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Rev Self-Cleaning Pure Silver Socks Launches as Anti-Bacterial Activewear



Rev Self-Cleaning Pure Silver Socks Launches as Anti-Bacterial Activewear
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Have you been meaning to switch your socks brand? Are you tired of dealing with either tight and uncomfortable socks or socks that lead to increased dry skin and itchiness? Did you ever think that certain socks fail at blocking bacteria? If these questions haven’t been floating in your mind, now’s the time to consider them.

Quality is an important feature that consumers need to assess when purchasing their respective pairs of socks. When a proper pair isn’t purchased, it can potentially lead to deteriorated skin and it even increases the risk of unwanted infections. That said, this is where Rev comes into play.

What is Rev?

Rev is described as a self-cleaning, daily-use sock engineered to outperform traditional socks by reducing one’s exposure to bacteria while increasing comfort to a whole new level.

What sets Rev apart from traditional pairs of socks?

What makes Rev unique is the incorporation of silver, long staple cotton and the use of the latest micron technology.

Pure Silver

The reason for including silver rests in the mere fact that it actually binds to our DNA, which in turn neutralizes any harmful effects. With silver in socks, not only is the effect of bacteria minimized, but in doing so, it leads to less odor and prevents skin irritations among others.

Long staple cotton

Long staple cotton was preferred in comparison to others when creating Rev because it is said to create uniform-strong cotton. With traditional socks, uneven length of cotton has been associated with more impurities, which means less protection.

Micron Technology

Micron technology is deemed a step above nano technology and has supposedly been used to coat the socks with pure silver. This is the same technology that is typically used in manufacturing computer microprocessors and used by NASA to protect oneself from germs.

Who is the creator behind Rev?

The creator behind Rev is Boban Veljanov. Having graduated from the University of California in Material Sciences and Business, Veljanov has always been passionate about taking activewear to the next level. As a result, he introduced Rev, which was created in partnership with Silicon Valley’s PLX Devices, who focused on the silver embedding technology. Another partnership established was one with Ivana Designs, who focused on perfecting the appearance and feel of the Rev socks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Rev socks one-size-fits-all?

No, Rev is not one-size-fits-all, in fact, it will be offered in two styles (i.e. crew and ankle style) and three sizes (medium, large, extra-large) for both men and women.

What makes the overall design of Rev unique?

Rev contains an anti-slip support that minimizes movement. It has also been designed with air weaved blister and comfort supports which are expected to reduce friction so that consumers are free of blisters. Other features include the use of pure silver fibers (i.e. effective against bacteria and fungus growth), MaxBreath (produces a light feel) and a fitting matrix that offers a custom-tailored feel.

How long will Rev last?

As per the creator, Boban Veljanov, Rev’s incorporation of silver promotes self-cleaning. Hence, Rev can be washed five times less frequently than a traditional pair of socks. In addition, silver only does its work in the presence of bacteria. That said, consumers are advised to make their own calls based on frequency of use as well as the environment in which the socks are exposed to.

Are the Rev socks thick?

Based on the claims made, the thickest side of Rev is where the air-weaved support is found, i.e. the bottom side of the sock. Otherwise, its design is described as being slick with super breathability.

Do I have to pay customs upon receiving Rev?

No, all packages sent by the team at Rev are EU friendly, hence one should not anticipate import or custom issues or lost packages as well. However, whether packages will be selected by customs is out of their control. On orders of 6 pairs or more, shipping will be free worldwide.

What is the material combination used to create Rev?

Rev’s make consist of roughly 70% cotton, 4% silver, and 26% elasticity.

How much does Rev cost?

Presently, the Rev socks are in the funding process, as a Kickstarter campaign is in place. The retail price will be $50USD, however, if one chooses to take advantage of their campaign period, the price will be $35USD.

Here are some of the listed offers that will end in roughly 35 days from today (March 13, 2020):

  • · Pledge $35USD or more: 1 pair of Rev socks
  • · Pledge $89USD or more: 3 pairs of Rev socks
  • · Pledge $159USD or more: 6 pairs of Rev socks + free USA shipping + free worldwide shipping
  • · Pledge $279USD or more: 12 pairs of Rev socks + free USA shipping + free worldwide shipping

One can also choose to change their pledge so that the Rev 2019 Collection products can be added along with the Rev silver socks. Some of the options currently available include the Rev Play, Rev Marine, Rev Warm, Rev Lime, and Rev Deep Sea.

Rev Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, it is evident that Rev has been created based on scientific research. The inclusion of silver (even at as little as 4% of the entire sock) is expected to be far more beneficial than wearing traditional socks. This is simply because of silver’s role as a barrier to bacteria, which results in longer lasting socks and protected skin health.

While the prices are on a higher end, it does not come as a surprise given the role both silver and the micron tech play in protecting consumers. Although it is currently raising funds, consumers have options to choose from (i.e. styles and sizes), which is usually rare. Currently offered for adults only, Boban expects that one day, kids’ pairs will also be made available.

To learn more about Rev, click here.

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