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Red Tea Detox: Can It Stop Hunger Cravings and Melt Body Fat Weight?



red tea detox
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The Red Tea Detox is a regimen that helps consumers reduce their hunger to shed weight, causing the user to consume less calories. The purchase of this regimen is only available through the official website.

What is the Red Tea Detox?

Weight loss is difficult, no matter what age someone is. The metabolism slows down over time, and everything from hormones to generally overeating can play a role. Major changes are needed to create a caloric deficit, and everyone has their way of doing so. The creator of The Red Tea Detox designed their program to make the process of weight loss a little easier, explaining that red tea has no caffeine and naturally increases energy. However, that is not all this remedy can do.

The claims on this program are big, as the creator says that this tea can “stop hunger cravings in their tracks” and that using it will “melt away up to 1 pound of fat every 72 hours.” The program is created by a woman named Liz Swan Miller, an author and naturopath. She also says that she is an expert in weight loss, instantly discussing her own struggle to lose weight after pregnancy. However, this tea apparently helped her lose 14 pounds in a matter of weeks, though she lost another 27 pounds with a cleanse.

Along with the tea, the creator decides to provide the reader of this advertisement with rules that help with fat loss, saying that it will help the user start cleansing within just a few minutes. In fact, the advertisement goes even further, saying that the fat cells will shrink and remain the same small size permanently.

The rules that she discusses states:

  1. “Eat more, weight less.”
  2. “Reduce stress, lose fat.”
  3. “Eliminate toxins, drop pounds.”
  4. “Rebalance hormones, release stored fat.”
  5. “Exercise less, lose more weight.”

She explains that the true key to weight loss is to eliminate the toxins in the body and to consume more superfoods in their daily regimen. However, to counteract this appetite, the website states that the tea will ensure that the user “never” feels the pangs of hunger again. She also states that the constant struggle of stress is part of the reason that the body cannot lose weight, though overeating the wrong foods easily plays a role as well.

The creator also comments that the hormones can be a cause for the user experiencing weight issues, which they state they can correct. However, they state that over exercising won’t create lean muscles and figures but using the right exercises effectively can.

Much with a lot of these types of claims, the creator says that there are people involved in the weight loss industry that would not want consumers to have these details. By having an effective and inexpensive weight loss solution, the industry loses money, so Liz ultimately worns consumers to act quickly.

What’s Included

All of the content that consumers get will be in a digital format, so it will need to be downloaded. When the user downloads the program, they will receive:

  • The recipe for the mysterious red tea
  • An eBook called The Red Tea Detox Workout to Skyrocket Your Metabolism to increase the results of the weight loss program by twofold.
  • An eBooklet called The Red Tea Detox Motivation, giving the user encouragement during their work.
  • An eBook called 100 Great-Tasting Smoothie Fat Loss Recipes to help with detoxification, weight loss, energy, and stress
  • An audio file called Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis
  • An eBook called The Ultimate Superfood Guide for Super Health, showing the user how to purchase superfoods and combine them with the best results.
  • An eBook called The Five Detox Methods of Famous Celebrities, explaining how the biggest names in Hollywood have overcome their weight issues.

Though all of the content is recommended, consumers can choose which parts to pick and choose, for the topics that are not directly related to red tea.

Purchasing the Red Tea Detox

Even with all of the materials, and the fact that the latter half of the content being bonus products, the total cost of this regimen is only $37. All of the materials are delivered digitally after the payment was processed.

If the user finds that this regimen does not provide them with desired results, they have up to 60 days to relinquish access to the products for a full refund.

Contacting the Creators of the Red Tea Detox

Considering how much personal information about the creator’s situation is involved in this advertisement, consumers may have other questions that they want to address. Consumers can call the team at 1-877-264-1798.

Red Tea Detox Review Summary

The Red Tea Detox has a lot of benefits advertised by it, but there is not a lot known about what the user has to do during the regimen. Still, since the digital content can be accessed through any device, this program can be read anywhere, which means consumers can bring recipes home, to work, during travel, and more.

Before beginning this regimen, consumers that presently have some kind of prescription or other physician-recommended program may want to speak with their doctor before beginning.

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