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Hourglass Fit: Women’s Fat Burner to Boosts Metabolism, Lowers Appetite



Hourglass Fit
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Fat burners are deemed an essential, contributing to factor to any weight management goal. When consumers change their eating habits and take part in physical activities, the results will up one’s motivation. What happens when you no longer see desired results? Why does such a thing happen? It mainly has to do with the body having adapted to said changes.

What’s interesting about fat burners is that, while one might assume they fall under one category, there are sub categories to consider. Some work by inducing heat in cells to breakdown fat, while others may work by inducing fat-burning during a workout.

Bearing all this mind, here’s everything you need to know about the fat burner, Hourglass.

What is Hourglass Fit?

Designed specifically for women, Hourglass is described as a 2-in-1 fat burning capsule that not only speeds up one’s metabolism, but also curbs one’s appetite. The approach taken here is to fully study body shape and metabolism, which according to the creators, differs between men and women.

What ingredients make up Hourglass Fit?

Hourglass appears to be founded on the true power of Mother Nature, namely implying that the ingredients used are natural and do not contain the likes of caffeine or other stimulants.

In fact, the ingredients used consist of Vitamins B6 (helps process carbs and increases fat oxidization), B12 (helps boost the metabolism and fight symptoms associated with mood) and D3 (gives a dose of happiness that induces motivation).

Others include Glucomannan (helps in keeping consumers full longer), Capsimax® (thermogenic properties), Green Tea Extract (another thermogenic that flushes fat storage), Guarana (like green tea, contains catechins that burn fat), Chromium (reduces cravings and suppresses one’s appetite) and Bioperine (used for increasing the body’s absorption levels). Said mixture is reasoned as potent to fight against hormonal cravings (i.e. menstrual-related cravings), eliminate tiredness, help with self-control and the key goal, burn more fat.

Final Thoughts on Hourglass Fit

Overall, Hourglass has approached fat burners with women’s health in mind. Their reasoning is fair as certain functions differ from men to women. That said, using natural and studied ingredients is smart given that they normally imply less side effects. Not to forget the fact that they are known to consumers, helping to rid any concerns.

With the positives in mind, taking a fat burner doesn’t mean consumers should halt their eating habits or training, because doing so will only prolongs results.

As for the serving size, it is three capsules, with each Hourglass being equal to a month’s worth of supply. Consumers can choose between purchasing a bottle ($55) 3 bottles (2 plus 1 free: $110) or 6 bottles (4 plus 2 free: $220).

To find out more about Hourglass, click here.

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