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NatureFresh Air Purifier Bag: Natural Bamboo Charcoal to Remove Odors and Allergens



NatureFresh Air Purifier Bag
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Impure air has continued to make headlines for being a major cause of disease, sickness, and lowered life expectancy. The introduction of a number of unnatural and often unhealthy chemicals into the atmosphere has made it difficult for many Americans to even breathe the air outside their home without potentially taking in multiple dangerous chemicals and substances which have snuck their way into the air supply.

The issue is even more pronounced for owners of a home garden. Dealing with the regular inconveniences which happen in the average garden, consumers will need to use pesticides, paint, and a number of other substances just to keep their garden healthy and bug-free. These chemicals, however, can do bad things to the air directly around the garden. This faulty air can dissipate and spread throughout the home and surrounding areas, creating potential hazards and health issues for users who are unlucky enough to experience them.

Responding to this issue facing many gardeners and homeowners, NatureFresh Air Purifier was created as a natural solution to the problem. Utilizing bamboo charcoal, testimonials say that this air purifier is exceedingly effective at filtering-out dangerous chemicals and compounds and generating safe, truly breathable air for users to enjoy.

Ingredients and Composition

The key to the filtration system is the “Activated Bamboo Charcoal.” In fact, the website argues that this is the only ingredient filling the patented bag that the purifier comes in. Users can simply pour the substance out onto their lawn or garden and watch as it purifies and filters air into its cleanest, most breathable form. According to the official site for the product, scientific studies have consistently shown that bamboo charcoal can “reduce harmful chemicals.” Among the chemicals potentially reduced by the patented substance include ammonia, benzene, chloroform, and formaldehyde.

Testimonials and Reviews

A number of testimonials help to lend legitimacy to the organization and its products. One consumer remarked that they were “impressed” about the effectiveness of the product. This consumer used the filtration system to remove the odors from her dogs from the gardening area, and she found that the system was effective at removing odors and leaving the area smelling better than before.

Another use from Washington outlined that she used the product indoors, placing it under the kitchen skink in order to displace the odor of mold that developed from the leaking faucet. According to this consumer, the product was effective at “taking the smell away” within just a few hours!

Naturally, the legitimacy of these reviews can be called into question. Sites regularly place fallacious and fake reviews to make their products seem more effective and desired. However, nothing on this particular site seems to suggest that these testimonials are illegitimate.

NatureFresh Air Purifier Bag Review

The scientific research surrounding activated bamboo charcoal is relatively inconclusive. Users should conduct their own research, both into the company behind this purifier and the ingredient which primarily composes it. Users should approach the new business cautiously, but understand that the bamboo charcoal system could be enormously effective at displacing odor.

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