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Leading Edge Health Immunity Boosters Featuring Elderberry Plus Mushroom Defense

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Immunity Boosters are a collection of supplements from Leading Edge Health and produce cGMP lab-tested certified health formulas for consumer's health needs. The formulas manufactured in the United States and available in the immunity-boosting section includes remedies for inflammation, brain health, and cardiovascular system.

What is Natural Health?

Taking care of the body is more than just a proper diet and the occasional run. Most people fail to eat enough foods with vitamins and minerals to keep their bodies working at their best, but that's where multivitamins come in. With the world battling the pandemic right now, everyone may be pushing their immunities to their maximum. Leading Edge Health, which came into the natural health supplement business in 1999, now adds to its extensive line-up of health products by introducing a product line of Immunity Boosters that can add an extra layer of protection to the immune system right now.

Leading Edge Health has consistently offered multiple product lines to help consumers to improve their wellness. Some formulas are specific to aging, sexual wellness, and skincare. However, they've also developed several immunity-boosting formulas for consumers that want to protect themselves from illness more effectively.

About Elderberry Plus


Elderberry Plus is a chewable antioxidant-rich supplement that helps consumers recover from sickness at a rapid pace. It flushes out the toxins that can build up in the body, which would otherwise cause illness and create issues in the digestive process. Elderberry is also excellent for improving the user's respiratory health, providing a soothing texture that can also fight throat irritation.

Like all of the formulas in this immunity-boosting collection, consumers can buy up to a 12-month supply, but the one-month package costs $59.99 typically. This price will go down as the number of bottles ordered increases. See the official website, here.

About Mushroom Defense

Mushroom Defense

Mushroom Defense contains a total of 10 different mushrooms and other ingredients that help with the cellular function of the immune system. The included mushrooms are cordyceps Sinensis, reishi, shiitake, lion's mane, maitake, turkey tail, chaga, royal sun Agaricus, white button, and black fungus. Along with the boost for the immune system, this remedy helps to improve brain function, promoting better focus, and increasing mental acuity. As it enhances the user's energy levels, it delivers antioxidants that speed up the time that consumers heal from illness.

For the one-month supply, consumers will pay $69.99 for retail price, though the price drops down by $10 with the current promotion. See the official website, here.

About Curcleve


Curcleve is an optimized curcumin supplement, and the main ingredient is known for its ability to reduce inflammation in the body. With less inflammation, consumers go through less pain while fighting against toxins that can build up and cause illness. Most of the time, curcumin formulas are marketed as a way to ease the pain associated with conditions like arthritis. This formula absorbs 285 times faster than typical curcumin and provides the ability to fight off further toxins from rebuilding; it also helps support gut health as well.

One bottle priced at $59.99, and there is no current sale listed online. See the official website, here.

About VigRX Nitric Oxide

VigRX Nitric Oxide

VigRX Nitric oxide Support helps consumers to improve blood flow throughout the body, making it easier to deliver the much-needed nutrients throughout the body. Nitric oxide Support uses the ingredient L-Arginine, an amino acid, to keep your health optimized.

VigRX Nitric oxide Support works to widen the blood vessels, helping to increase the blood flow in the body for more energy, improved circulation, and even improvements in the long-term memory for the brain's health. Considered to be the “Molecule of the Year” by Science Journal, and clinical studies confirm this product can improve the circulatory system and sexual health, athletic abilities, support the immune system, and give the user more energy.

One bottle of the Nitric Oxide Support formula priced at $59.95 each. See the official website, here.

About VigRX Organic BioMaca


Organic BioMaca focuses on many aspects of men's health, including a boost for his sex drive and increasing his energy levels. It is known for increasing fertility, which is even better for consumers that want to both improve their defense against illness and enjoy having a more productive sex life. The Organic BioMaca supplement includes  Bioperine for high absorption, with the organic Maca used, sourced from Peru, and this product can also improve memory, studies show Maca to improve the immune function, so users may have the increased ability to fend off viruses.

While one bottle priced at $49.95, consumers will save money by ordering more bottles at once. See the official website, here.

About VigRX Tongkat Ali LJ100

Tongkat Ali LJ100

The last item in this section – Tongkat Ali – helps men to improve their testosterone levels and increase HGH. As an effect of this increased testosterone, consumers will likely notice a jump in their sex drive and athletic performance, while supporting muscle mass. The main ingredient in this formula comes from Malaysia and claims to be the only formula on the market to have patented protection for the treatment of sexual health.

One bottle costs $49.95, though this is one of the few supplements from Leading Edge Health to only offer up to a six-month supply. See the official website, here.

Leading Edge Health's Immunity Boosters FAQ's

How Long Before I see and Feel Improved Health?

Leading Edge Health states at least 30 days of use can provide improved health results, for even better results after 90-120 days of use. “This is because most of our products are designed to resolve health issues that have occurred over time – so to get the best results, you must typically commit to 3-4 months of use.”

If, Under the Care of a Doctor and on Prescription Medications, can I Take Immunity Boosters Products?

The company advises everyone to speak with their doctor to discuss the ingredients in the Immunity Booster products before purchasing them.

Can I take Immunity Booster Products if I am Pregnant or Nursing?

“No, not all of our products are safe for use during pregnancy/breastfeeding. For example, some of our supplements include herbals that are labor inducing. Consult your doctor before taking any supplements during pregnancy.”

All other concerns and product questions consumers may have can be answered by customer service.

Final Thoughts

Leading Edge Health is a source of many nutritional supplements, and Immunity Boosters are only one small part of that selection of health supplements. With medical professionals on staff to help with the creation of these products, consumers will likely notice a more significant difference than using a company without this type of product support.

All of the formulas from Leading Edge Health can be returned within 67 days to get a full refund if the products don't happen to work for the user. However, it is essential to continue taking the treatments for several months to see the beneficial changes in the body—customer service reached by calling 1-866-269-3487.

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