instead of coffee. One canister of this coffee is priced at $55.50, while the hot chocolate costs $57.50.

About the Slim & Trim Shake

Featuring a cupcake flavor, the Slim & Trim Shake is a meal replacement drink that only gives the user 220 calories. By supplementing regular means with liquid shakes, consumers will inherently consume fewer calories without having to starve themselves in the process. The formula is completely vegetarian-friendly, and it contains no refined sugar (which can be an issue with other shakes). The meal only takes about three minutes to prepare, giving the user plenty of time to focus their energy on other things.

The Slim & Trim Shake is available for $49.90 with the single pack.

About Morning Boost and Night Cleanse

Morning Boost and Night Cleanse are two different teatox formulas and are the easiest way to tackle a detox from the beginning of the day until the end of it. With Morning Boost, consumers get a jolt to their energy levels with green tea, yerba mate, and guarana. With Night Cleanse, the user can unwind and purge the body even further.

When taking this formula, the Night Cleanse remedy can't be taken every single day. Once the formula has been used for four weeks, take a break to adjust the body. Furthermore, neither of these teatoxes should be consumed while pregnant.

While Night Cleanse is currently out of stock, Morning Boost is available in a single pack for $29.90.

About Green Cleansing Elixir

The Green Cleansing Elixir is a formula that is comprised of 22 different superfoods, as well as probiotics. Some of the most familiar ingredients include matcha green tea, kale, turmeric root, acai, and more. There's no gluten or dairy included, and consumers will likely be impressed with the 100% vegan recipe.

Offering a pineapple flavor, consumers can use this blend as a way to improve the immune system, trigger a faster metabolism, and cleanse the body with natural ingredients. It is also known for the inflammation it beats and the digestive support it offers.

For the single pack of the mix, the total cost is $44.90.

About the Bundles

Along with these remedies, consumers have the chance to purchase products in a bundle. This opportunity lets consumers save a little on the items ordered and helps them to get all of the supplements that they need to be effective.

At the moment, the following bundles are available:

  • Goodbye Cravings – with Super Lean Shots and Super Fat Burning Gummies
  • Metabolism Booster – with both the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse Teatox
  • 2 Step Fat Burning – with Fat Burning Coffee and Fat Burning Chocolate
  • Detox – with Morning Boost Teatox, Night Cleanse Teatox, and their corresponding Super Fat Burning Gummies
  • Super Cleanse – with Green Cleansing Elixir, Morning Boost, and Night Cleanse Teatox
  • Crave Crusher – with Super Lean Shots and Super Fat Burning Gummies

SkinnyMint Programs

For consumers that want a little more in-depth involvement, there's the Ambassador Program and the Influencer Program.

The Ambassador Program gives consumers a chance to make some money with the company. By joining, consumers are able to get up to 15% commission on each of the sales that they make, though they'll also get free products and other perks.

The Influencer Program is a little different. Rather than selling products directly, Influencers and Bloggers can show off the use of the products to bring more publicity to the brand with social media.

Frequently Asked Questions About SkinnyMint

Can all of the SkinnyMint products be taken at the same time?

Actually, yes. If consumers want to get their “ultimate detox” on, using all of the formulas together can help to purge the body of toxins. Starting the morning with the Green Cleansing Elixir, consumers can follow up at breakfast time with Morning Boost and Power Up Gummies. For an afternoon boost, the company recommends the Hunger Buster gummies to curb hunger. Night Cleanse can be used to wrap up the day.

Do these SkinnyMint remedies need to be consumed with a meal?

That all depends on the product. For the teas, it is best to use the Morning Boost with breakfast, while Night Cleanse follows a dinnertime meal. The gummies don't need a meal with them, but it is best to drink a full glass of water. All of the other products – hot chocolate, Super Lean shots, etc. – can all be consumed with a meal.

Who are SkinnyMint products for?

SkinnyMint products work for both men and women wanting to lose extra pounds the healthy way.

How are SkinnyMint formulas to be stored for freshness?

Every single product from SkinnyMint needs to be stored in a cool and dry place.

Will consumers gain back the weight they've lost if they stop using SkinnyMint products?

While the website states that it will not cause weight gain, and every single SkinneyMint product designed to boost weight loss, but keeping the weight off afterward has to do with the healthy lifestyle changes that the user implements.

Will consumers have any particular weight loss plan that they should follow?

SkinnyMint has not required users should follow precisely. However, choosing healthier meals is the easiest way to keep the body healthy and to continue with weight loss.

What if the user weight loss support from the SkinnyMint formulas?

A 30-day return policy covers all of the remedies.

Final Thoughts

SkinnyMint focuses on helping consumers to achieve their weight loss goals with detoxifying formulas, methods of reducing the appetite, and speeding up the metabolism.

Recognizing that every person is different, the company has curated multiple bundles that give consumers a small collection of products for various dieting purposes. Consumers that are interested in the SkinnyMint teatoxes formulas may want to think first about how they want to change their body to help them pick out products.

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