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Remineralizing Toothpaste Made from Natural Ingredients Can Help with Oral and Teeth Health



Remineralizing Toothpaste Made from Natural Ingredients Can Help with Oral and Teeth Health
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The relation between nutrition and oral health is very important and highlighted by dental healthcare professionals. Part of the overall picture is the ability of teeth to remineralize or repair themselves. In order to support this process, it is recommended to address mineral levels in the saliva and by using a remineralizing toothpaste. This type of toothpaste is not one that is readily available on drug store shelves but is easily made at home. In order to ensure the efficacy of this process, specific dietary steps must be followed.

Natural toothpastes, such as this one, can offer significant change to your teeth. You will notice whiter teeth and overall improved clean feeling. It can also help to improve sensitivities to temperature – hot or cold. Natural toothpastes include no fluoride and are therefore safe for all including babies, children, and those with thyroid problems. The ingredients used are 5 parts calcium powder, 1 part diatomaceous earth (optional), 2 parts baking soda, 3 parts xylitol powder (also optional), 3-5 parts coconut to achieve desired texture. You may wish to add essential oils for flavor, myrrh, and trace minerals.

To make the toothpaste combine all powdered ingredients. Next, add the coconut one part at a time until your desired consistency is achieved. Finally, you can add any optional ingredients. It is best stored in a small container. You can then dip your toothbrush into the container or use a popsicle stick or small spoon to apply the toothpaste. It is important to note that the remineralization process does take some time and you won’t see immediate results. The key is to remineralize the saliva in your mouth which is why the diet component is so crucial. Without the appropriate nutrients and minerals, you won’t experience significant change.

Mineral binders, such as phytic acid, offer good support. Consuming foods with enough minerals and fat-soluble vitamins are important in creating a more mineral-rich saliva as well as overall improved health. Your teeth are remineralized primarily due to your saliva. Proper nutrient levels ensure that saliva is strong enough to support the remineralization process. Increased saliva production will also reduce acids in your mouth and in turn help to prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay also occurs when there is an imbalance of demineralized enamel surface and remineralization produced by mineral ions.

Remineralizing toothpaste is easy to make and fairly cost effective making it definitely worth a try.

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