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Infuze Hydration: Natural Elixir and Liquid Enhancer for Water Drinks



infuze hydration
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Do you consume both water and flavored drinks? Were you shocked when flavored water became a thing? Well, things are about to get more interesting! Sometimes, flavored water is not all that one prefers. What happens in the instance where consumers want to switch between drinking water and something that’s flavored? This is where Infuze comes into play.

The following review will look closely at how Infuze Vessels carry two beverages simultaneously. To clear things up, factors such as Infuze’s overall purpose and product line(s) will be expounded upon.

What is Infuze?

According to the claims made, Infuze rose into existence as a result of the need for a flavoring pack system that doesn’t contaminate the bladder. Initially conceptualized for a school project, the creator of Infuze, Danny, saw the potential his water bottle idea had in coming to life.

The first ever product to be created was the Infuze Hydro, which supposedly took two years of engineering. The timeframe was allotted to ensure that both parts, i.e. the flavor and system, were equal. More time was supposedly needed to ensure flavor control was on par. Four years later, the brand came to life, and now carries an array of water bottles and flavor.

What does Infuze currently offer?

Infuze currently comes in its initial “Hydro” protocol, as well as other essentials such as water bottles and flavor systems.

The Infuze Hydro ($44.95) supposedly induces flavor to mix with water as one drinks. What makes this innovation unique is the embedded backflow preventer, which stops the flavor from slipping back into one’s system. Ultimately, it can potentially adjust flavor intensity, ensures one’s hydration pack is clean and can easily attach to any backpacks.

As for the Elixirs ($15.99 to $49.99), they contain zero-calories and are deemed an apt source of electrolytes. The latter is necessary, especially for those who work out or go on hikes because said components are normally lost through sweat. Some of the flavors offered include Fruit Punch, Orange, Lemon-Lime and Grape.

Another option consumers have is the Infuze Vessel/bottle ($44.95). More specifically, consumers can choose to fill the flavor dial with whatever they please. Depending on how one turns the dial, they are either left with pure water, pure flavor or a relative mix of both. Remarkably, the bottle also has the potential to keep ice stored for two days.

Does Infuze carry value?

Based on the analysis above, Infuze carries a lot of value. This stems from the overall design of said bottles, the convenience it brings for hikers and others taking part in physical activities and most importantly, the bottle’s dual purpose (i.e. water one time and flavored beverage another). For those who are health conscious and want to ensure that their body contains a sufficient source of electrolytes, Infuze carries Elixirs that are both sufficient in quantity and flavorful. To learn more on how to infuse said essentials into your life go to

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