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Mindset Blueprint Reviews (2021): Matrix Manifestation Audio Book?



Mindset Blueprint Reviews (2021): Matrix Manifestation Audio Book?
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Mindset Blueprint is a program written by AL Perhacs that teaches users how to manifest change in their life with a 61-page guide. The program details the six ways they can control their minds, allowing them to dominate the future ahead of them.

What is Mindset Blueprint?

The concept of feeling in complete control of one’s life is a powerful idea. Most people would love the chance to decide where their fate will take them, but problems like finances or even their emotions prevent them from making this journey. Throughout the Mindset Blueprint, users will learn the keys to this type of control in a way that users may never have thought possible.

Mindset Blueprint is made up of little tricks and tips that may seem like nothing more than fiction, but many successful people have already used the techniques that the program describes. The program centers around the concept of manifestation, which the creators claim can happen instantly. Users will read through a guide that pairs with mp3 audio files, allowing them to take in this knowledge in whatever way works best for them.

Throughout the guide, users will learn primarily about manifesting financial wealth, but users make many mistakes with other programs. On page 10 of the guide (which only has 61 pages), users will learn how to utilize Mindset Domination, which helps them heal and use their energy towards manifestation.

Some of the other methods that they’ll integrate include:

  • Components of the Mind Force (page 8)
  • The Divided Mind – Conscious and Subconscious (page 18)
  • Affirmations and Auto-Suggestions (page 19)
  • The Positive vs. Negative Dilemma (page 24)
  • Dynamic Focus of Thought (page 25)

And more…

With these strategies, users won’t have to wait for weeks or even months before seeing a change in their lives. Instead, the creators say that most people see instant changes within the first few hours of using the program. Mindset Blueprint has been used by people worldwide, giving them control over how their life goes with the first time it's used.

Though most people put a lot of pressure on how well manifestation can work for them, it is actually relatively simple. After they’ve read over the six “laws of the mind” the Mindset Blueprint lays out, they will set personal affirmations to guide themselves. This process is repeated repeatedly through various methods, with the first step is significantly easier than the rest.

Purchasing Digital Access to Mindset Blueprint

For both the book and the audio files, most people have to pay $47. On its own, the book is typically priced at $27, but neither of these prices will apply to customers right now. Instead, users will have to pay $11.11 to get access to the PDF download. This is much cheaper than sending a physical copy (which would cost $7.45 for the shipping alone), and users can start reading and listening within minutes.


Along with the Mindset Blueprint's purchase, users will get a bonus workshop called How to Use Vital Energy & Mindset Domination.

If users find that they cannot manifest their life as the program describes, users will get a full refund within the first 60 days by reaching out to customer service. If users want to get ahold of the customer service team, they can either call 1-800-538-6963 or send an email to [email protected]

Mindset Blueprint Final Thoughts

AL Perhacs, known as an author, lecturer, martial artist, and researcher, has studied the mind and body's power since 1984. Mr. Perhacs is also the author of several best-selling books and courses. The Mindset Blueprint gives users the tools to take advantage of their financial future. The program allegedly works instantly, allowing users to see the fruits of their manifestation labor within hours of taking on the program. Users will get both an audio and written version and a 90 minutes tutorial of how that system works, receiving the programs instantly as mp3 and PDF files. Plus, many of the techniques take just a few minutes to learn.

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